Sunday, 19 May 2019

The week that was No:20

Another Sunday and that means the start of another week that was post. I woke up feeling sick so didn't go out.

This Sunday it is Mother's Day and I received bath stuff off Natasha and a book off Kathy-Lee and from Jessica gave me a new laptop and a new mobile phone.

Leo bought his mum something from the Mother's Day stall at school but Blain didn't get his mum anything.

Tim had someone ring about the car (Falcon)first he was going to come look at it but then said he was too far away, after some back and forward he said he would give Tim what he wanted and would arrange for someone to come and pick it up. I said NO that is suss and most likely a scam.

Monday I woke up feel ok much better then yesterday Leo was dropped off at 6.45am along with a pair of gloves Jessica made for me, however, they are a bit small or too tight. I said I may be able to wear them in.

After dropping Leo off we had to go and look at Jess's place for her house key which she couldn't find she thought it had fallen off her key-chain. We didn't find it so she said she would call in and get the spare key, of course as she was getting out of the car she found it in her pocket.

I then went to aqua after getting home, I had eggs for breakfast and I throw a load of clothes in the washing machine before vacuuming the loungeroom.

Tim hand someone else ring about the car and this person was only 20 minutes away and came with his wife to look at it ask questions took it for a test drive. After some discussion they agreed on a price. So things look good but we will see.

Tuesday Tim asked Natasha to wash the bathroom floor which she did, for some reason was blaming Leo saying that he had pissed on the floor. I do not believe he did that.

Tim has been on the phone about the sale of the Falcon

Wednesday saw me wake up tired, but I still went to aqua, still no idea what is going on with the Falcon, Tim said the guy will be here tomorrow afternoon to get it.

Thursday morning, afternoon and night has passed and guess what the Falcon is still

Friday is shopping day and I like shopping day, getting out of the house, spending money, looking around shops, running people over while on mobility scooter. I also like seeing my mum on Friday morning.
Jess and I called in at the school and dropped off a Webster Pack, while there Jess asked for Leo to be told that he had to walk home alone.

However they didn't tell him and he was waiting outside the post office till 3.30pm, when someone in the office realised they hadn't passed on the message and rang Jess and she said to check outside the post office. Where they found him waiting for his friend. I am so pissed off.

Guess what the Falcon has now been sold and is gone at last.

Saturday morning Jess had to call in to get dressed for work. We had to vote, Tim drove down to the school I took the walker and a lady handing out pamphlets came and asked if I would like someone to bring the forms to me so I didn't have to struggle in to the voting area.

Then we went to the RTA as the guy who bought the Falcon finely took it, so Tim had to do the notice of disposal.

We then went to Officeworks so I could have the stuff we need for Leo's high school application printed.

Leo came with us. He also went out with Papa this afternoon, over to my parents house to get something.

Well now it is time to post this and start another week that was post.

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Creature Wednesday/Emu

Hello Wednesday it is after midday so it's afternoon here. This weeks creature because Wednesday is creature day, is the Emu.

The Emu is a large flightless bird it is the largest bird in Australia, second largest in the world. They stand at 2 metres tall, they have a long neck, short sharp beak 2 sets of eyelids one for blinking one to keep the dust out. They are covered in soft feathers.

They live for around 10-20yrs in the wild but up to 35yrs in captivity. They like to eat insects such as grasshoppers, beetles and cockroaches.

Once the female lays the eggs the male will sit on them.

Emu's are fast runners they run as fast as 48 km/h or 30mph.

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Gross Tuesday No 13

Well here we are at another Tuesday and what a lovely Tuesday
it is weather wise it is a pleasant 20°c outside. So on this lovely Tuesday I will share some gross facts.

When they are finished with their webs, spiders eat the silk to recycle it.

Tarantulas can live for up to 30 years.

Female nursery web spiders often eat the males after mating.

Spiders have huge brains for their size, some have them spilling over into their legs.

The crab spider can change colour to match its surroundings, to help catch its prey.

The largest spider in the world is the Goliath bird eater tarantula with a leg span of 30cm or 12inches.

