Sunday, 24 May 2020

Just another week

Had a shocking night last night around midnight I got up went to pee then came out to the loungeroom and took Saturday nights meds, which I had forgotten to take.
I had a late start it was 8.20 when I got out of bed.
Tim has a late start at work he will leave home around 10.15 and won't get home till around 9pm.
Been an overcast day, cool but not cold.
The new Bluetooth speaker works great, love it.
Had a so so night kept waking up for a short while then falling back asleep. I still got up when the alarm went off, had my morning wash and got dressed.
A wet morning and somewhat cold but I still have a singlet top on and not feeling cold.
This morning not long after his mum dropped him off he realised he had forgotten his phone and later he realised he had forgotten his blue hoodie jacket. Thankfully his mum agreed to take his stuff to the school for him.

Been wet all day but not that cold, Tasha was suppose to meet Leo this afternoon but waited too long to go meet him but Brian dropped him off anyway.

Felt a bit restless this afternoon not sure why.

Still cold and wet but suppose to be fine and sunny, we will see.
I woke at 5.50am to pee so I stayed up anyway. Even though it is cold I am still in a singlet top.
Leo left on time but moments later he ran down the driveway past me yelling he had forgot his phone, he ran inside and got it he then ran back to his driver.
Rang the doctor surgery they said he would ring me sometime today as I need a script for pain relief patch, he rang at 3.30pm and Tash or someone will need to pick up the script.
Leo here for the night

When I was turning my alarm off this morning Kathy rang me she said I had rung her so she was ringing me back. I don't know how I did that.
Everyone got up at the same time this morning, Leo likes to be awake when Papa leaves for work doesn't matter if it is as early as 4am, he needs to say goodbye and give Papa a hug.
Rode down and posted off 7 letters, I received 7 letters myself yesterday.
Had to borrow another book as I finished the one I was listening to. I get through 1 or 2 a week.
Jess downloaded some podcasts she thinks I would like to my phone, so I will see how that goes.

Up with the alarm as usual suppose to be coldish and wet but it is fine at 6.30am.
Jess arrived around 7am and left at 7.30 as she only has 3 students this morning.
At midday the hospital rang and asked if I could go over early, so we did. There was no problem having Tim with me as I was on the scooter. I was in and out pretty quick.
She (Dr) wants me to have an ultrasound to check my bladder. She also wants me to see a physio to get exercises to strengthen my pelvic floor which is shot and some bladder retraining.
I also have to see another Dr for some other tests. I will make phone calls tomorrow. I also need to get a script filled and take some tablets.
Had Macca's for lunch haven't had that in months.
Spoke to mum she had a bad night last night with restlessness, she relies on medication to get to sleep which is ok for someone her age, I guess.
Leo here tonight.

A bloody cold morning, got up with the alarm and got dressed in the bathroom with the heater on. Suppose to be a cold, wet day but we will see, I was able to go with Leo to meet his driver and bloody hell it was cold out there waiting.
Tim has gone to the chemist today as he is off. He was surprised at how much it cost, the script the gynaecologist wrote will cost me $80 so I will get it next week.
Jess here to help me get ready for bed, as Tasha drove Blain to his dad, he will be back on Sunday.
Very cold when I was waiting for Leo this afternoon.

Slept in till 8am after a restless night, had all the girls and grandchildren except Blain were here. It was great having them all here. We had pizza for lunch.
Threw a load of washing on when I got up and Tim said to toss them in dryer, which I did.
Leo got his school photos yesterday and hates them says he looks dopey or high but everyone has school photos they don't like. I know I did.
Been a cold day all day although I have been hot and cold on and off all day.

Friday, 22 May 2020

Thursday's words on Friday

You have to look for the joy.
Look for the light of God
that is hitting your life, and
you will find sparkles you
didn't know were there.

BY: Barbara Johnson

Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Australia Stuff

                                                                        OUR COAT OF ARMS 

Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Plant Tuesday

Hello bloggers, how is everyone this cool, sunny May day well that's what it is like here in Newie. The book I was for my creature day info has now moved onto plants and such so today I will feature the Bristlecone Pine.

Way back in time like before the great pyramids of Egypt when ancient people were still working on Stonehenge a little tree started growing in the White Mountains of California, USA and it could still be alive today as it was a bristlecone pine the world's longest living tree.

Trees often die when insects or fungi start to eat away at them, but bristlecones have very thick, hard wood that's full of oily, strong smelling chemicals. This makes it hard for wood munching insects and fungi to get in.

You might think for a tree to survive so long it would need to live somewhere warm and sheltered with lots of lovely soil but you would be wrong. The most ancient bristlecone pines live 3000 metres or 10,000 ft up in the mountains in a cold, windy, dry desert like area.

