Friday, 2 May 2008

Wedding Plans Update

Picked the Wedding Cake today will order it on Monday couldn't do it today as they needed a deposit and I didn't have it on me so will have to do it on Monday.

It is a 3 tier cake from Michel's patterisse I took Sandy and showed her and got her approval now I am going to arrange her Hens Night and I know my sister she may say she doesn't want one but she is getting one anyway.

Tonight she was talking to someone about the reception venue so hopefully that has been sorted out, I have paid the deposit for the caterers.

I do have to start looking for a dress to wear.


lil harry said...

HI Jo-Anne..sounds like all systems go..yummy cakes from Michels shop..should be good.. will have to start keeping any eye out for yourself..and layby quickly..

mandy said...

I love the cakes and pastries from Michels.....

Anonymous said...

hello jo,hey sis i would like to say BIG thanks ed and i really love the help. i know i could'nt do it without you sis so big hugs and kissess from me&ed love you heaps xoxoa

Anonymous said...

weddings are exciting but the what to wear problem is a big one. i always have trouble. i hope it all goes well. :) Fran

Margaret D said...

Hello Jo-Anne,
Good luck looking for something to wear. At least the new clothes are in the shops now.
Take care,

The Causeway said...

Hi Jo-Anne,
I love weddings, I can't wait to see the photos.
Hugs and rainbows

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