Monday, 13 May 2019

Did you know No: 20

Good morning, yes it is morning still, just.........

Well it's Monday so it is did you know day, the day I share useless and trivial facts, which may or may not be 100% true.

The Jews and the early Christians started the day at sunset,that's weird. Anyway this means Christmas Eve was in fact the first part of Christmas Day. It was only later, how much later I do not know as the damn book doesn't tell me, anyway as I was saying it was at a later time that it came to mean the day before.

The longest time a person has been in a coma and woken up is 37 years.

The Moon is one million times dryer than the Gobi Desert and weighs about 81 billion tons, how the hell do they know that.

The most sensitive finger on the human body is the index finger.

The thumbnail grows the slowest.

Now to post this while it is still morning.

Sunday, 12 May 2019

The week That WAs No:19

Well Sunday is here again so I am starting another week that was post. It is a cool and wet day.

Tim off on Monday, he had a doctors appointment and for some unknown reason he wanted me to go with him, only to have me wait in the car. We than went to Belmont hospital so he could pick up the prep solution for his colonoscopy on Tuesday.

At 6pm he had to drink the stuff which resulted in him being up most of the night on Tuesday morning he said he felt sick in the gut so he didn't drink the morning solution.
He was home by 3pm and felt fine but he can't drive for 24hrs which I knew but when I thought about telling him, I decided not to bother as I know Tim well enough to know he would shrug it off and say he would see how he felt on the day. However, because the hospital told him he couldn't drive he had Wednesday off as well.

Wednesday I at last went back to aqua which I enjoyed a few people commented that it was nice to see me back.

Thursday it was cold enough when I got up that I put on my warm dressing gown.

Friday I went shopping at Charlestown Square saw mum for breakfast along with Dawson, Natasha had to pick them up as Sandra had a Mother's Day breakfast at the school.

It is so cold this afternoon that I had to get out my really warm blue pyjama pants and a long sleeve singlet.

Saturday morning I was woken at 8am by Natasha knocking on my bedroom window, I got out of bed stood for a moment thought I dreamt it so got back into bed and Tim got up to let her in. She was dropping off shopping she did for me yesterday.

At around 9.30am Kathy-Lee arrived with more shopping for me, I received a text message from the supermarket telling me that they were unable to take my payment. So I logged into my bank and discovered that I was 60cents short, I was lucky that Kathy was able to pay for it and I transferred the money back to her.

Also while here she told Tim her car was over heating turned out she needed water and coolant, the car took 3.5 litres of water the max it takes is 5 litres.

I also asked Natasha & Kathy to put another blanket on the bed as Tim has been cold at night.

Sunday morning I was still in bed when Natasha arrived and she gave me my Mother's Day present which was bath stuff.

Thursday, 9 May 2019

Poem Thursday No:12

Good morning for some reason I forgot to do a post yesterday, I thought about it but just didn't get around to writing it.

Anyway it is now Thursday so here is today's little poem.

Flowers are lovely; love is flower like;
Friendship is a sheltering tree;
Oh, the joys that come down shower-like!

BY: Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Gross Tuesday No 12

Good morning a coolish day in my opinion although Natasha & Tim think it's cold.

Well it is Tuesday so it is gross facts day.

Cockroaches can live for weeks without their heads

There are about 4,000 different species of cockroaches but only 30 are considered pests.

Cockroaches can rat just about anything, including glue, paper and soap.

They can survive for long periods of time without any food at all.

Insects and bugs can be useful in creating honey, wax, silk and other products.

Monday, 6 May 2019

Did you know No:19

Good afternoon everyone, how are you all this fine but cool Monday, Tim is off today so he drove Leo to school. Since it is Monday it is did you know day, so here are today's facts.

The first competition in the world's first Olympic games in 776BC, was a foot race. The participants were all male and nude.

Every seconds two Barbie dolls are sold somewhere in the world

More than 30 million Lego blocks were used to construct all the models at t he Legoland park in California.

