Thursday, 19 October 2017

Scared of animals

Are you ever scared of animals?

Many people are scared of dogs, myself included, dogs I do not know and large dogs. I have a memory of being bitten by a dog when I was a child maybe that is why I am scared of dogs.

I think many people are scared of certain breeds of dogs such as Pitbulls, Rottweiler and German Shepherd now so many people will say it isn't the breed it is the owner of the dog and the way the dog is treated and maybe that is true is some way but you don't hear of a Dachshund or a Chihuahua turning and attacking its owner.

I am not saying smaller dogs don't attack they do and they do bite but it is the larger dogs that generally speaking do the most damage when they attack or bite.

I am also scared of horses because of their size they are large and that scares me, now I am sure that I would feel different if I had been raised around horses but I wasn't and I am scared.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

House/Dog Sitting with Leo

Hello everyone some how I forgot to do a post yesterday don't know why just did, this week I am at my brothers place house/dog sitting while they are in Queensland for his wife's brothers wedding.

Since I have Leo Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday nights he is house/dog sitting with me and he is loving it, playing with the dogs and helping me take care of them he is helping me feed the fish (under supervision) also he fed the dogs last night for me. He understands that there are things he cannot touch because they don't belong to us and that he can't go into Kayla's room.

I am only at Dave's during the night since I have to take Leo to and get him from school each day after taking him to school I am coming home here after I drop him off and going back after I get Leo after school.

Blain has his first orientation day at the high school, I have to pick him up at 10.45am and drop him back at his primary school he goes for three Tuesdays this month, never did anything like that when I started high school or when my girls started high school.

Ok been and picked up Blain I was 15 minutes late, as I was given the wrong time should have been there at 10.30am. After I dropped him at school I went to my doctors appointment only to find I had the time wrong it was at 12.30 not 11.30 so changed it to next Tuesday at 9.30 which is much better for me. I can go straight after I drop Leo off at school.

I have baked some brownies this morning to take with me out to Dave's as Leo was complaining there was nothing there he liked to eat and the food tastes better at nanna's house, I made him a toasted ham and cheese sandwich last night, which he ate but said my sandwich maker is better.

Now I don't mind dog sitting but like many people I prefer my own bed, Dave's is too low and too soft and seems to be on a slant making me feel like I am going to fall out of bed and of course with my bad knee I can't get comfortable.

Leo woke up at 1am and came and woke me up as he couldn't sleep, I gave him an extra half of Catapress and even though he said he didn't get back to sleep I know he did, he does have a lot of trouble sleeping though.

Tomorrow I should find time to read some blogs today I just don't feel like I have the time and since I am here during the day I am not taking my laptop to Dave's with me.

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Bad Omens or not

Well here we are on Saturday morning, I started this post yesterday Friday the 13th but then Jessica turned up to get Leo and by the time they left I had forgotten about the post, so here I am finishing it this morning.

Friday the 13th is considered by some to be unlucky and by some to be lucky, for me it is just another day but I thought I would share my thoughts about some of the things that are supposed to be bring one bad luck. Well only 5 things because it is Friday or Saturday.

Broken mirrors: Yeah they will bring you 7 seconds or 7 minutes of pain if you are unlucky to cut
your self while cleaning it up.

Ladders : Yes these can be unlucky if while walking under the ladder someone on the ladder
dropped something on you.

Spilling salt: They say if you spill salt you should toss a pinch over it put let us be honest here it is
only bad luck if you spill salt when applying salt to something and the lid comes off
and a heap falls out.

Opening an umbrella indoors: Yeah this can be bad luck if when you open it and hit something
breaking it or if you poke someone in the body or eye when opening

Black cats: They say that you are doomed if a black cats crosses your path but lets be honest it
really is only bad luck if you fall over the damn cat or it runs in front of your car you hit
the brakes and swerve and run into a tree.

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Seeking Attention

Well hello everyone here we are on a bloody warm Wednesday afternoon I had planned to tell you all about what the doctor said but for the second day in a row he cancelled on me, my doctor is sick. I said to mum that we usually don't think about doctors getting sick but because they are human I guess they too get sick and need a day or two off work.

So instead I am going to talk a little about something my eldest daughter said to me a couple of months back, she told me that I am an attention seeker, when she said that I was what the hell. However, thinking about it she may be right, now I think we all have moments when we seek attention from time to time but she said I do it a lot, maybe I do but it isn't something I am aware of doing.

I don't knowingly play the victim but maybe at times I do, I know one of my sisters often comes across as playing the victim and I am a lot like said sister so maybe I do it too. I think this is something other people are better at noticing rarely do those who seek attention or play the victim realise they are doing so.

Are there people you know or who are in your family or life that you think are attention seekers or who play the victim?

Do you think they know they are an attention seeker or a victim player?

Monday, 9 October 2017

It's Did You Know Monday

Ok here we are at Monday, so here are some did you know facts...........

