Saturday, 10 January 2009


The fighting between Jessica and Tim is ridicules (may be spelt wrong) at times, they both like to have the last word and neither like to admit when they are wrong although Tim reckons he does but he doesn’t not until a few people have told him he is wrong.

I feel like he is driving Jessica away and for Leo’s sack I want her here at least until June by then Leo will be 18 months old and I hope she will be able to cope more with him.

I do have to say the fighting gets on my nerves at times they will fight over nothing at times like now Tim is watching something on the weather channel and Jess asked why he was watching it and he gave her some smart ass answer and now they are arguing about it. Why he couldn’t just say it only goes for half an hour and I’m interested in this type of thing I don’t know.

The smart ass answer he gives does nothing but piss people off.


diane b said...

Walk away and try not to hear what is happenning so that you don't get stressed. Try to tell Jess to walk away and not bight when Tim stirs her up. I know it's hard but worth a try.

mandy said...

Yep I agree with what Diane has said...Walk away from it and don`t get involved....That`s the trouble when having adults living in the house...Everyone has an

yevisha said...

diane is on to something there. hard to do but essential for your sanity. sending you some peaceful vibes.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Diane, Mandy &Fran

I do try to walk away as often as possible but sometimes it's not easy even when I'm not home Jess or Tash will ring me and tell me what is going on

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