In 1990 the Johnson's Confectionery company at Darling Harbour in Sydney, Australia made a lollipop that weighed 1.01 tons (2,220lb & 11oz).

The letter “b” took it's present form from a symbol used in Egyptian hieroglyphics to represent a house.

Sunday, 5 May 2019

The Week That Was No:18

Just posted the last week that was post, so now I am starting a new week that was post.

Last night around 11pm Leo came into my bedroom in tears, he had spilt his drink over his laptop causing it to not work. He is upset about breaking it, I am annoyed but getting angry isn't going to change anything.

Monday was my dad's funeral there was a good turn out like around 80 people I was glad that all my girls and grandsons attended, mum held up well she shed some tears and I managed to read my letter to dad without getting upset.

I placed my letter to dad on his coffin to be buried with him also there was a letter from Jessica as well as Hayley and Denni.

Tuesday was another busy day, had an appointment at Leo's school then Jessica had to go and hand in her lease review then home and off to the doctors I go. Today is the first day of second school term.

Wednesday I did nothing and went nowhere, I did have to wake Leo at 7.50 and again at 8.00am to get ready for school.

Thursday was another day doing nothing and going nowhere, Leo here for the night.

Friday morning when I got up I found Leo awake and sitting on the lounge and when I went to turn the TV on Foxtel (pay tv) wasn't working. I had to turn the box off at the power point and turn it back on again to get it to work.

Had a fine day and a wet afternoon, Leo here again tonight while his mum is working.

Saturday morning Tim & I drove Leo home before we went over too mum's to pick up the cans & bottles from dad's wake. It is a cool slightly wet day.

Mum was ok she is holding up well, she has been watching a lot of TV because she needs to be doing something otherwise she starts to think about going through dad's stuff something she is ready to do as she feels it will be too hard to do. Just after dad died Dawson packed up dad's odds and ends into a clear plastic container and left sitting on the table dad used this upset my sister she felt it was wrong and mum was just getting rid of dad's stuff.

The rest of the day was spent writing letters to pen pals and doing nothing much.

Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Crreature Wednesday

Hello world, here we area at Wednesday so it is creature day and today's creature is the kangaroo.

There are four types of kangaroos, the Red, the Antilopine and the Western & Eastern Greys. The largest is the Red kangaroo which stands at 2 metres, it's top speed is 65 km/h and it can jump 3 metres high and 7.6 metres in length.

When on land their hind legs move together, but when in water their legs move separately, they are the only animals that use hopping as their primary method of movement.

Female kangaroos can determine the sex of their offspring. They can even delay gestation when environmental factors are likely to diminish the chance of young surviving.
Like all marsupials, kangaroos are born extremely early; the equivalent of the seventh week of pregnancy for humans. They travel from the birth canal as little more than an embryo by blindly propelling through the mother’s fur to the safety of the pouch, where they will spend several months developing before finally leaving to explore the world.
Young kangaroos are called Joeys and will sometimes jump head first into their mother’s pouch when frightened.
Kangaroos have excellent hearing, and like some other animals are able to move their ears in different directions without moving the rest of their head.
There are more kangaroos than humans in Australia. They are the national symbol of Australia and appear on postage stamps, coins, and aeroplanes.

Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Gross Tuesday Death

Good afternoon everyone, it is Tuesday or should I say Gross Tuesday and keeping with the theme of the week I am sharing some gross funeral facts.

Passing away = passing gas, Gas continues to move through your body after you die. Morticians commonly report situations where they are caught off guard by a big fart in a room full of only dead people.

Because there is bacteria leftover in the body after you die your body is still making poo after you die.

People have been known to urinate shortly after they die as well as pooping because the gas in the body forces out remaining food.

Decomposition takes 8 to 12 years although the body starts to decompose after 24hrs, starting with the internal organs after 3-5 days the body starts to bloat and bloody foam starts to leak from the nose and

Monday, 29 April 2019

Did you know No: 15

Well here we are at another Monday and that means it is did you know day and this weeks facts are about funerals as today is my dad's funeral.

