Friday, 2 March 2012

This is how I spent my Thursday

Yesterday afternoon I had to go and have my Colonoscopy, so I had planned to do some blogging in the morning but that wasn't to be the case as I woke up with a really bad headache and found it too hard to concertraite on much. I did manage to read a comment on a few blogs but I just found it to hard.

So Kathy-Lee drove me over to the hospitial I was there early but as I told the nurse when she commented about me being early that I would rather be early and have to wait then running late. Thankfully since I was early the nurse let me lay on my bed and I closed my eyes and she came and put a folded up pillow case over my eyes which was great, the next thing I knew I was being wheeled into the procedure room. They left the pillow case over my eyes till I was sedated.
Now when you have something like this done they put a cannula in your hand well it took 5 attemps to get on into me and it ended up being in my arm just below my tattoo, one of the reasons it was difficult to find a vein is because I had nothing to eat or drink since 7am. The nurse tried twice but had no luck so she left it for the doctor to do and it took him 3 attemps before he got it in.
 After the procedure when I woke up I still had the headache and I was also feeling sick in the stomach like I was going to throw up and I was shaking , I was given a sandwich and apple juice and 2 headache tablets but it didn't help. I was in so much pain I just wanted to come home and go back to bed. Kathy-Lee came and picked me up and of course she had Sydney-May with her, when I stood up to leave I nearly passed out so the nurse decided to get a wheel chair and take me down to Kathy's car  as she didn't think I would be able to walk that far.

When I got home I got changed and went straight to bed and didn't wake till 7.50pm and then I got up took my night time tablets and packed the dishwasher and put it on the I was back in bed 5 minutes later and didn't wake again till 7am. Today I am feeling much better which is good as today is Friday and I had to go and do my weekly shopping.


  1. Those first two pics look like a real fright. Good for you, though, for getting through it. You must be a tough woman.

  2. Hi is the second time I have had one so I knew what to expect

  3. I bet you're glad that Thursday is history! What an ordeal. So glad to know you are feeling perky today. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  4. I am so sorry you had such an awful headache and still had to deal with the process.

    Hope the results are good for you

  5. Hi, Dearest Jo-Anne.
    Oh, I am so sorry that you were not feelig well and spend bad Thursday.
    Are you perfectly OK? I hope so. By reading what you wrote, the cause of your physical trouble didn't seem to be clear, didn't it...
    So, it is secound time; Take Care of Yourself,
    Love you always, xoxo Miyako*

  6. You had a rough time. I'm glad you feel better today. I like your tat. I think it's sweet you have your husband's name. Thank God I don't have a tattoo with my husband's name. I'd feel silly explaining that we're divorced.


  7. This is something I am due for and will get when I get my insurance. It has to be done I guess but just isn't any fun is it? Glad you feel better now.

  8. Hi Desiree.....I am also glad it's over, it would have been better if they found something but the doctor said it all looked normal

    Hi Mynx....I am glad the headache is gone it was the worst part of the day

    Hi Miyako.....The first one I had was years ago and it was normal too as was the one on Thursday so I still have no idea why I am so low in iron....

    Hi Yevisha.....I am feeling much better now

    Hi Janie.....I know Tim and I will be together forever but if I wasn't so sure I would not have gotten his name on my arm........

    Hi Becca........Thanks I am feeling much better now

    Hi Barb......I didn't have to pay for mine it was done as a public patient so Medicare paid for it....I am feeling much better now

  9. That sounds awful and for me it seems even worse that they sent you home when you were feeling as you were.

  10. SEDATED??? Why the heck didn't they sedate ME???

  11. Hi Bubbles.......I didn't mind being sent home as I was able to just go back to bed and stay there.....

    Hi CW.......I have been sedated both times which is cool as I don't remember anything from just after they placed the needle in my arm

  12. I have heard that not all doctors sedate people. Thank GOD they knocked my ass out (plus the rest of me) before they went exploring my bowels with a combination PVC pipe/Garden Weasel. The good news is that they didn't find any polyps. And they found Jimmy Hoffa.

  13. Oh that sounds rough! I am glad you are feeling better. whenever I have to have a IV put in the nurses have such a difficult time trying to find a vein. I always appreciate it when I get someone who can find it on the first try. feel better.
    Blessings, Joanne

  14. Hi Al........It is the norm to sedate here in Aus thankfully, I wouldn't want to be awake

    Hi Joanne........Yes I am feeling fine now, I have always had difficut veins so it is not a surprise to me when the person trying to fine on has a problem, if often takes more then one attempt

  15. Sounds like you and I had an exciting Friday together my friend.!



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