Saturday 7 March 2009

Looking For Work

Well my darling hubby is at work again tonight doing another concert I think and he is working on Monday night also doing rail. He has been busy all week looking for work handing in resumes and even went for an interview on Friday.

So this first week of having him home has been ok he hasn't managed to drive me crazy yet.

He said he may get a bit more work for a company in Sydney and asked me if I would be ok with that and I said yes of course I would be as long as he is happy and when he is working he is happy.


  1. That's good news that he is getting work and you have a good attitude too "keep him happy"

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  3. Work s certainly going to get harder to find over the next year...
    American`s are sure finding it tough at the moment....

  4. hi Jo-anne. yes you have to be prepared to travel for work in todays climate. I hope he can get the job in Syd for a while at least to help out.

    bigpond is not working for me at all so I am over here again like you are!


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