Dr Seuss coined the word “nerd” in his 1950 book “If I Ran The Zoo”

The name Kodak was invented by George Eastman and it means, nothing, yep nothing, when he was looking for a good name brand a friend told him that the letter K was easy too remember and that five letters in a name was a good length, so he took that advice...............

Some believe the word “tip” stands for “ to insure promptness”

In most advertisements, including newspapers, the time displayed on a watch is 10:10, so the watch looks as it is smiling............

The sentence “the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” uses every letter in the English language...................

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Is it stress

Hello everyone, it is Thursday here and I have had a somewhat busy week with appointments and shopping.

Yesterday I went to see the movements disorder doctor over at the Royal (hospital) and came away thinking what a waste of time.

He told me he thinks it is a functional tremor and caused by stress because we all know when they don't have a bloody idea what the cause is it must be stress. He thinks I need to see a Psychologist to explore that side of things.

So really I just need to learn how to cope with it and he doesn't think it will get worse even though since it started it has got worse and has gone from one hand to both hands and one leg.

He also said that he can see that for me the tremor is real, yeah of course it is real I am not imagining this damn thing, what a stupid thing to say.

So how do I feel, frustrated and somewhat depressed, doesn't help that my leg has been bad and I feel like I can't do a damn thing.

I am still exercising each day and I was told that was a good thing, derrrr of course it is a good thing.

Kathy has told me that the following things cause me stress and yes she is right but really these things are just part of life:

Getting Leo to and from school, Having Leo three nights a week,

Worrying about Tasha's life and her practically ignoring her family,

Worrying about Blain and how he is dealing with the problems between his parents,

Being overweight and feeling I have no way of losing it,

Having Tim tell me he wants to go on better longer holidays and thinking we can't because I can't walk very well.

Am I wrong are these things just part of life or not.

Monday, 2 October 2017

Random Thoughts No:7

Hello all and here is another weeks random thoughts......................

It's bloody hot and its only spring............................

Getting away for a few days in the caravan, so looking forward to it..................................

Forgetting to pack long pants because it has been so hot and having cold legs, thankfully I had a blanket in the boot of the car to throw over my legs............................

Sitting around doing nothing much and enjoying it...........................

So fed up with my shaking hand it is difficult to hold a glass to have a drink....................

Tim admitting I was onto something with my doubts about getting a caravan...................

Tim caught a baby shark....................and let it go again........................

Then Tim caught a bigger fish and was so happy..........................

Coming home to my own bed and a hot bath, so good.........................

Feeling really tired and not knowing why...........................

Leo here for four nights, while his mum goes to visit a friend, who lives 6hrs away by train..........

Leo going out with papa on the motorbike...............................

Saturday, 30 September 2017

My break away

Well as you all should know I have been away for a few days at Stockton caravan park where I had sucky internet, which is where I started writing this.

Stockton is only 30 minutes drive from home and it was a nice park and I had a good time, even though I forgot to pack warm pants.

On Wednesday night Tim and I went for tea at the bowling club, Tim of course complained about the cost of the meals. I got a flake cheesecake to go and that was so nice.

Tim now wants to sell the caravan, because it is too small, doesn't have air con and we don't use it as much as he thought we would, all reasons I gave when I wasn't sure about getting a caravan.......

On Thursday morning while he was fishing he caught a baby shark and it made his day, he was so happy about catching it, he took photos and posted them to Facebook, although he said he would have been happier if Blain & Leo had been with him.

Later on while Leo, Sydney-May & Summer were here Tim caught a Shovel Nose Ray or a Shovel Nose Guitarfish which he was thrilled about as were the kids, not just ours but many kids who saw it on the ground near the van, lots of people came to have a look at it.

Friday saw us up at 7am and packed up and leaving by 8.30am, when we got to mum & dad's there was a small white car parked across the road and Tim had to go in search of the owner to have it moved so he could reverse the caravan down the driveway.

We arrived home here by around 11am and had a house full of people till around 3pm, four grandchildren, the neighbours granddaughter, two daughters and one niece so the house was loud and full. It was nice when they all left and the house was quiet.

Today it will be just me and Leo for most of the day, although Kathy and the girls will be here later, she is bringing my grocery shopping over and will vacuum out for me while she is here. Tim is at work today.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Slow internet

Internet at the caravan park is so bloody slow may not post till I get home

Monday, 25 September 2017

Guess's Monday again

Here we are at another Monday and its another hot day here in Newie, not as hot as yesterday though had the air con on from 6.30am yesterday when I got up as it was so hot there was a hot wind blowing. When Tim got up at 8am he was shocked that I had the air con on already but quickly realised how hot it was.

Now at 10am yesterday I went back to bed as I felt so tired, I sent both Kathy and Jess a text telling them I was going back to bed and they could cook lunch and wake me when it was ready, which Kathy did. One moment I was getting into bed the next moment Kathy was telling me lunch was ready and it was 11.45am.

