Thursday, 15 March 2012

Just Another Thursday and One Awesome Book

So Thursday has rolled around and I have Leo and Jessica here for a while maybe for the night as she is hanging around waiting to see if there is any day care tomorrow if there is she wants to stay the night as she doesn't have a lot of fuel. Even though she had me go out and put $15 worth in her car for her and she also had me stop and get her KFC for lunch, since I was going to KFC I asked Tim if he had money for me to get a fillet burger and guess what he gave me the money without complaint............I spent the last of my money on a bacon & egg muffin for Leo for his breakfast, yes I am a softy and when he asks so nicely for nanny to buy him Macca's for breakfast I find it hard to say no........

I just made myself some creamed rice and custard but now I don't feel hungry enough to have it but at least it is now made and I can have it later, I think homemade creamed rice tastes a lot nicer then the stuff you get in a can from the supermarket.

The one think that annoyed me when I have Jessica and Leo hanging around all day is that I end up watching a lot of at the moment I am watching Thomas the Tank Engine Leo loves Thomas he likes to play trains were he runs around moving his arms like train wheels saying he is now a train.........he is so cute at he is getting all his toy trains out.

This afternoon I am going to try and get motivated to write some letters I want them done so I can post them tomorrow when I go out shopping, yes my printer is working again so the really longest one to write is the first one the subsequent ones don't take as long to write.

I also want to record the gifts I have recently bought in my “gift book” which is just an exercise book where I write down all the gifts I have in the gift box so I know what I have and if I have something for a certain person I want that recorded to so I don't forget who I bought it the other day I bought my sister something for her birthday which is in October and I do not want to forget which sister I was thinking of when I bought it..............

Oh yeah I was going to mention that on Tuesday when I caught the bus over to the hospital well I was waiting for the bus to come home I am reading this book and I keep having to stop because I start to cry and this old lady sitting next to me at the bus stop kept giving me this weird look. The only thing that annoyed me was I had left the house without a hankie, yes no hankie and I am crying and I had makeup on thankfully not mascara but still how could I have been so silly to leave the house with a book I knew would have me crying at some point and no hankie..............

If you haven't read this book you really should it is an awesome book but it will make any normal person cry in places just saying................


  1. glad you're havin a good week, i'm in a "happy" place right now and i dont wanna cry so i'll have to read the book later! lol have a great day

  2. You seem so selfless, always looking to make your family as happy as you can. I've seen that book featured on someone else's blog- I may have to get it for myself now.

  3. There was a book called "Tuesday with Morrie" that I just could not get through. Every time I read it, I would cry, even through the happy parts because I knew a sad part was right around the corner.

    I guess you'll be carrying around some tissues now. =)

  4. Tim......So good you are in a happy place now

    Shelly.......Thank you this is who I am and my family does mean a lot to me, and yes I can highly recomend the book....

    L.....I have read "Tuesday with Morrie and I also cried a lot through it and thought the book was better then the movie. I usually always have a hankie with me or tissues.

  5. Dearest Jo-Anne,
    Oh, I loved reading this post filled with love in your family♡♡♡ Even me, I know the "Thomas the Tank Engine", hehe.
    Thank you for the suggestion of the good book.
    Love you always, xoxo Miyako*

  6. A book that can make a gal cry makes me nervous! But I am intrigued.
    A gift journal is so clever. I should do that, too.

  7. Miyako.......Yes Thomas the tank engine has been around a long time too and many of us know him. Yes I do love my annoying

    Green Girl......Yes I do not know what I would do without my gift book

  8. I was honoured to be sent a copy of this amazing book by the author, did you see my review Jo-Anne?

  9. LindyLou...........No I hadn't seen your review till you gave me the link I have gone and read it now.....


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