Monday, 12 March 2012

Tim and Romance or what is romanatic

I love my husband more than anything but he is not now and has never been romantic in fact he is one of the most unromantic persons I have ever met but I still love him. He also doesn’t dance unless he is drunk but even then he will rarely dance with me he just says he is not a dancer.

If I say anything about him not being romantic he will say I knew what he was like when I married him and that I did but there are still moments when I wish he would be a little more romantic and you know what happens when I start thinking that way…………..he will do something kind and generous yes he has moments when he can be very generous and that is just one of the many reasons I love him.

Now all that said I guess you may be wondering what I consider “being romantic” well when I say romantic I am talking about taking me out for a meal more than once in a blue moon he always says we will go out regular but whenever I suggest it he makes excuses like he has no money or isn’t in the mood……….both of us would rather go out for lunch then dinner but I think it would be great if we went down to the local hotel for dinner at least once a month.

Oh this is how the yard looks today as you can see he has cut some of the grass………………


  1. Jo-Anne,
    The lawn looks good.
    So many definitions as to what romance means. Each and everyone of us has a different perception of 'romance' and what we would like from our husbands/partners.
    I hope you will get your meal out.

  2. Looks much better from the day before! I have zero romance in my life and would love for someone to cut my yard!

    Hope you get a much deserved romantic dinner!

  3. Bless you. I think romance comes in many forms also. But i can see how nice it would be for you both to go out one a month and sit down just the 2 of you and have some quality time. Could you not book a table? even if it was a lunch date and not an evening one and take the lead so to speak ;-) But if he decides he isn't comfortable with it could you not perhaps lay the table up at home and cook a nice meal with a candle? i know its not the same as going out. And if that doesn't help then im afraid i learnt in a past relationship that we sometimes have to except the things we can not change as hard as that sometimes is. Im going to stop rmabling now. have a lovely week and good luck, dee x

  4. Romance = seeking the attentions of one you love = I have learned Jo-Anne, that many many times my unhappiness was b/c I had a preset thought of what I wanted ... and if those around did not conform to those thoughts then they were at fault >not me< to find happiness I have found that I must take my "reality" and exchange it for the walk of Christ and when I fall in love with Christ makes life easier....There is nothing like going into my prayer closet and meeting Jesus Christ there and He will outshine any romance that any earthly man may conjure! Setting my affections on things above ....
    You had a "grassy backyard" didn't you? wink wink....looking way better NOW TIM! happy monday Jo-Anne

  5. I'm so glad he got the yard cut, Jo-Anne. It looks fantastic. Some guys aren't into candle-lit dinners and gushy stuff like that but are able to show us their love in ways like this. It's funny you wrote this because on my blog today I did a post about "romantic love". Promise I didn't copy you! It was inspired from The Band. =)

    Enjoy your beautiful yard

  6. Hopefully he spoils you when it matters most though as sometimes going out on a regular basis can lose its appeal.

  7. Hopefully he spoils you when it matters most though as sometimes going out on a regular basis can lose its appeal.

  8. Whitangel......Yesterday I was in a mood but that is over now my moods don't last long I love Tim for the way he is even if he isn't romantic he is still mine........

    Crack you whip......Yes the lawn is looking better I just hope it doesn't take him a month to decide to finish

    Delia......I love Tim for the way he is even if he isn't romantic he is still mine.......we often have a nice dinner at home just the two of us like last night I am lucky to have him...

    Rhonda......I think most of the time that life is too short to worry about the things I don't have so I prefer to concertraite on the things I do have like a wonderful loving man who isn't

    L.......Yes I am glad that the yard is looking better and to be honest I am not overly into gushy stuff either I think wanting to go out for a meal has more to do with me not having to

    Bubbles.......Tim is getting better at spoiling me on my birthday and mother's day and christmas so I guess that is something

  9. you know my hubby isn't much on romance either but have to say when things are tough he sticks around when others may leave

  10. I see how this was going from the pictures... Like on Home Improvement:

    Tim: "Cut the grass!"
    Jill (or you): "I've never been so turned on by you in my life!" LOL

  11. I have been married twenty five years, and what used to feel romantic has changed. Sometimes it's the things that make us feel provided for that make us feel most loved. So many times over the course of my marriage when we planned to do something romantic, things always went wrong. Why not just make a romantic dinner be spontaneous. Then it is more likely to not disappoint.


  12. Becca........Yeah I love Tim even if he is not very romantic he is my unromantic

    CW..........He nagged our daughter Natasha about bringing the whipper snipper back yesterday afternoon saying he had to finish the lawn but did he NOOOOOOOOOOO

    Karen.......Yes I agee being spontaneous is usually the best thing. Yes sometimtes I feel the most loved when Tim does or says the simplest things.


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