Yesterday afternoon Tim and I went and picked up the caravan and brought it back here as this morning Tim had to take the caravan to the auto electrician and tomorrow we are taking it away for a few days.

We are only going over to Stockton which is only 30-45 minutes from home we will be home on Friday. Tim wants to do so beach fishing and I am just going to sleep and read and write blog posts to save for future use.

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Random Thoughts No: 6

Well it is Monday and I am starting another week of random thoughts...............................

298 emails to sort through to my hotmail email account, this is what happens when I don't check them between Friday and Monday...................

Only 26 emails in my gmail account.................

Waking up tired and not having any motivation to do anything.............

Still dragging my tired body to the aqua class...............................

Leo's school yearly show, they do one a year like many schools, but it is a long day/night for the kids and this nanna as well.................

Barely able to drag my body out of bed the next day but I did and of course I will go to my aqua class again but didn't do other exercisers due to feeling more asleep then awake this morning but Leo was up so I got up............

Monday I was in so much pain I could barely move, Tuesday I get injection into the knee, Wednesday I have hardly any pain at all......................

Damn some people piss me off, complaining about things I have no control over.....................

Car insurance payments being reduce, that is a good thing, I guess.............................

Friday saw me in pain again with my leg/knee and feeling unwell around 5pm, so unwell I went to bed early at 5.30pm, Saturday (today) I am feeling much better and the pain in my leg is only so so.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

I have little pain and it feels good

Hello Thursday, a lovely day here today, I went to find clothes this morning being that it is warm day I wanted shorts or ¾ pants and found that I only have one pair of ¾ pants and only two pairs of good shorts not what I call everyday shorts so I going to have to buy more before the hot weather arrives day in and day out.

Had the cortisone injection into my right knee on Tuesday morning and it has made a big difference to my pain and ability to move, cortisone injections can offer fast-acting relief of inflamed muscles, joints, tendons and bursa.

Cortisone is corticosteroids which is also called steroids and is used to treat inflammation, when injected into or around a painful area such has a joint or muscle they can reduce the in the area, this then relives the pain and reduces tissues swelling thus improving function and mobility. Depending on the condition they can offer relief for several weeks up to a few months. I am hoping to get a few months of relief.

Corticosteroids mimic natural hormones produced by the body — specifically by the adrenal glands, which sit atop the kidneys. Corticosteroids should not be confused with male and the steroid hormones, which are sometimes misused by athletes and body builders.

Steroid injections can effectively treat the joint inflammation that is seen in people with rheumatoid arthritis. They can also be used to relieve the pain of osteoarthritis the most common form of arthritis and gout.

The injection can be done by your GP in his office but are often done at a Xray place with the aid of either a CT scan or and ultrasound, mine was done with the aid of a CT scan. 

Monday, 18 September 2017

Did you know Monday

Well here I am on Monday afternoon doing a quick post a did you know post..................................

As a promotional stunt at a baseball game in 1939, catcher Joe Sprinz tried to catch a baseball dropped from 1,200 feet in the air. He said he could see the ball all the way down, but somehow instead of catching it in his glove,it him in the face, cracking his jaw in 12 places.

Why do cats turn around and around before lying down, some say its an instinct left over from the days when they slept in tall grass, the turning action pushed the grass down into a nest.

When a gas pipeline crossing the California desert springs a leak the gas companies have an ingenious way of finding out where it is. A chemical is put into the gas that arouses the mating instinct in vultures. The birds congregate around the area so look for the vultures and you find the leak.

Fishing is the biggest participant sport in the world

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Random thoughts No:5

Well here we are at the end of another week, been a mixed bag weather wise this week, cool and then stinking hot followed by another cool day. Here are this weeks random thoughts......................

My precious first born daughter turned 32 on Sunday, so we had a baked lunch and of course Natasha was a no show yet again...........

Seeing Natasha and Jessica happy to see each other............................

Damn it is hot this Wednesday, so hot had to have the air con on, before turning it on I had to clean the filter, so also cleaned the filter in the bedroom air con, couldn't figure out how to get the filter out of the air con in Tim's office.

Asked Tim how the filter comes out of his air con, you would think I asked him a really stupid question by his reaction but when he went to get it out he couldn't figure it out either for a bit but in the end he got it out and it didn't need cleaning.

When I was waiting for Leo on Wednesday afternoon, I look up and see him walking towards me with a teacher and all I can think is what has happened now, he had something in his eye and even though it had been washed out a few times it was still annoying him. Took him to the doctor and while waiting to be called in he tells me his eye is fine, so we come home without see the doctor.
Answering letters this afternoon

Southo & Pepsi Max at the end of the day, nice

Having to ask a stranger to lift my leg into the car while out shopping and needing Blain to lift my leg into the house when I got home.

A 4.30am phone call from Jessica because she needed Catapress for Leo and of course I got up and took over some for her, so Leo could sleep.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

I am not quite

This morning I woke up at 5.55am and thought what the hell, I have no memory of the alarm going off at 4.30am but it must have. I didn't do an exercises this morning just didn't feel like it.

