Monday, 26 March 2012

Monday means Tim's Day

Well it is Monday again so I will tell you something else about my darling Tim…………….

When we were dating, yes engaged but not married we discussed having children I wanted to have 5 children he wanted to have 2 children so we split the difference and had 3 children.

We both wanted to have daughters but Tim always thought his last child would be a boy, so when I was pregnant with Jessica he was thought she would be a boy but at the same time  knew she would be a girl. I remember he thought it was odd that he so sure his last child would be a boy but at the same time knew Jessica as going to be another girl. I would joke with him that maybe we would have another child but he said no this is going to be the last one and if it’s a girl then so be it.

After she was born he decided to have a vasectomy much to my annoyance I didn’t want him to have it done so soon after she was born she was only 6 weeks old when he had it done……

Do I regret only having 3 children all the time for many years I was disappointed that we couldn’t have any more children although now I am happy with my family as we now have grandchildren. Sometimes we have to compromise that is part of being married we can’t have everything our way……….


  1. This made me smile, Jo-Anne. Marriage is about compromise and usually it works out for the best. I was glad I had my tubes tied after two children, because every now and then my maternal urge would kick in and I'd think how fun it would have been to have a baby... for about a day - then I'd come to my senses! :-) My younger sister decided to have her tubes tied when her son was a few months old. She made the appointment, then found out she was pregnant! The two brothers have grown up close and it worked out great. God knows the best plans!

  2. It's funny how peoples minds work in that they just make up their mind that something is the way it is, and until proven otherwise they will believe it with everything in them.

  3. Dearest Jo-Anne,
    Oh, this post is something that I don't have any connection with, haha.
    My late other had had the same thing with your friends after having 2 children. She said she wanted more, but our parents couldn't seem to afford more family. Oh, it must be hard to decide how many you want...
    Myself, as you may know; giving up a child after 5years costly fertility treatment was the kind of saddest memory of my life. Women naturally wish babies♡♡♡ I must have been so bored without teaching job p;)
    God bless to all of your family, xoxo Miyako*

  4. I love these little posts, when you tell us little snippets about yourself and Tim. As you say, now that you have your grandchildren, your family is probably now big enough!

  5. God always has a plan and sometimes we are not aware of the plan .... God is the giver of life ...I know many that decided to NOT have more babies....but DID....spite their efforts to stop the be content as Paul and rejoice in the three you have and oh relish those grands....I wanted three but have two ....and now I'm a Nana....loving it ...have a wonderful Monday

  6. i love these post and learning about you and Tim

  7. Josie.......It took a while for me to get use to only having 3 daughters but I am so happy with my girls and love my grandchildren so much I do hope my girls have more children but if that doesn't happen I will be happy with what I have as they are beautiful healthy children.

    JOutlaw.....Oh yes so true sometimes seeing is believing

    Miyako.......It must be hard to accept that you will not be having children I do not know how I would have felt if I had not been able to have my girls, I am so blessed to have my girls and I know it.....

    Diane.......I would love it if my girls had more children but if not then it is all good, I love my grandchildren and know that I am blessed to have such a wonderful family.

    Rhonda......It took me a while to accept that having 3 children was God's plan for me and now I am happy with my family and know I am blessed to have 3 beautiful daughters and 3 beautiful grandchilrend

  8. Becca.......Thank you I do like sharing things about me and my family


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