Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Life lately

Good afternoon, everyone how is everyone this Wednesday afternoon?

I am well even though I am aching all over as per usual and my jaw is moving a lot.

Some people may have noticed that at times that comments I leave may at times look like it is incomplete this is because at times I accidentally hit publish before I am ready. I hope people understand when this happens

We have had some bloody stinking hot days with horrible fires all over, thankfully they are not around me although the school at one end of the street was closed yesterday but the one at the other end that Blain goes to was open as per usual as was Leo's school. My granddaughters also had to go to school.

Yesterday Tim left his mobile phone at home when he went to work, Natasha rang the office and asked them to let him know, so he didn't think he lost it on the way to work. He said because he didn't have it his night was long and boring, he spends a lot of time watching stuff on his phone. He said it made him think of the days before smart phones.

Yesterday I also spent a few hours doing the calendars for next year but it is now done and this year I didn't stuff it up.

Tasha just rang and asked if I would cook up my packet of popcorn for her and of course I did.

Monday, 11 November 2019

Did you know facts about WW1

Hello everyone, how is everyone on this lovely Monday morning no afternoon it is.

Because it is Remembrance Day I have five facts about World War 1.

An explosion on the battlefield in France was heard in England

Journalists risked their lives to report on the war

Around 12 million letters were delivered to the frontline every week

Plastic surgery was invented because of WW!

The youngest British soldier in WW1 was just 12 years old.

Sunday, 10 November 2019

Last Week

Another hot day, have the sliding doors open and there is a breeze coming through. Tim at work he took Tasha car because she doesn't feel comfortable driving it to Cessnock so she is going to take our car. Her car needs the CV joints replaced and new struts.
Around 11.30am I needed to turn the air con on but was able to turn it off around 3pm and open the doors again.

When Tim drove Tasha's car he thought it was ok as for some reason he wasn't able to hear any knocking.

Jessica arrived to get Leo at midday.

Monday I was up at 6.30am again, it is a cool sticky day. No aqua today just no motivation. I have done a number of small jobs around the house.

Leo forgot to take his shoes home so had to wear his mum's shoes to school which he complained about being too be small.

Tuesday, I woke at 6 am but it was so dark in the house that I decided to go back to bed for a bit and got up again at 6.45am

It is such a cool overcast day that Tim took the car to day.
Leo is here for the night.

Wednesday I was up at 6am and had a bath, however, when I went to get dressed I got myself into a pickle with my bra. I had to ring Tasha to come and help me.

Jessica and I went over to the High School about Leo going there next year we took the forms and Jess was given a phone number to speak to the woman who handles special placement. However, she said it would be highly unlikely that a place at Warners Bay or Hunter Sport High so to accept the position.

Leo is here tonight as tomorrow he has to go Kaleidoscope for an appointment about his autism.

Thursday up at 6am as usual and Leo woke up at 7am, Jessica arrived at 9.30am and we left at 10.15am and arrived at 10.30 half an hour early.

The appointment went well, Leo was well behaved. On the way home we got KFC.
Leo is staying here tonight.

Friday up at 6am and straight into a got bath ready to go out, I managed to get ready on my own including makeup.

Mum was telling me that Alan Roberts wants to move back to Gateshead and Michelle is expecting Dawson to act as his carer. This has pissed me right off, it isn't his responsibility.
Been a stinking hot day, Leo is at his own house tonight.

Saturday up at 6am and spent the next 1.5hrs in quiet as Tim was still in bed and I didn't turn the TV on. I like it when it is quiet.

Kelli & Jay called in to borrow a camera, I hope I get it back.

Kathy was here for a couple of hours, the girls had fun with Leo.

Wednesday, 6 November 2019

This and That

Bloody hell I forgot to hit save and some how managed to loss all I have written before going out, not happy Jan..................

Natasha has spoken to me about selling her car and saving up for another car and while she is without a car she can borrow ours when needed. I do not expect Tim to be happy but her car is a money pit and needs $3,000 worth of work done to it.

This morning Jessica & I had an appointment at a high school about Leo he has been accepted into a MC class we are not happy with the school as getting him fthere and back will be difficult. However, he needs to be in a support class as he will not cope in main stream.