There is no law that says you have to have a funeral, however, the law does state that you must “dispose of the body of the person who has died by burial, cremation or any other means”

Saturday funerals are becoming more common. A major advantage is that people tend to be more available to attend a Saturday funeral, however, be aware that they cost more because penalty rates apply for staff from the funeral company and the cemetery.

Hindu: Mourners at the funeral are usually expected to wear white

Muslim: Family and close friends may wear black. Women are asked to wear loose clothing and a scarf or veil.

Buddhist: Depending on cultural traditions, the family will usually wear white and friends traditionally wear black.

Christian funerals usually just require you to be dressed smartly. Although black may be traditional, family wishes should be taken into account regarding colours.

Sunday, 28 April 2019

The week that was No:17

Well it is time to start another week that was post, this post kicks off on a sad note as Easter Sunday my dad died, he had a bad night Saturday night so mum was going to let him sleep Sunday morning.

However, when my brother arrived around lunch time Sunday he went in to check on dad and discovered that he had passed away. Mum kept saying how stupid she felt because she didn't check on him earlier. She would walk to the bedroom open the door looked at dad thought he was still sleeping and left, now she is beating herself up for not knowing that he had passed.

Monday I did nothing much felt numb all day, spent a few hours going through photos of dad and adding them to a flash drive.

On Tuesday morning David & my sisters picked me up at 10am and drove me to Mum Dad's house as the funeral people came to discuss dad's funeral.

After all was said and done the cost was $11,900 so we changed a few things bringing the cost down to $10,085. Mum & Dad funeral insurance for $7,000 and mum will get around $1,800 from Centrelink and I have saved $1,000.

The funeral is on Monday at 10am at Belmont he will be buried at Whitebridge.

Tim has gone on and on about how my siblings do not contribute, I said they don't have the money but still he goes on and on.

Natasha picked me up and drove me home.

Wednesday morning I got up when the alarm went off but had to go back to bed 45minutes later for another hour & a half.

Thursday is Anzac Day so a public holiday here, some stores are closed all day and some for only ½ a day opening at 1pm. Tim is at work, and Kathy-Lee came over with Summer for a short visit.

Jessica & Leo went to the drive in tonight she rang Tim to ask why the low battery came on, we explained it is the car, you can't have the radio on for more then 10 minutes before it flattens the battery.

Friday I went shopping on my own as Jessica wasn't able to help me, she did pick me up and dropped me off at mum's, as the funeral celebrant came to discuss dad's funeral. I left feeling sad and left out, all my siblings have gotten together a few times for some drinks and to remember dad but have they asked me to join them, no they haven't.

Saturday, we have Leo all day and the night while his mum is working.

Thursday, 25 April 2019

Lest we forget

Good morning world, or good afternoon, evening or night depending on the time of day you are reading this.

Here in Australia it is ANZAC Day so I am sharing The Ode of Remembrance written in 1914 by Laurence Binyon.

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn;
At the going down of the sun, and in the morning,
We will remember them

You may notice the words “lest we forget” are missing, this is because when the poem was written those words were not part of the poem but were added by someone at some point, if you know when and by who please tell me.

Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Dealing with death

Good morning all, didn't do a post yesterday as before I got around to it my brother had arrived to pick me up and take me over to mum's to meet the funeral people at midday.

So this morning I am writing a post first up before reading other blogs. I am just going to type and let my feelings out.

I spent most of Monday going through photos of dad and adding them to a flash drive for the funeral, my sister in-law is going to sort them out and find music to go with them, ready for the funeral. My sister in-law is also going to arrange the service booklets for the funeral.

I know dad is dead but I don't feel like he is, it doesn't feel real some how. Last night as I was saying goodbye to mum I started to say give my love to dad because for years that has been the last thing I have said to mum.

I have decided to read the letter I wrote to dad at the funeral and then have it buried with him.

Mum & Dawson decided to clean off the little table dad used to store stuff into a large plastic container, this upset my sister Sandy but it was something mum wanted to. I have no problem with her doing that if that is what she needs to do.