I don't feel sick but I also don't feel great just not really right and yes I know many may think that I am never quite right, I get that, it is kinda hard to explain how I am feeling just not 100% me.

Going to be another very warm to hot day here in Newie with temp of 30°c again and no we are not in Summer yet that is still a few months away for us Aussies. Just went and cleaned the filters in two of the air cons before turning the one in the kitchen on, couldn’t clean the filter in the one in Tim's office as I couldn't figure out how to get it out, so will have to ask Tim about it when he gets home.

Had an Xray of my right knee this morning, Kathy-Lee came with me and helped me get on and off the table and move my leg, she also help lift my leg into the house when we got home. 

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

The last few days in my life

Good morning all, I am still in a lot of pain with my knees, so much pain that this morning when I woke up the pain was enough for me to just go back to sleep till Tim got up about an hour after my alarm went off.

I am continuing with the aqua class and I am enjoying it, it may be the reason why my knees are so sore today and yesterday afternoon. I only did 35minutes of exercise this morning because of the pain.

Yesterday I had little motivation to do much of anything after I returned from the aqua class, also when I got home Jessica and Kelli were here with Blain who was laying in Leo's bed, he was sent home sick from school. Kelli hung around so she could talk to Natasha about him being “sick” like me she thought it was an act, every Monday for the last 5 or 6 weeks he is “sick” he tried to say that it is the drive from Cessnock to Warners Bay causes him to be sick but if that was the case he would also get sick on the drive from Warners Bay to Cessnock on Friday afternoon. When she got here Natasha stormed into the house and down the hall saying “are you really sick” “this is beyond a joke” every bloody week you pull this shit.

Then just as Jessica and Kelli were leaving Jessica received a phone call from the school about Leo, another student had pushed him and got in his face so Leo shoved the kid back and he Leo is getting a suspension warning, how unfair, he was defending himself and gets into trouble the teachers say he should have walked away and found a teacher but really not that simple.

Speaking of Jessica on Saturday night she had me have Leo while she went to see Kelli and hang out for a while and what happened she broke down on the freeway, cost her $400 to join the NRMA and get the car towed to her mechanics and at this stage she doesn't know how much it is going to cost to fix, looks like a large water leak at the back of the engine. So at the moment she is without a car and getting a lift to and from Tafe with a friend from Tafe.

Well that is all from me for this post............................     

Friday, 8 September 2017

Random Thoughts No:4

Here are this weeks random thoughts:

Trying not to turn the light on every time I walk into a room, often the light isn't needed but flicking the switch is a habit, so I am trying to break that habit.

I always turn the light off when I leave a room.

So much pain, I couldn't move my leg without it hurting oh so much and wanting to cry, thankfully Leo was here and such a big help to nanna.

Only managing 31 minutes of exercise because of the pain in my legs, mostly the knees...................

It's hot, it's cold, it's hot, it's cold damn this weather is all over the place...........................

Leo decides to have his medication in some of his chocolate milkshake but didn't wait long enough for it to dissolve and spat it out now, it is dissolving in Pepsi Max as per usual.

Years ago it was considered ok to have eggflips, that is a milkshake with a raw egg in it, now they say raw eggs are not good for you and may make you sick, they “eggflips” never made my girls or me or my siblings sick, just saying...................

Do you know someone who has a habit of telling the same story over and over, do you tell them that they have already told you that many times before, or do you just listen as if it is the first time you are hearing it.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

The Pain, Oh The Pain...........................

Hello Monday, Hello Bloggers, damn Leo is doing my head in this morning because we have both Blain & Leo here and that means they are fighting and mostly it is Leo who is acting up and starting things.

Started to write this yesterday morning and forgot about it so here I am on Tuesday morning, this morning I didn't get up till 6.30am due to the pain in my legs/knees. Even though I slept in I did manage to do 31 minutes of exercise before the pain got too bad in my knees and Leo wanted my attention.

As I mentioned yesterday I did my first aqua class and yesterday afternoon I had a great deal of leg pain, now I have pain in my knees and thighs 24/7 but the level of pain yesterday afternoon was so high that I could barely move my leg.

Those who stalk me on Facebook will know that yesterday afternoon when I was getting changed in to my jammies Leo was amazing, running in to help me when he heard me crying in pain, I was unable to lift my leg to get my pants on and he did it for me. He then made sure I sat in my armchair with my legs up and had everything I might need so I wouldn't have to get up.

I had a bad nights sleep due to the pain in my knees and this morning when I got back from taking Leo to school it was so difficult to lift my leg due to pain in my knees and thighs and Tim wants me to go to the doctor and see what he has to say about the pain. He thinks I will need my knees replaced but I do not think they will think I am bad enough for a replacement but we will see. It is terrible not being able to lift my right leg due to pain and the left leg isn't much better.

