Monday, 9 June 2008

Feeling Sick

There has been a lot of sickness going on in my household this last week, everyone with the exception of Tim has been sick with the flu is it any wonder though with all the cold wet days we have had lately. The only fine day we have had recently was Saturday Sandra's wedding day.

Kathy has been really sick and she has made sure everyone knows it, she is not nice to be around when she is sick (like a man)

On Saturday my 3 girls all felt awful but still went to the wedding although Kathy and Jessica didn't go to the reception. Kathy came home and went to bed and although Tasha and Lucas stayed for the reception they left early and came home and went to bed as both felt sick. They all spent most of yesterday in bed sick as well and today Tasha is feeling better, Kathy is no better if anything she is worse and she has let us know.

Jessica wanted me to take Blain for the day and night but I have been to sick to bother although I did tell her I would take him tomorrow for the day if she likes.

I hope I feel better tomorrow as I hate feeling sick.

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