Mum was a little upset that my sisters tossed out dad's pillow and the bedding off her bed, they did that because of the smell of decomp, they felt it was the easiest and best thing to do.

My sister Sue replaced the comforter with a really nice green one.

Monday, 22 April 2019

Dear Dad

This post was published to joannerambling at 6:58:25 PM 29/03/2014

Good morning all this morning I am doing a reworked post of of a post I did back in 2014 about my dad who sadly passed away in his sleep yesterday.

Dear Dad

Yesterday was the hardest of days for your family dealing with the fact that you had passed away in your sleep after a really bad night Saturday night.

So many tears were shed by so many people as you laid in bed looking like you wee sleeping and so many went to say their goodbyes to you.
18 people in total turned up at the house to see you and mum. 

Natasha the girl you called “Nicky Nat” is heartbroken and has been nearly inconsolable. Kathy-Lee cried from the moment she heard. Jessica feels horrible inside.

My grandsons Blain & Leo didn't like seeing their nanna so upset and heartbroken, crying so much.

Tim also is heartbroken you were more like his father than father in-law but he has held it together for me, as he feels he needs to be strong to support me.

Three of Jeannie's children turned up to say goodbye to you, Sam had her daughter Hayley with her and Hayley wanted to see you and I can tell you dad little Hayley was heartbroken she shed so many tears.

Let’s move onto all the great memories I have of you my dad, one of my earliest memories is of walking around near areopelican with me on your shoulders. I also have a vague memory of the time we got bogged on Blacksmiths beach and yes I do remember it is not a clear memory but I do still remember it.

The time we wallpapered the kitchen is also a good memory and it still makes me laugh when I think about it, I don’t know if you know dad how much it meant to me that I was able to help my dad with things, like wallpapering the kitchen and running power down to the garage when we lived in Flame street and putting up the pool.

I know I am blessed to have you as my dad; you have always been my hero, my idol. When I was around the age of 18 nanna asked me what type of man I would like to marry and all I could think of was a man like my dad, to me you were special the perfect dad, you could do everything and I always knew you would protect me and keep me safe. I know it may sound silly but you are still my hero and my idol and I am still so proud to be your daughter.

I was lucky in that I had you all to myself for 6 years but even when Jeannie & Sue came along and later Sandy & Dave I never felt pushed aside or that you loved me any less I just knew you had enough love to go around.

You loved your daughters and didn't feel the need to have a son which is why God blessed you with one. David has grown from an annoying little sod into a wonderful man just like his father.

All my life I have wanted to make you proud.

Sunday, 21 April 2019

The week that was No:16

H So here I am starting another week that was post, Sunday was a normal day spent at home answering letters from pen pals, it rained on and off all day.

Monday was more productive, Tim has taken four days off work and decided to go and check out car auction sites and he found a 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander. He drove it back here for me to check it out and I liked it so he bought it.

Tuesday Tim & I went to the doctors and then Tim went and got a cheque made up for the new car.

At 7.30am Jessica turned up here she had made arrangements for someone to come and check out her car that she was selling.
When we got home someone was checking Jessica's car out and he bought it but she didn't get his address or licence number now she is worried as she couldn't do a notice of disposal for the car.
However she sent him a text telling him what she needed and he text her what she needed and she was able to do it, although she had to go into the office and do it as it wouldn't go through online.

After lunch lunch Tim went and paid for the new car and changed
the number plates over, we have had the same number plates for many years like a round 22yrs.

Moving onto Wednesday, Jessica took our car (Falcon)home last night but was here just after 8.30am so Tim could take it for rego check, he is only doing 6months rego this time as he wants to sell it. He is hoping to get $9,000 for it.

Because he changed the registration plates around on the cars paying the CTP which stands for compulsory third party insurance has been a right headache and he has gotten somewhat pissed off.

Moving onto Thursday because Friday is a public holiday here I went shopping with Jessica for Easter eggs and other stuff and then in the afternoon Tim & I along with Jess & Leo went for a drive into town. We all enjoyed it, we haven't down that in many years and things have changed a lot in town.