Monday, 4 September 2017

Did you know Monday

Not much to say today, went to my first aqua class, it went well, had no problem getting into the water but getting out had a cramp in my left calf that made getting out a little difficult but Tim was there to give me a hand.

Anyway since it is Monday it is did you know Monday.................................

Ostriches are the second fastest animal in the world and can run at 40 miles per hour which I think is something like 65-70 kilometres per hour so pretty fast and they can keep up this speed for like half an hour.............................

Braille was invented by Louis Braille in 1824, he was 15 years old at the time and had been blind since he was 3 years old........................

A baby is born every seven seconds.....................

If you could harness the power used by your brain, it could power a ten watt light bulb..................

Cats will not walk on aluminium foil........................................................

Saturday, 2 September 2017

Random thoughts No 3

Feeling sick and spending a day in bed................................

Improving but not great yet.....................

Hurricane Harvey............................

Father's Day weekend.....................

I don't like telemarketers...........................

Answered 9 letters this week, so far..................................

Still cold here...............................

My ankles are much better, walking pretty much normally......................

I love being home alone, never get lonely, never get bored..........................

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Feeling a bit better and Father's Day is coming

Hello blogland, here I am at last doing a post this week still not 100% but getting there, managed to drag my body out of bed at 4.30am and do 61 minutes of exercise before Leo wanted my attention in the kitchen so I packed it in.

Yesterday I managed to write 6 letters to penpals and have a 7th half written which I hope to finish today.

It's the Father's Day stall at Leo's school today so found $10 for him to take to get something for whoever he wants to buy for, usually he buys for his mum or papa or Jono who he calls “dad” but he knows Jono isn't his dad he is Blain's dad but in many way is a father figure to Leo.

Father's Day Tim and I are going over to my parents place for lunch, be it an early lunch this year as my brother and his family are going to the footy so he wants an early lunch. We are having fish and chips because it is cheaper then KFC which cost us $100 on Mother's Day, fish & chips should cost us around $40-50, yeah even fish & chips costs a pretty penny when there are a lot of people.

Asked Tim last night for $60 to get his Father's Day present from me, he wanted to know what I was getting that cost so much, wouldn't tell him all I would say is I saw something I thought he would like and wanted money to get it.

A few years back Tim was complaining one Father's Day that I hadn't got him much and my mum said to him well how much did you give her to get you a present his answer nothing, so mum said if you don't give her money how is she suppose to get you something unless you give her money to buy something. At times he forgets that I have no money of my own, all I have is what he gives me.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017


Jo-Anne is sick she should be back to blogging tomorrow or Thursday

Friday, 25 August 2017

Random Stuff No 2

Here is this weeks random stuff................................

That moment when you realise hubby and Leo have left and you're home alone.........................

How hard is it to say goodbye..............................

Damn it's cold..............................

Hanging photos at mum's and nearly falling off the step ladder.........................

Hot, cold, hot, cold damn this weather drives me nuts..............................

Even a crown prince needs ID to get into a club in Queensland......................

I type before I think, then I post and upset people, so I am normal...................

Feeling like a failure...........................

Some people miss the point.....................

Wanting a hot bath and a nap but not having the time to have either at the moment........................

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

This is me

I was told last night that I have let myself go because of how big I am. If it was easy to stop eating and if I could walk I would do so but these things are easier said then done, just because you don't see me trying doesn't mean I am not doing the best I am able to do, feeling bad about how I look doesn't help when it comes to weight loss because when one is depressed and feel that nothing they do works one feels why am I bothering but still I try and still I get up and spend 60-70 minutes each morning exercising does anyone thing I want to be a short fat woman who struggles to do things.

Do you think I like all the muscle strain and pain and not being able to move my legs and arms without pain. I may be big but I am trying to like who I am and learn to deal with it while still trying to lose weight and be slimmer. I try to dress nicely................Being told you have let yourself go doesn't help and people cannot tell me what to do that will help, because what I am doing isn't working so I have no bloody idea what else to do.

This is me, this is who I am at this stage in my life, I am still the same person just in a bigger package, telling me I look fat doesn't help, try telling me I look nice and help me feel loved and needed and not like a failure. Because I often feel like I am a failure, in case you didn't know..................

Monday, 21 August 2017

Did you know Monday

Here we are at another did you know Monday, it is a cold Monday too and a tad wet outside I have been up since 4.30am done over an hour of exercise, have taken Leo to school and read like 40 blog posts and now I am going to share these facts with you...................

In M & M chocolates the letters stand for Mars and Murri, the developers of the sweets in 1941.......

The Atlantic Ocean is saltier than the Pacific Ocean......................

At one time in Japan fashionable women painted their teeth black............................

Three our of four women wear the wrong size bra..................................

A butterfly had 12,000 eyes...................................

Someone opens a can of Spam every four seconds................................

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Random thoughts No1

Here are this weeks first random thoughts and things, I will be doing this type of post most weeks.

Ever had a moment when you are trying to cut a sandwich in half and are finding it difficult and then you realise you have the knife upside down and felt like a dill......................

