Saturday, 24 January 2009


Well some good news at last on the drinking front no problems for the last couple of weeks but still holding my breath as I feel he could lose it any weekend. Which is why I am taking it one weekend at a time, yes he is still drinking not sure whether it’s as much or not as he is good at hiding it. I will say though that I have seen him with a glass of coke in his hand more often the last couple of weeks.

As you can imagine he doesn’t like to talk about his drinking but I did tell him I am fed up feeling like I am and I need to see him making a change and I can say I am seeing a change at the moment. However I have been down this road before and I have let him know that if he starts going off his head again then he will have to leave as I am not going to but up with it any longer.

I do not think he thinks I am serious so at the moment it is a wait and see time. I know it would be hard for me to tell him to leave as I love him so much and when he is not drinking he is a loving man.


diane b said...

It must be hard for you. I hope this long weekend isn't going to set him off.I guess he wont get professional help. Maybe you could give him choices: choose to leave, or, choose to get help then he is responsible for the consequences of his choice not you.

Cheryl said...

Evening Jo-Anne
Seems to be a common thing with heavy drinkers that when they are not drinking they are absolutely beautiful people.

My Mother-in Law said the same thing about my late husband's father.

Let's hope that Tim is prepared to make the changes.

Margaret D said...

Oh gosh, it's a problem but you will eventually get through it all. Always light at the end of the tunnel, it's just going through it is the problem. :)

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