Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Since it is still Tuesday it is still about me so here is this weeks tid bit......................

Ok I know it is late in the day but it is still Tuesday so I am going to share with you something about myself and it may come as a surprise to some but here I go.............

                                                     I don’t believe in abortion.

Ok it is not that simple I do not believe in abortion as and answer for a mistake meaning just because you did not plan on getting pregnant doesn't mean you have the right to kill the child. Unless you were raped, or are being told that the child will be seriously disabled and you do not think you can cope or handle the situation. There are many shades of grey nothing is really black and white unless we are talking about the colours black and white.........

That said if someone closes to me chooses to have an abortion I will support them 100% even though I don’t believe in abortion. I will even go with them to have the procedure done why because I care.
Now I know many people would say if I am able to support someone having an abortion how could I say I don't believe in it, well simple there are many reasons why a woman may chose to have one, secondly who am I to judge there is only one judge on such matters and if God has a problem with it then he will deal with the person when the time comes.

To me if you love and care about someone then you support them, you do not always have to agree with what they do or say or think but you can still support them, unless of course the person is either a serial killer or mass murder and yes there is a difference....................
Does this surprise any one????????????????


  1. I think that is a sign of a tolerant, understanding and caring person.

  2. i have always been pro choice on this subject. it is, after all, the woman's body. no one else should decide such an important issue for them. that said, i'm sure it is never an easy decision

  3. I feel the is would be a difficult choice no matter the situation.
    It is good that you feel you are still able to support a friend no matter what

  4. I've gathered from your posts that you are a kind and caring person, and always doing things for other people, so "no", this doesn't surprise me. It's good that you would still be there for that person, and to support them, even if you didn't agree with what they were doing.

  5. I am pro choice myself but can't tolerate women who use it as a form of birth control. There are definitely shades of grey. I have always said I could never do it myself but a woman's choice is a woman's choice. No matter what I'd stand behind a friend or loved one and it doesn't surprise me one bit that you would as well.

  6. I rarely discuss my thoughts on abortion. There is no logic in the pro-choice debate so rather than have pointless arguments with irrational reasoning, I keep my thoughts to myself.

  7. You are a sweetheart ;) I don't agree with abortion, but my cousin just had one and I was supportive because I knew her baby was going to die shortly after birth otherwise. I feel so bad for her.

  8. When I was 6, my mom was pregnant and in a Pfizer trial for RH-Coombes antigen. At 7 months, the baby began dying. That year, in the US, abortion was still illegal even in the event the mother's health was at risk. She was in the hospital and nearly bled to death. My dad and I were terrified. Later, we learned my mom was in the "control" group where you get the placebo. This impressed upon me the importance of our Roe Vs. Wade decision and I have been a strong advocate my entire life. My mother, on the other hand has been a strong opponent of abortion. We love each other very much but we saw very different things happening during that week. We have NEVER discussed it. It's better that way.

  9. There are very few circumstances to which abortion is acceptable...when the pregnancy is life threatening, if it is a rape victim, or if the father is the spawn of Satan himself.

  10. I agree with you, I put abortion in the "love the sinner but hate the sin" category. People who protest in front of clinics could better spend their time explaining to their own children God's true purpose for sex IN marriage.

  11. yes it surprises me, because I think to support a person means to help them make the right choice, which may not seem the easiest. I don't think abortion is ever the right choice.

  12. Diane.....I do try to be understanding and caring

    Yevisha.....No it couldn't be an easy decision for anyome

    Mynx......I do not like to force my opinion on others and respect that it is their life

    Diane....I do not like the idea of forcing my opinion on others and I do not have to agree with someone in order to support him

    Jewels......Yes we do not have to agree with the decision in order to support a person well that is my opinion

    Ranting Monkey......You are allow to have your own opinions along with the right to not want to voice them

    Elisabeth........Yes I think if you care about someone then you should be able to support them and respect their wishes even if you do not agree

    kellisretrokitchenarts......I do not understand why on earth abortion was ever illegal, I am sorry to hear about your mother.

    Workingdan.......I agree except when the father is that bad in that case the woman should have the baby and not tell the father if that is possible......

    CW........Yes I have always thought those who protest in front of clinics could spend their time better eductating their own

    Momto8.......I do not think it is right to force my opinons on others and if I love and care for someone then it is easy for me to support them


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