Some days I eat too much.......................

Mostly I am happy.......................

Taking your shirt and singlet off in pubic because you're stating to feel warm and no longer want the singlet on..............

Seems even 28% of Muslims find women in a full burqa makes them feel uncomfortable.................

Seems that the 2017 flu is the worst on record here in Australia....................................

I write a lot of letters...............................

This is the warmest August we have had in years.....................................

But still there are some bloody cold days and nights...................................

I like banana and choc chip bread, thinly sliced and toasted under the grill............................

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Looking in a mirror

How many times a day do you look at yourself in the mirror?

I know some people spend a lot of time looking at themselves in a mirror but I am not one of them, the only times I find myself looking at myself in a mirror is when I am brushing my hair or putting make up.

Now when I wash my hands after I go to the toilet there is a mirror above the sink but I rarely take any notice of myself when I chance at it while washing my hands.

Being a large woman I find many mirrors make me look bigger then I feel not saying they make me look bigger then I am just bigger then I feel.

Yes I check how I look in a mirror before going out that I think is just natural but I don't feel the need to check how I look many times a day

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Old Cards and Letters

Do you save old greeting cards and letters?

When I was younger I kept some cards and letters but not any more as a rule, although if I received a really nice card I may keep it.

When I see in movies and tv shows people finding a small pile of letters that have been kept I generally think who keeps letters, although I do get keeping some letters.

However, it is not something I generally do. I write and receive a lot of letters each year so if I was to keep all I received I would have boxes and boxes of letters.

Monday, 14 August 2017

Did you know Monday

So here we are at Monday, I have been out this morning doing some things for mum and going to the chemist to pick up medications that I need for the week.

I had a baked lunch here yesterday with Kathy, Jessica and Summer and Leo and of course Tim who was off.

Anyway since it is Monday it is did you know day

Californian Frank Epperson invented the ice lolly or lollypop in 1905, when he was 11 years old. He left a glass of soda or pop and a stirrer outside overnight and in the morning discovered them frozen together.

A pound of crisps cost about 200 time more than a pound of potatoes 

Friday, 11 August 2017

Just another Friday

Well here we are at 5pm on Friday afternoon after a lovely winters day with temps in the high 20's although in some parts of the state it is snowing and have some of the best snow falls in years but not here. I have been wearing shorts today, the next couple of days are suppose to be warm as well but we will see.

This morning I gave the wheelchair a miss when I went to Woolworths to get a few things, I managed to walk without much trouble but when we finished there I was starting to limp so before I went to the chemist and Big W I got the wheelchair and Jessica pushed me around.

Tonight my ankle is sore but not overly sore so ok, my back is aching as well as my head and I feel like going to sleep but such is life.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

MRI Results

Hello everyone, didn't do a post yesterday as I was feeling terrible with pains in the tummy and a touch of the runs and just not myself. After I spoke to mum last night I went to bed and this morning I woke feeling like myself so all good.

Went to the doctors this morning and the MRI showed no signs of MS which will put Kathy's worry to rest. However, there is signs of borderline ventriculomegaly, yeah something I have never heard of. Dr Google tells me this about it:

Ventriculomegaly is a brain condition that occurs when the lateral ventricles become dilated. In fetuses, the most common definition uses a width of the atrium of the lateral ventricle of greater than 10mm. When the measurement is greater than 15mm, the ventriculomegaly may be classified as more severe. Enlargement of the ventricles may occur for a number of reasons, such as loss of brain volume (perhaps due to infection or infarction), or impaired outflow or absorption of cerebrospinal fluid from the ventricles. Often, however, there is no identifiable cause. The interventricular foramen may be congenitally malformed, or may have become obstructed by infection,haemorrhage , or rarely tumour, which may impair the drainage of cerebrospinal fluid, and thus accumulation in the ventricles.

Does that help, no, didn't help me either.................

Anyway I have to back and see the neurologist, referral has been sent off now I just have to wait for an appointment. I got the impression it isn't anything to worry about at this stage but it may explain why I get so many headaches.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017


How do you sleep at night?

What if you can't sleep, what do you do?

Do you ever find your brain doesn't want to shut down and you just keep thinking about things?

I have had nights when I end up thinking, just stop thinking and go to sleep but usually it doesn't work and I continue to think about things, often strange things, like the wives of Henry VIII, I have no idea why I would suddenly try remember his wives names and what order they came in but I do and in case you are interested I can name them.

Thankfully those nights happen less often now days, when I put my C Pap mask on and turn the machine on it helps me go to sleep with little trouble. I generally sleep straight through the night till my alarm goes off at 4.30am although I do not set my alarm on the weekend any more.

I saw on Sunrise this morning that a new report shows that our obsession with technology is affecting our sleep and lack of sleep is costing the country something like $66 billion a year, what the hell....................

The report found that inadequate sleep is highly prevalent in Australia with an estimated 39.8% of Australian adults experiencing some form of inadequate sleep.
That’s equivalent to four in 10 Australian adults — or 7.4 million people.

