Saturday, 10 March 2012

Daemon is in no bloody way demonic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday at last the last week seemed like a long one for me I guess it was because I was unwell for most of it and it seemed to drag on, anyway it is at last Saturday and I was up early like 7am on a day when I could have slept in. Oh well I have managed to do two loads of washing and get it pegged out should be a nice day, I have no plans to go out which is good as hubby to the car to work. I have also managed to read and comment on a heap of blogs which is always a great way to spend the morning.

Yesterday while at Friday breakfast my sister Sue and her daughter Kirsty turned up it was great to see Kirsty again she came down to meet her new nephew Daemon now while I was talking to her I referred to Daemon as DJ and Sue says you can't call him that...............I do not know why I can't but I can tell you I am going to call him DJ as I can see no problem with calling him DJ when I first mentioned to his mum Kelli that I was going to call him DJ she was fine with it.

Mum told me that for some reason Sue has gotten it into her head that I think the name is demonic like what the hell Sue why would you think that, although Kirsty said he will get called “demon” which may or may not be the case but my desire to call him DJ has nothing to do with demons or demonic shit.............yes I am not a fan of the name Daemon but that is only because it brings up memories of another man hubby worked with who caused Tim a lot of upset although in time I will come to associate the name with nothing but good things as little DJ is just the most beautiful baby.

Mum also told me that Sue said she had read on my blog that I thought the name was demonic well I would love to know where she read it as I have not said or written such rubbish, I have even gone back and checked my blog post to see if I could see where she would have gotten the idea but I can not find it. So sis you are wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. He is a precious baby! Love his expressions!

  2. I love the name daemon and I remember the post where you call him DJ and bubby didn't seem to mind as she said she kinda liked it...and i said wats aunty jo gunna do when my little DJ is born I've never heard or read you or anyone say it's demonic wat aload of shit !!!!!!..... If kirsty said he will be known as demon well that's not nice and shouldn't have been said some people just should keep that kinda thinking to themselves....... DJ is a nickname I dont think anyone needs someone else permission too give a nickname......deamon is a beautiful baby boy and this whole family loves him so much :-) xxxooo

  3. A long time ago there was some movie (I never saw it) in which Satan lived in a little boy, and I think the boy's name in the movie was Damian. That's close to the baby's name so maybe they have it in their heads because of the movie. I know you never said it was demonic, and a lot of times relatives like to have special nicknames for children. I think DJ is very nice and why should you use a name that has bad associations for you?


  4. He is cute what ever he is called.

  5. Oh he is such a beautiful baby!
    Blessings, Joanne

  6. Dearest Jo-Anne,
    Oh, Lovely Cute boy, isn't he♡♡♡
    And I really hope you will get well perfectly, my friend☆☆☆

    I hope you are enjoying wonderful weekend.
    Love you always, xoxo Miyako*

  7. Kelli (Daemon's mum)Saturday, March 10, 2012

    Okay i'm going to stop this now, I told mum to have a quiet word to you because I didnt think you'd have wanted an angry Jonathon doing it, because when we heard you and nan don't like the name we've picked out for our son because it sounds too demonic, now i had no reason to believe the person who told me, and considering a comment made while i was pregnant from nan about daemons name it wasnt hard to believe you both felt that way, now if you say thats not the case, thats fine... but yes sandra as mum I have the right to say i don't want you to nickname my son that... if you want to nickname him DJ, you can wait until him understand his actual name first! and as for your reason, I personally think get over it and who cares, my son isnt the person who upset tim, and aunty jo, yes i was ok with it, but im his mum im allowed to change my mind, and when me and jono visited we both kept correcting you that should've given that away, so there ya go aunty sandy you can have the nickname for all i like hey!

  8. Kelli.......I still do not know why on earth you think I have ever thought the name was demonic or sounded demonic I do not and have not ever said that and yes you can say not to call him anything but Daemon and I will do that if that is what you want but just so you know Sue never said anything to me except at breakfast yesterday with "you can't call him that"......................I understand about not wanting your child referred to by a particular name I never liked people calling Jess "Jessie" she is not a cow..................and as I said it will not be long before when I hear the name Daemon I will think of nothing but your beautiful son.........I don't know Kelli if there has ever been someone who has caused you so much anguish that the mere mention of their name brings up terrible memories but that was case for Uncle Tim

  9. Janie.......I have no idea why Sue got that idea about me although mum might have said something........

    Teresa.....Yes he is so cute and adorable

    Diane.......Yes he is

    Joanne......I agree

    Miyako.......Yes I am feeling better, and little Daemon is one beauiful baby

  10. Glad to hear that you are feeling better now Jo-Anne. What a gorgeous little baby boy. I think DJ is a cute little nickname for the little fella!

  11. What a sweet little baby! I sure miss those newborn days with my own little guy. They are so precious! I hope you are taking lots and lots of photos.

    I don't know why it is that people say things like what your sister said sometimes. Maybe she read something wrong??? I've had people read my blog and get the wrong impression about things at times too. It's very frusterating.

  12. Diane........Yes I am all better now and if Kelli doesn't want me to call him DJ then I won't but I am really annoyed that I can't but such is life

    Jenn.....Yes it is frustrating and if Sue should have spoken to me and got things clear before saying anything to Kelli as I feel she has caused Kelli to be upset over nothing........



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