Tuesday, 27 March 2012

About Jo-Anne Tuesday...........Inspiration

Today is Tuesday and that means me telling you something about myself, well I was reading Pearl's blog which can be found here: http://pearl-whyyoulittle.blogspot.com.au/2012/03/you-yes-you-amuse-me.html and thought I would share with you that I often find inspiration for a blog posting from things I read on other people's blogs.............

When I see something that I think would make an interesting blog topic I will make a note of it in a file I called “blog ideas” and when I have time I will often sit and just write some blog posts and save them in a file called “unposted blogs” ready for when I want/need them.

On other days I just sit and write stuff often I will ramble on stuff that come to mind and I think those who read this blog don't mind me rambling on about stuff at times.

Something else you may not have realised about me is that I want a holiday, I need a holiday.....lol

The last holiday I had was in 2009 and feels like it was ages ago longer then it really was, Tim however, agrees that we need to get away always has some excuse usually that he doesn't think we can afford to go away.................


  1. I keep a list of blog topics that occur to me during the day too, Jo-Anne, if I don't I'll never think of them again! I love your posts, just whatever comes to mind, that's me too. I figure folks either enjoy that "lady next door" approach or they'd be reading elsewhere. :-)

    My ex husband and I rarely went anywhere. He never held a job long enough to earn vacation time, and if he did he wanted to use it for something related to the band, such as studio time. I started taking a week by myself now and then, going home to Dakota to visit my friends on the rez there.
    Now I am married to a man who loves to take trips, even if we only have time for mini-trip long weekends and such most of the time. We experience lovely things together, and plan for bigger trips like seeing the California redwoods - a first for both of us! Maybe you can talk your husband into planning a reasonably priced dream vacation and stuffing spare dollars in a jar until you can go!

  2. I like when you ramble on. It is part of your charm. :) I need a holiday too! I want to travel ANYWHERE. I don't care where. I just want to GO. Then come back. Because home sweet home and all that jazz... :)

  3. try a staycation, tell everyone you ARE going away then unplug the phone and just simply BE for a week! but i do like the folder idea i may just have to start doin that too! xoxoxoxo

  4. I'm glad you ramble on as it shows who you really are. Do you use the schdule post thingy, it never worked for me but now with the new blogger it does which I'm grateful as there have been times when I've used it and can set posts to post themselves when I'm at work meaning more people will hopefully see it.

    I will have to use your idea of writing things down though as I sometimes get writers block but also I want my refreshed blog to be more of my own things rather then linked to activities etc... that other blogs are doing.

  5. Josie.......Hubby says he is saving for a holiday and that is great but I would love it if we could just get in the car and go at times, the best holidays we ever had was when we did that.......even if it was only for a couple of days.....

    Crystal.......Yes I don't care where we go just as long as we go even if it is only for a weekend.....

    Tim......Many years ago for our 10th wedding anniversary hubby arranged for us to spend the night at the motel we spent our wedding night at and it was great even though we hadn't gone anywhere but being away from home enjoying a nice meal and not being bothered by the kids.........

    Bubbles......It is good that people don't mind me rambling as it is who I am. I have never used the schdule thingy not even sure what it is.......lol

  6. what a cool idea i need to do this


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