The comprehensive report revealed that sleep deprivation was linked to 3,017 deaths in 2016-17, with 394 of those occurring because a person has fallen asleep at the wheel of a vehicle or from industrial accidents due to lack of sleep.

The remaining deaths are heart disease and diabetes deaths linked to sleep disorders

So I hope everyone is getting plenty of good quality sleep................

Monday, 7 August 2017

My Monday

Hello here we are at the end of another Monday and the start of another week, it has been a busy day for me. I was up at 4.30am did my workout with the “Healing Yoga” program followed by 1hr and 10 mins with the Wii Fit.

Then Leo arrived and I took him to school before going to have blood taken, then I came home met Kathy & Summer and we all went to my Dr's appointment then I came home for a bit before going to get Leo from school to take him to see his paediatrician.

Now he didn't want to go and see her, told me so this morning when I mentioned to him that he had the appointment and when I go to get him out of class he said he didn't want to go but I was able to get him to agree without much drama.

He has had his medication upped a bit and will have to go back in a few months again.

On the way home I asked him if he wanted Maccas for tea as a reward for his good behaviour even though he didn't want to go to the doctors, of course they stuffed up the order and I didn't realise till after we got home. Leo was good saying to me that I didn't have to go back he could live without fries, so I rang them and they said they will send me out a voucher, if I don't get it by Friday I will be going back and complaining in person.

Now I am going to go get changed into my jammies

Oh yeah dad went home this afternoon from the hospital, Dave went and picked him up.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Dad's Health

Well here I am at the end (kinda) of another day, I will soon be going into have a bath and get ready for bed, jammies are comfy, just saying...........

On Tuesday a ambo had to be rung for dad, he is now in hospital for a few days, he was coughing and throwing up a lot and I mean a lot and had a lot of trouble breathing, Sandy went over to the hospital to be with him on Tuesday as there was no way mum could have gone.

Now Tuesday afternoon/evening mum rang the hospital to see how he was as Sandra had to leave to get Temika from school and ya know she has two daughters to take care of. Anyway mum was told a doctor was with him and to ring back in half an hour, so she did and was told a different doctor was with him to ring back in half an hour, so she did and was told someone was with him and to ring back by this time mum was getting upset and asked if the nurse could tell her how he was, she said no sorry can't do that. In the end my brother David went over to the hospital to see how he was and report back to mum.

He wasn't good, he had managed to pull the cannula out of his hand and blood had gone everywhere, it was all over his bed, the floor and himself and he really wasn't well at all.

The doctors said he has the flu but because he has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) it has effected him worse then the average person, he is hooked up to oxygen 24/7 at the moment and is having antibiotics via the drip. Dad is on antibiotics all the time because of his health problems.

Also all his hand and low part of his arm is black and blue and looks terrible due to the problems getting the cannula into his hand and then him pulling/knocking it out.

While visiting him yesterday mum was upset by a nurse saying they had asked dad what to do if he needs resuscitation, as in should they take steps to resuscitate him or let him die, mum doesn't want to think about such things. Dad said it would depend on if they think he can be resuscitated and go on to live a normal life, or if they think he would just end up in a nursing home drooling and wetting himself, as he doesn't want to live like that, which I get, I wouldn't want to either, who would.

Hospital is the best place for him.

Monday, 31 July 2017

It's Did You Know Monday..................and it is a coldish Monday.

Good morning Monday, it is a somewhat cold dry morning but have to say it feels like it may rain but we will see. Yesterday was the hottest July day in recorded history, it was 27°c well it was in Sydney but here in Newie it was warm but not that hot in my opinion.

My weekend was pretty good had Kathy-Lee and Summer as well as Jessica and Leo here on Saturday for lunch, I did a chicken and bacon pasta bake with garlic bread and Kathy hung my washing on the line for me and also picked up my groceries for me I do what's called click and collect where you do the shopping online but instead of having it delivered you go and pick it up from the store so no delivery fee. This is a huge help for me sine walking for any length of time is difficult for me.

Sunday saw Kathy-Lee come back and help me with some housework, she hung the sheets on the line and helped my re-make the bed with clean sheets and she also helped me clean of my dressing table and the top of my chest of drawers and dust everything. So it is looking much better and nice and clean.

Well being Monday means it is Did You Know you know...........

221B Baker Street is one of London's most famous addresses, as it was the home of Sherlock Holmes and his companion Dr Watson. Every year hundreds of tourists to London still try and find it but it doesn't exist.

Friday, 28 July 2017

Hello Friday, or should that read good evening Friday since it is nearly 5pm

Hello Friday, been a pretty good Friday all in all, I was up at 4.30am again and did 70 minutes of exercise on the Wii Fit and 15 minutes of healing yoga with a program recorded off the telly. I then went to get ready to go shopping, I was in the bathroom applying my make up and I thought I heard Leo arrive and called out to him but no answer, I then had to go into the kitchen to get something and again thought I heard him but didn't see him, I go back to the bathroom and seconds later Leo jumps up from behind me and yells and I scream and he laughs. My daughters and grandchildren love to scare the hell out of me and hear me scream.

