Sunday 29 August 2010


Natasha took Blain to see an eye specialist a couple of weeks ago and found out that he needs glasses and that he has a turned eye and will need an operation to fix it. She is pissed off that when she took him to see an eye specialist a couple of years ago she was told that he had a lazy eye and now it seems that has never been the case. There is a 2 year waiting list for his eye operation.

Now to the dramas with his arm the last time they saw the specialist about his arm they where told that there maybe something wrong with his growth plate in his arm. They will know more after his next visit; it seems that it’s one thing or another with my darling boy.


  1. Sorry to hear this Jo Anne. Unfortunately, doctors do make mistakes don't they? Hopefully his eye will be just fine. When my son was much younger (29 now) he broke a finger and the doctor was concerned about his growth plate. Had to keep getting x-rays. He's now 6'3" so I guess we can relax.. With grandma's love he will be just fine I'm sure!!!

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  3. Hi Barb yeah we have to remember that doctors are just people and like all people they can make mistakes from time to time. I think it is early days so I am not to worried at this stage.


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