Wednesday, 7 March 2012

A Wet Wednesday

Bloody hell it is wet today, and I am still not feeling great but as a mum and nanna I do not let feeling off colour stop me doing things so I have had a busy morning. I woke up to two little boys jumping on me and saying “nanny you can't see us” they had pulled the covers over my head so I couldn't see them.

I had to get up though and pack their lunches and take Leo to day care, Jes took my car and drove Blain to school and I took her car to drive Leo to day care and then go and fill her car up with fuel.

Then home I thought I was going to see my nan with mum but mum said she decided not to go as they only got home last night from a short trip to Port Macquarie and has some unpacking to do, I am not bothered that we didn't go as I am still aching all over and really didn't feel like going......

I am watching an episode of Dr Quinn Medicine Woman about the world ending and it makes me thing what is the fascination with the world ending I do not think about the end of the world I think about living if the world was to end tomorrow then it does worry about it doesn't make any sense. I live each and every day not as if it is my last but as if it is just another day which it is, yes there are more special days such as birthdays, Easter and Christmas.


  1. It has been very wet here lately, which is good because we had been in drought for so long. I have seen the flooding in Australia and hope it is not near you~

  2. Hi Jo-Anne -- I'm sorry you're still achy. I don't worry or even really think about the world ending. The Bible says the second coming will occur like a thief in the night. I don't worry about a thief in the night either because the dogs would tell me if someone got in my house. So if the end of the world comes, I figure the dogs will sense something is happening and they'll let me know. Or Jesus will ring the doorbell.


  3. I have no idea why there's such a fascination with the end o' the world. I mean, aren't there enough things to worry about? Do we really need to think about the day the world goes bye-bye? Frankly, if/when that day comes, we probably won't realize it until it's over anyway, so why stress about it now. (Can you tell I'm not a fan of disaster films? lol)

    I'm so glad you stopped by my blog! I'll be your new follower! :)

  4. Shelly.......Thankfully the flooding isn't around where I am but some parts of the country are really suffering.....

    Janie.....Wish I could say I am feeling better but alas not the case I still feel like shit.......Yeah I can't see the point in worrying when the world will end, in fact since I have young grandchildren I like to think the world will be around for a long time to come.

    Frisky......Yeah I am not a fan of disaster films either although hubby is he loves them but he also has a habit of overthinking things.


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