Thursday, 29 March 2012

On Question Wednesday on my Thursday

Ok I got my first question for one question Wednesday from Josie over at:
Thank you Josie............

Here is the question: One of the things you say you enjoy doing is reading, how has has your reading taste changed over the years and what's your favorite kind of book to curl up with?

Well when I was a child I prefered mystery stories then as a teenager I like a lot of romance books but not to mushy as I grew into my 20's I found I prefered mystery books again and that still stands but since being in my 40's I have found that I often like biographys more when I was younger I really couldn't be bothered with them.

I am also someone who crys when she reads a book and I can become lost in the book. I can also read more then one book at a time when I was in my 20's I would often read 2 or 3 books at the same time and I never got the story lines confussed.


  1. Great answer! Growing up I read Laura Ingalls Wider and the Nancy Drew mysteries. As I got into Jr. High I discover biographies and have been in love with them ever since. Someday I intend to write my husband's story - he's had an incredible life and has come out on top, it would sell! I don't read a lot of fiction but love stories of Amish life, so much simpler than our own! I too can have several books going, and I still like real paper pages as opposted to Kindle screen. It's the smell and the feel that I think I love most! And yes, books can make me cry, just as a good movie can. Thank you for playing One Question Wednesday, I'll be back for another round next week! :-)

  2. fun to know more about you!! i am a reader too..dont really like the mystery ones anymore.

  3. tsk tsk, Jo-Anne =P

    LOL - I had my question to you over on my it is:

    For you Jo-Anne, I've been curious how long you've been blogging and what inspired you to begin-you write so well!!

  4. with age i seem to have less time to read but still enjoy it as much as i did as when i was younger

  5. Thank you for dropping by my blog the other day. I also am a reader, quite insatiable since I first began around age 5. But I can't ever remember liking "Romance" stories unless they were tied around a more dominant main theme such as a Post Apocalyptic Zombie Invasion or Inter-galatic Mayhem.

  6. It was neat finding out more about you. I am like you in that I always have several books going at once.

  7. Hi Josie......Yes I also read Laura Ingalls Wider and Nancy Drew when I was a child and loved them but now I really do enjoy biographies now....

    Momto8......Reading is just such a great pasttime.....

    L......My bad......I will answer this question next week.......

    Becca......Yes I think many of us find that we feel like we do not have as much time to read as we get older as we seem to get so busy

    KrippledWarrior.....Yes I find mushy romance stories to annoying and just get interested in them....
    thanks for dropping by.....

    Shelly.......Yes reading more then one book makes it easier then carrying the same book around I just have one in the car and one in the bathroom and one in next to my bed.....

  8. You and I are kindred criers. I cry at books (and movies) all the time. It's a little embarrassing when someone catches me.


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