They don't grow in proper soil, it's more like pebbly gravel, but this has advantages as the bristlecone has little competition from other plants, few animals eat them and few humans chop them down.

Monday, 18 May 2020

More facts you may or maynot know

What a cold and wet morning here in Newie, normally when it's wet I don't go with Leo up to meet his driver because not good to use the scooter in wet weather. However, this morning Tasha was busy so I had to go with him.

This morning not long after his mum dropped him off he realised he had forgotten his phone and later he realised he had forgotten his blue hoodie jacket. Thankfully his mum agreed to take his stuff to the school for him.

Anyway here is this weeks facts.

The name “Jeep” is believed to have come from the abbreviation used in the army for the General Purpose vehicle, G P

The biggest tree in the world is a Giant Sequoia in California 83metres tall and 25 metres round.

Ambulances were developed by Napoleon's surgeon in his Italian campaign of 1796-97.

Actor Keanu Reeves first name means “cool breeze over the mountains” in the Hawaiian language

The Italian flag was designed by Napoleon Bonaparte.

Sunday, 17 May 2020

Diary Week 20 aka My Life

Awake and up at 7am, Tim was already up and helped me get dressed.
Tim gave me a Flawless Razor for my face to replace the one lost at Christmas.
Well this morning Tasha mentioned that hers is also purple I said I didn't know she had one, she said I gave it to her for Christmas, no I didn't. Hence the missing gift, found.
Kathy and the girls came over she didn't have a gift for me, she said she had no idea what to get me.
Jess & Leo turned up not long after Kathy they gave me a handmade card and a nice long jacket.
Leo and the girls had fun playing together as children do.
All in all had a good day

Up with the alarm as usual, dressed myself and yet again I couldn't use the Wii so annoying.
Jess dropped Leo off at around 7am.
Took Leo up to meet his driver who didn't turn up, Tasha rang him and he said that someone sent him a text saying Leo wasn't going. I am somewhat pissed off, Tasha drove Leo to school.
Short chat to Mum as Sandra arrived 25 minutes into our chat.
Leo was dropped off by his driver this afternoon and he said sorry about this morning which made me happy.

Up and dressed with the alarm, in front of a heater, yes I do have a small 2 bar one in the bedroom. I also have a small fan heater in the loungeroom.
Jess dropped off Leo at 6.45am.
Been a good day answered some letters and cleaned the bath and loo.
Rang mum she was good she said she Jeannie went to see her with Sam and Lilly she was pleased to see them.

A new day, rose with the alarm as per usual dressed myself and after some struggle and tears of frustration I managed to get my socks on.
After Leo left I went down and posted off letters that took like 3 minutes.
Tasha asked me if I could help her get something out from under her bed. I had to lay flat on the floor to get the box out but I did it.
Jess rang to let me know that Leo has an appointment with Dr Murray on Friday and that it will be a phone appointment.

I got up with the alarm as I do each morning before I got dressed Leo arrived he told me he walked here because his mum broke down, like I believed that.....he was dropped at the top of the driveway.
Around 1ish it pissed down rain and continued for most of the afternoon. Around the same time I started to feel off with a headache and a tight chest, I also feel very tired.
Tim home at 1.45pm an early day for him so he went up to meet Leo this afternoon.
I am going to bed at 4ish I am just that worn out.

Another cold morning, had a restless night but still dragged myself out of bed at 6.15 when the alarm went off. Leo helped me get my socks and pants on.
Jess arrived around 9ish and has been annoying since she is hungry and because she is in work van she cannot go to Macca's.
Leo is having the day off school as he has a doctors appointment with Dr Murray thankfully it is a phone appointment.
The appointment went well she talked to Leo & Jess the whole time.
Mum was good, Dave asked her if she wanted to go over to his place as Dawson has gone to a mates place for a couple of nights.
Dawson is concerned about her being alone, however, because of the cold wet weather she didn't want to leave her nice warm house.

Slept in this morning, I woke at 7.20 but laid there cuddle up to Tim till 7.50 when we both got up.
I had to have toast for breakfast as no banana bread, followed by a bowl of grapes.
Cold and wet morning.
I had a moment before lunch as I was shaking so bloody much and it was getting to me.
Had all the girls here for lunch we had KFC and it was great we all sat around the table and laughed and chatted while we ate.
Kathy & family gave me a Bluetooth speaker I will try it out when I go to bed.
Short chat to mum this afternoon as Tasha turned up to give me a shower.

Thursday, 14 May 2020

Thursday's Words

Our lives are filled with simple joys
and blessings without end
and one of the greatest joys in life
is to have a friend.

Just another week

Had a shocking night last night around midnight I got up went to pee then came out to the loungeroom and took Saturday nights meds, whi...