Monday 16 March 2009

The Runs and Tim

I have been sick since Saturday night it came on while I was watching The Bill, I suddenly had to run to the toilet and yesterday I felt sicker then I have in a long time, thankfully I was able to spend all day yesterday in bed and no one disturbed me,

I am feeling a bit better today at least I am no longer running to the toilet all the time. Although I am feeling worn out and I will be going back to bed shortly.

Tim has been away working this weekend and returned home at around 3am this morning at 5am I was woken up by Leo crying and Tim and Jessica fighting. This fighting just got worse as time went on Jessica was yelling and swearing but I could tell that she was doing it mostly to piss off her father. Yes he had been drinking he told me he had 2 large glasses of wine which is equal to 4 glasses anyway I asked him to just let it go but he wouldn’t and in the end Jessica to Leo and said she was going for a drive. After she left I asked him was he happy now that he drove his daughter and grandson out of the house yet again he told me to shut my F#*ing mouth at which point I walked into my room got dressed and told him I was going for a walk he made some smart ass remark then said he was going to sleep in his van.

So he is now sleeping in his van and Jessica is home asleep in her bed and Leo is back in his cot. I think I will now go back to bed myself.


  1. Oh Jo-anne I really do feel for you....
    Alcohol brings out the worst in some people and it`s not good him picking fights with his daughter let alone fighting in front of his young grandson....
    Only you Jo-anne can put a stop to it....I hope it works out for you and I do hope you are feeling better today...My thoughts are with you girl...

  2. Jo-Anne so sorry to hear that you have had the 'runs'
    Guess I could say that bad behaviour, especially while under the influence of alcohol is enough to give anyone the sh...

  3. Jo-Anne so sorry that I forgot to say I do hope you are feeling well again and that peace reigns at home.

  4. Hi Mandy and Chez

    I am feeling much better now at last which is good as I have been helping with Leo a lot the last few days as he is unwell and crying a lot and being hard to settle. Jessica gets so frustrated with him which is why I am the one to look after him, I spent all night up with him on Sunday night but did get to sleep for hours on Monday.


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