Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Wet and not cold except for my head, yeah I have a headcold

It is a wet day here is Newie and in other parts of the state but it is not cold, last night when Tim was getting his clothes out ready to wear today and he pulled out a long sleeve shirt, so I said to him do you think it is going to be cold enough for long sleeves, of course he said it is going to be wet. This made me think why do people think if it's wet then it must be cold, I am sitting here with the front & back doors open and I am in no way cold.

At least it isn't as bad as it is in Sydney, they have the worst November storm since the 80's, with flooded roads and strong winds, the airport has only 1 runway open and the ferries are not running and many homes & businesses are without power. I do not for the love of me understand why some people go out in such weather, that said during the April 2015 storm here in Newie Tim rode his bike to work.

I still have a head cold but I slept better last night, still woke up often with a dry mouth but it wasn't so dry that I needed to get up and rinse my mouth, with Biotene (dry mouth mouthwash) I was able to make enough saliva to ease it, I then went straight back to sleep. I told Tasha that I am giving my aqua class a miss as I feel like shit, aching all over and having trouble breathing.

Why oh why is it so difficult too get children to have a shower or at least change all their clothes, I have to ask Leo at least 6 times to do either and then if I get distracted and don't keep at him he will not do what I have asked. Have to say his mother was just as bad, in fact I would physically dress her for school because it was so much faster then asking her over & over to get dressed.

I in no way believe this is a problem I alone suffer, this is a problem pretty much every parent have faced, it is frustrating and often we end up raising our voice or at times we even yell because we are so frustrated. I will tell Leo once you are dressed and ready for school you can watch TV or YouTube all you like.

When my girls were little before school was all about the morning cartoon type shows, now days with Leo and my granddaughters it is YouTube. How about in your family what do the young children like to watch or do before school?


Karen said...

Getting showered and dressed wasn't a problem I had with my kids, it was getting them out of bed to start with.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Jo-Anne - no kids = no problem!! Hope you feel easier soon ... bucketing with rain up here ... but actually not cold - though I'm happier inside and I do have the heating on - low! drying things off ... cheers Hilary

Margaret D said...

We sometimes have a little trouble getting the youngest to shower (6) when he stays every second weekend along with his 2 elder sisters.
They watch Netflix the girls do when here, the boy he likes to watch anything with Dinosaurs.
Never seen them watch YouTube.

Rita said...

Hope you feel better soon! :)

CWMartin said...

Of course, the flip side of getting them dressed is all the times you had to re-dress them as toddlers when they kept stripping down! Hope you shake that cold soon.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Karen........I am glad mine got up when called

Hilary.......I am feeling better this morning, yeah I get no kids no problem

Margaret......Leo watches YouTube all the time the other grandchildren maybe not as much

Rita..........I am feeling today

Chris..........The cold is just hanging in there but I am feeling better, toddlers undressing that could be embarrassing when they did it in the clothing department is an upmarket store, well I think it would be not that I ever shopped in an upmarket store

Chatty Crone said...

Things are always WORSE when you have a cold - a cold is so miserable - I hope you feel better soon.


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