Friday saw Tim back at work and me home alone, Kathy-Lee came out and ironed Tim's work shirts. Other then that it was a quiet day spent at home alone. When he got home Tim drove the Falcon over to Cardiff and parked it near a large car sales place.

Saturday morning Tim & I drove over to see my parents, dad had gone back to bed but I went in and gave him a kiss and said hi, when we were leaving dad was in the hallway sitting on his walker so Tim pushed him into the loungeroom and helped him get into his lounge chair.

We then came home and Kathy arrived with my weekly shopping and guess what I was missing a bag with the cold stuff, so no milk or eggs or ham. Kathy said she would ring them and go back and get the stuff but when she rang they said it wasn't left at the store so Kathy said they must have given it to the other woman who was there getting her shopping at the same time. Anyway Kathy said she will bring the missing items over either tomorrow or Monday.

Tim went and moved the Falcon so he wouldn't get a parking ticket.

It is now Sunday morning and Tim is at work as I write this I am on the phone to mum she has had a bad night with dad he was awake most of the night unable to breathe. The Ordine was only helping for 20 minutes or so, so mum got him on the oxygen and still he was restless and unable to settle. Mum ended up ring Sandy at 2am who wasn't able to go and help as being Saturday night she had a few drinks so Sandy rang both Sue and Dave, Sue had been out for the night and wasn't able to go and help but Dave rang mum and while on the phone and he told mum he would be there soon.

Dave & Leigh arrived by 3.20am and they left at 4.45am, because dad found it easier to breathe when he was sitting up so they have set him up in a sitting position which is how he is sleeping now.


It was horrible for mum to watch dad suffering so much and feeling like shit because there is so little she can do to help him, she didn't know what to do, whether she should ring the ambos or not. One moment dad is saying to ring them the next he is saying don't ring them. Mum was worried if she rang them they would take him to hospital and the hospital would let him die, she knows that may not happen but still a thought she had.

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Gross Tuesday

Good afternoon and welcome to Gross Tuesday this week I have some
gross food eating facts.

The largest number oysters swallowed in 3 minutes is 233

In 2006 Japanese eating champion Takeru Kobayashi ate 97 hamburgers in 10 minutes

Every day Americans consume about 20 million hamburgers and 9 million pizzas.

American Joey Chestnut is a world champion competitive eater, in 2013 he beat h is own record by scoffing 69 hot dogs in 10 minutes.

American Don Lerman ate seven 100gm sticks of salted butter in 5 minutes

Monday, 15 April 2019

Did you know No 14

Good morning all, how is everyone this Monday, I am well been up for a couple of hours, didn't go to aqua this morning as Tim wanted me to skip another week. Anyway here are this weeks did you know facts.

The hundred billionth Crayola crayon to be made was Periwinkle Blue.

The animal that can last the longest without drinking water is the rat.

The dot on top of the letter I is called a tittle

Female ants are the one's who do all the work

The first non-human to win an Oscar was Mickey Mouse

Sunday, 14 April 2019

The week that was No 15

Well it is Sunday afternoon and I am starting another week that was post. Last night daylight savings came to an end, well at 3am this morning, I have turned my clocks back.

I went over to my parents place for lunch with the family, I had Kathy-Lee drive me over and Jessica brought me home. It is another pretty hot day here in Newie.

Monday it felt more like summer then autumn, Monday night I had to adjust my new Cpap machine it has 2 settings and awake setting and a deep sleep setting. I upped the awake setting from 6.5 to 8.0 as I was having trouble settling down, increasing the setting helped.

Tuesday is another hot day, I slept through my alarm this morning haven't done that in years.

Wednesday was much cooler, again no aqua just a day spent at home doing nothing.

Thursday I had to go and have my mammogram Jessica drove me over it went well should have the results in a couple of weeks.

Friday mum was hoping to go to the square but dad wasn't good and both Sandra & David wouldn't let her go as dad cannot be left home alone.

