Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Jeanna's comment about Tim

This a comment posted on Blain's fathers blog about my husband read and let me know what you think.

Hey there son...I know there is no need for me to say this, but you know you did the right things for the right reasons. Obviously one of you has to be the mature one...and we both know that that will never be him. Now....what we seem to have is a very SMALL man with an even smaller mind...if at all possible. You have said that he is an influence in Blain's unfortunate truth...but know the question yells to be asked...what sort of influence is he? What sort of things will Blain learn from such a person? Face to face threats...your son in the area...text messages...more threats...more phone calls...OMG this just continues!

What is he off his meds again? Drinking heavily...AGAIN?!!! When is this person ever going to GROW UP, though I don't know what I expected he did turn up at the hospital to see his grandson for the first time quite the continuation of such behaviour should be of no surprise.

This is not the sort of environment that I personally wanted my grandson to be in and this is why I moved you and Tash out in the first place! Unfortunately I know the FULL extent of the threats...and to all the people involved and how it all started. NOT impressed!! If I want to help my son out that is none of your husbands business and quite frankly he has no right to comment. He was drinking and wanted to pick a fight with Jonathon and any excuse would do. And If there really is need for all that was said to come about....I'll be waiting, I wont be hard to miss, I'll be the one standing in front of my son, not because he needs my protection, but more for personal reasons.

OK...Joanne - as for any conversation between JONATHON (NOT Jono, please take note of that) and the police - under the circumstances you should not be privy to them - now for the dummies - NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. It is privileged information. As for your husband never hurting Blain...I would like a written guarantee... IN WRITING something that I know you cannot give.

If he is drinking and carrying on in front of him what makes you think that Blain will not get caught in the middle of his stupidity? And as for him being in Blain's life forever...if he continues down this path of bad mouthing and threatening his what age exactly do you think that Blain will tell him frankly where to put it and wipe him? Also I think under the circumstances of the company he keeps at your place (referring to one person in particular) who the hell are you to make any comment on who Jonathon has at his house when Blain is there?

And for the record both Jonathon and Blain usually spend half the weekend at my please don't tell me you think that I am a danger to my grandson! I'm not on medication that I refuse to take OR take while I get rotten in front of him. So am I included in "everyone he is around when he is with you"?

Be very careful here, ambiguous (look it up) 'statements', shall we say, from one grandparent in that house is enough to get me fired up...I think you had best make yours clear. We all know that I think that Jonathon and Jessica could keep their house a little more proudly, but if my information is correct Tash does your house, not you, and before Tash was pregnant with Blain Jonathon would complain about all the cockroaches crawling over him as he slept...was it at he was living with you! Don't throw stones. (think about it) Well son I think I've said more than I should once again, but it could've been worse...Up to you whether you post this or not, but at least you know how I feel.

Stay strong and stick with the right path for you and Blain; follow my advice but don't get hurt...I don't need a holiday for that long or that badly..LOL. Love you mum xxx


  1. Ouch....
    So you all read each others blogs?
    and you all know that the others will be reading them?

  2. Yeah Sassy we know who will be reading the blog and you know what annoys me Jono will only post comments he likes...(it is his myspace blog)


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