An MC class is a multicategorical class these classes are for students who have similar moderate to high support needs in a regular school. Students may have one or more disability types, these may include autism, emotional disturbance, moderate to severe intellectual disability or physical disability.

While out that way Jessica & I called into the cemetery to see dad.

Tim is home now he had an early start and early finish.

It is another hot day here in Newie.

Tuesday, 5 November 2019


Hello everyone, Tuesday again here we are with another creature that you may or not have heard off. This weeks creature is the swift...................

A swift is a bird if you didn't know, they have tiny legs with hooked claws to help them when they land on tree trunks, walls or chimneys where they make their nests. If it was land on the ground it would find it hard to take off again.

They also have long narrow wings and large tails that make them perfectly built for gliding, twisting and turning in the air. They swoop around in groups chasing and catching flying insects to eat. They'll also cover large distances to track down the best insect swarms.

A swift can fly up to 900km or 560ml in a day and up to 5 million kilometres in a lifetime, because they can hunt, eat, meet a mate and even sleep while flying. They don't need to land except to build a nest and raise chicks, which they do at 2 or 3 years of age.

Monday, 4 November 2019

Did your know facts

I have zero motivation today, well that's how I feel, however, for some one with zero motivation I have managed to vacuum out 2 rooms and the hallway. I also unpacked the dishwasher and got the clothes off the line and put them away and I ironed Tim's work shirts.

Anyway here are this weeks random facts true or not, but most should be true.

Clans long ago that wanted to get rid of their unwanted people without killing them, used to burn down their houses. This some believe is where the term “he got fired” comes from

Babies are born without knee caps they don't form till between 4-6yrs old.

The year 1816 has been called the “Year without Summer” because Canada and the northeastern U S A experienced cold and snow through out the summer months. Dust from a volcano eruption in the Dutch East Indies blocked some of the sun's warmth.

The king of hearts is the only king without a moustache

There is a quarter of a pound salt to a gallon of seawater.

Sunday, 3 November 2019

Another week that was

I woke up at around 7am, Tim back at woke today.

Tasha did forget my Pepsi Max no surprise there.

Jessica rang at 10.30 to say she was getting ready for a bath and would be here soon. She arrived just after midday. Her and Leo left around 1.30pm.

Kathy brought over the shopping and while here she wrote out my Christmas gift list.

We spoke about how often I ring or get rung by my siblings, answer is I/we don't. We chat when we see each other but we don't go out of our way to do so.

Monday I was up at 6.30am, decided to go to aqua, however, I had zero motivation and lost my balance and fell over in the pool. I got out as soon as Tasha arrived.

Sue's birthday sent her a voice text and also on Facebook.
Tuesday and not as hot today, I was still up at 6.30am.
Had to have a lay down at 10.30am for a hour or so.
Been very tired all day.
Leo is here tonight.

I slept in this morning getting up at 7.15am instead of 6-6.30am.
Found Leo asleep on the floor in the hall out side his door. He had a terrible nights sleep.

He got up and ready for school without a problem.
I am supper tired.

Also when I went to get out of my arm chair the foot rest wouldn't go down, so that is another arm chair I have broken.
Up at 6.30am again, going to be another hot day. Also my brother's birthday.

Leo is going trick or treating with his Mum and Kelli and her kids, so will not be here till around 6.30pm.

I expect that I will be in bed by the time he arrives.
Awake at 5.45am but after peeing I went back to bed for half an hour, so I was up at 6.15am.

Been feeling blah all morning, Jess feels the same way today as did mum.

When she dropped me home she forgot to get my shopping out of the car, thankfully she was at Tasha's when I rang her.
I have been feeling a tad better in the afternoon but still not great.

I am feeling like shit today, upset tummy and headache. I woke at 6am but I was feeling like shit so we went back to bed at 8am.
By 9am I said to Tim that I was going to ring her but as I picked up the phone she was pulling up.

She was in a state because she was running late and nothing was going right. She couldn't find her black work pants or a singlet.
Because after working last weekend she forgot to bring me her work clothes to wash and store in my wardrobe.

However, a few hours later when she was alone she rang to apologise for snapping at everyone. She had a 4.5hr break while the people she was driving was at the races.

Leo has decided to stay the night.

Sunday now and time to post this.

Life lately

Good afternoon, everyone how is everyone this Wednesday afternoon? I am well even though I am aching all over as per usual and my ja...