Saturday we had Leo all day while his mum works, Kathy-Lee brought my shopping over and did some chores for me while she was here, also when she was putting my clean clothes away she commented on how many black pairs of pants I have. I replied that I am not wearing black today I have orange clothes on and she had to point out that the pants I am wearing are pyjama pants not shorts. Yeah I know they are but I wear them as house shorts because they are comfortable and not like I am leaving the house.

Sunday is a nice day here in Newie, Tim is at work and I am home alone and loving it.

Saturday, 13 April 2019

Hey hey it's Saturday

Hey hey it's Saturday and you know what I like about Saturdays it is the day I get to see my granddaughters Sydney-May & Summer along with their mum Kathy-lee. Some Saturdays it is only Kathy-Lee & Summer as every second weekend Sydney-May goes to her father's.

Today however it was both granddaughters that came over, what the girls like when they are here is if Leo is here as well. All three of them had fun playing together outside.

While she was here I had Kathy take my clothes off the line and fold them for me and then help me put them away, she then ironed her dad's work shirts.

Jessica is doing a wine tour today, so we have Leo for the day, while he is here we hardly see him he spends a lot of time outside or in his room.

Jessica also received a lease review that she has to fill in and return, she is worried they will not renew her lease as she is in public housing meaning she has a rental subsidy as she would find it difficult to rent privately. I don't see the point in worrying about what may not happen. The lease can be renewed for 2, 5 or 10yrs, her last lease was for 5yrs but even if she doesn't get another 5yr lease she may still get a 2yr lease.

Tim & I are also in public housing but we have an opened end or ongoing lease that doesn't need to be renewed, my parents have the same.

Thursday, 11 April 2019

Poem Thursday No: 11

God's bright sunshine overheard,
God's flowers beside your feet
And by such pleasure pathways led,
May all your life be sweet

By: Helen Waithman

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Creature Wednesday/Quokka

Oh what a morning much cooler then yesterday more like autumn then summer. Well it is Wednesday so it is creature day, and this weeks creature is the Quokka. Have you heard of a Quokka?

They are believed to be the happiest animal in the world.

Quokka's are small mammal around 40-54cms in length or about the size of a cat. They have short brown/grey fur, small round ears and a black nose, they kinda look like a small wallaby. They are most active at night and are herbivores.

Their babies spend about a month in the womb and then they move into the mum's pouch. The baby is called a joey and spends six months in it's mum's pouch, after leaving the pouch it still feeds off the mother's milk for a further 2 months. At 1.5yrsof age they are old enough to have their own babies.

They can live for up to 10 years in the wild

If the mum is threatened by a predator she will often throw her baby to the ground to distract the predator and save her own life.

They are not afraid of humans but get too close and they may bite you. Their bite isn't dangerous just painful. It is illegal for them to be kept as pets.
They can be found on the west coast of Australia on Rottnest Island. Aside from Rottnest Island, small groups of Quokkas also inhabit the mainland in Western Australia, as well as Bald Island, a small island to the southwest. Groups of Quokkas live in territories, which are defended by dominant males. They often live in tall grass near water sources.

Quokkas can also climb trees and swim.

Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Gross Tuesday No 11

A Hello Tuesday, it is a hot day and I have nothing on today since it is Tuesday, it is gross facts day. Today's facts are about Egyptian Mummies.

It took 70 days for the ancient Egyptians to make a mummy out of a dead body.

First they cut open the body with a sharp stone, then they removed the stomach,lungs and other organs and put them into jars.

The heart was left in the body as it was thought to be vital for the afterlife.

A sacred scarab beetle was placed on the heart

Using a hammer and chisel they knocked a hole into te nose bone and hooked out the brain. They thought it wasn't important so it was thrown away.

They stuffed the body with bandages and sawdust, covered it completely with salt and left it for a month to dry out.

After a month they wrapped the mummy in resin-soaked bandages while casting spells over it

Pharaoh Tutankhamun's mummy shows that he may have died of gangrene after he broke his leg.

The week that was No:20

Another Sunday and that means the start of another week that was post. I woke up feeling sick so didn't go out. This Sunday it i...