Monday, 5 March 2012

Monday's Tim's Day

So Monday has rolled around again boy the weeks seem to fly by, when I was younger I the weeks seemed longer but I guess it is part of ageing………lol

Now as it is Monday I will share something with you about my darling husband Tim………...

He always wanted to be a truck driver it was his dream job and a few years ago he managed to achieve it. He was a truck driver for about 5 years and as it turned it wasn’t the dream job he thought it would be, although he doesn’t say as much but I am pretty sure that is why he has decided to go back to driving buses……..

I do think it was a good thing that he managed to give it a try and when he started it he did think it was good job and enjoyed doing it for a while but in the end it was harder work then he wanted to do………… he was very good at it and drove the oversize trucks and would drive them around Sydney not an easy thing to do. Driving a car around Sydney is a task and half at times and I wouldn’t want to do it, so driving a very large truck around there is really something………………

He is happy driving buses again he mostly does school runs picking up school kids and he likes the kids he picks up. He does do service runs but not as often and of course he does the rail work when it is on, for those of you that don’t know what rail work is well that is when the trains aren’t running and they use buses instead it happens during shut downs when there is track work going on.


  1. i think people who drive buses are amazing because all that noise and yelling can be distracting so bus drivers get my respect from just having to put up with that

  2. So, it's Monday where you are now? It's Sunday where I am now. That means you'll get to Friday before I will. But, that also means you'll get to NEXT Monday before I will.
    Which means....somebody please stop me!!! I'm caught in a geographic time/space continuum conundrum!
    ***SERIOUS PART OF COMMENT TO FOLLOW***Good for Tim that he gave his dream a go. If he hadn't, then he would have always wondered.
    Carrying, it will be summer for you before me? Hey, wait, that means it will be COLD for you when it's WARM for me.
    International Date Line AND the hemisphere thing. Wow. My head's spinning.
    Wasn't it simpler when we all thought the world was flat? Well, except for that pesky Black Plague thing.

  3. Bruce was a truck driver also and I used to go with him on a lot of run around the surrounding states. It is a very hard job. So much more than just driving too. Paperwork, safety, checking your loads, strapping and unstrapping if its a flatbed, putting tarps on if its a flatbed, etc. etc. So good for Tim if he's found that he likes driving a bus better and is doing it.

  4. Truck driving is tough! Not something I'd like to do at all. I prefer much smaller vehicles.

    Glad that he tried his dream job to see if he really wanted to do it - and gave it a fair shot, too.

  5. Dearest Jo-Anne,
    Your husband sure is a brave man to try what he had wanted to do. Oh, Barb's explanation gave me the idea how hard that job would be.
    And not only bus driver!!!
    No one knows unless tried, don't we...
    Good for him☆☆☆
    Love you always, xoxo Miyako*

  6. My Dad was a truck driver for a long time in London and Sydney but he was glad to get out of it later. Tim must have a lot of patience to be a school bus driver.

  7. Becca......I don't think I could do it, I know how loud school kids can be.......

    Al.......Now it is Tuesday, if you find the days confussing try getting your head around the time zones.....

    Barb.......Yes I don't think Tim realised how much work was involved with driving a truck

    Teresa......I get nevous when I am driving next to a truck because they are so big. Tim has always been good at towing too

    Miyako.......Yes driving a truck is more involved then driving a bus as long as Tim is happy with the job he is doing the I am happy.

    Diane......Yes Tim can have a lot of patience and he loves the job

  8. Drivers have such a difficult job--I always give them lots of room--whether semi trailer or school bus!

  9. Green Girl.........Yes I also like to give them lots of room



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