Thursday 7 June 2018

Dad's arm

This is a photo of my dad's arm it was taken  yesterday by my sister Sandra when dad was at the doctors to have the bandage on it changed, parts of it was still bleeding properly from falling again on Monday night.


  1. Oh crumbs ... your poor father ... I do hope it doesn't hurt him too much or get worse from the bleeding ... all the best to him and to you ... Hilary

  2. OMG!! That looks just awful! Must be so sore. I hope he heals up quickly.

  3. Oh dear me Jo-Anne, the poor man, it must be ever so sore - He sure does bruise easily and one would think he was on blood thinners to be like that after a fall.

    1. Yes he is one who bruises easy but he isn't on blood thinners

  4. It looks painful! I do pray and hope that his condition will improve.


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