Jessica again pushed me around in a wheelchair which was great, it takes a lot out of her because the centre isn't all level so she has to go up and inclines, I really appreciate her doing this I was thinking next week I would see how I go walking but have to say this afternoon my right calf area is very painful and walking is difficult, so I don't know.

While out shopping Jessica bought me a couple of carnations my favourite flower and she bought her nan and her Aunty Sandy a flower each as well, for no reason other then she loves us and wanted to do so.

Last night Tim and I went to bed at the same time around 7.45pm, he had to get up at 3.30am to go to work, anyway at 9pm I thought Tim came around and gave me a kiss (which he does before he goes to work) but when I looked at the clock and saw it was only 9pm thought I dreamt it. Then I heard the motor-bike start and so I got up and walk out to the lounge-room to find Tim dressed for work putting his helmet on, I asked him what he was doing he said “going to work” I told him it was only 9pm, he looks at the clock says “it's 3am” I said it wasn't he then realised it wasn't and went out turned the bike off and came back to bed. If I hadn't heard the bike he would have gone to work 7hrs early and would have felt a right dill. Yes he remembered it all this morning but was clueless as to why he thought it was 3am when it was only just over an hour since he went to bed.

This afternoon while I was waiting for Leo, he (Leo) suddenly appeared and got in the car saying I have had enough and want to go home, I said did his teacher know where he was, he said no but I see Mr Mack and I expect he is looking for me. I said he can't just leave and he had to go and speak to Mr Mack so off he goes and then he comes back and says ok let's go, I said what did Mr Mack say Leo said I don't know but he is walking this way so leave now before he gets here. I didn't and Mr Mack came and spoke to me and Leo and explained to Leo that you cannot just leave because you are fed up and had enough and want to go home, and that the teachers need to know where he is. I don't think Leo got it,

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Photo Wednesday

Hi all this is another photo that was taken on the cruise outside of the dining area must have been day one or two as I have my cane and after the second day I wasn't using the cane at all

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Irish Sisters of Charity

In 1838 the first religious women came to Australia they were the Irish Sisters of Charity they volunteered to go to Sydney to work with convict women teaching them to read and the Sisters of Charity began in Ireland by Mary Aikenhead. In 1838 at the request of Bishop Polding, Mary came to Australia with 5 volunteers they left Ireland in August 1838 and after a four month journey they arrived in Sydney on the last day of 1838.

Starting in January 1839 the sisters lived at Parramatta and visited the Female Factory where
many women convicts lived and worked for the government. The Sisters' main concern was religious instruction and care of the sick and poor, the Sisters' walked everywhere going to government hospitals, orphanages, schools and gaols.

The religious profession of Sister Xavier Williams, on the 9th April 1839 at Parramatta was a “first” and made a great sensation among Catholics and others with other young women asking to join the Sisters.

The Sisters distinctive dress made them conspicuous and they drew on them at times of hostility or bigotry, the good they did brought them a lot of support but of course life in those days was hard.

In 1847 the Sisters were asked to go to Tasmania, three of the Sisters went to Tasmania while the others stayed in Parramatta where they had the new responsibility of assisting women who wanted to live better lives.

Over time good friends helped raise money to buy a convent where the Sisters could establish a hospital and school, as well as a permanent home for themselves. General Catholic problems hampered further growth but the Sisters' hospital and school flourished, while they continued visiting the sick, poor and prisoners.

After some years, there were Sisters of Charity who had been born in Australia. When the government stopped paying teachers in our schools, the bishops encouraged vocations and brought new religious institutes to Australia to teach. Cardinal Moran encouraged our Sisters to begin more schools. New hospitals were opened.
The Sisters’ business dealings in the early days were often conducted by Father Angelo Ambrosoli, who helped choose places for their convents and designs for their chapels.

Two Sisters of Charity who helped them to flourish were M. Francis McGuigan and M. Gertrude Davis, both born in Australia. They went to Ireland to renew links with the Irish Sisters of Charity and joined the Sisters in Tasmania with those in Sydney.
Since World War II Australia has become more multicultural, with new needs arising as different ethnic groups arrive. Sisters of Charity have led the way in many fields, establishing ministries that others can now continue.

Once works are established, the Sisters have looked to respond to new needs. There are always people needing help, consolation, encouragement, and inspiration.
Australia has changed since our first Sisters arrived in 1838. The kind of poverty that our Sisters met when they arrived has changed. Australia is now a developed nation.

The Sisters of Charity response has been flexible enough to deal with new forms of poverty. Physical poverty will always endure but we must also deal with the poverty caused by narrow-mindedness, prejudice, mental illness, drug addiction and drunkenness, as well as the more familiar kinds of sickness and lack of money.

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