Saturday, 31 March 2012

Pink Saturday and A Sick Daughter..................Plus 1 Birthday

At 450am this morning I got a phone call from Natasha asking me if I could go over and stay with Blain as she was unwell and had rung an ambulance, so of course I got up and went straight over when I got there the ambo's where there and told her she had a viris and no point in taking her to hospital but she wanted me to come home and get her some pain relief tablets which of course I did............she also asked me if I could go back in a couple of hours and get Blain and bring him back to my place for the day..................

So when I got up at 8am I got dressed and went straight over to get Blain he is still here even though Jessica said he could go to her place when I drove Leo up but no he didn't want to do so. He wanted to stay here with nanny and papa so he has been here all day and wants to stay tonight also but Tim and I are going out for Dawson's birthday and yes part of us would love to take Blain but at the same time me and Tim do feel like having a night without any small children I know that may sound a little selfish but it is how we feel.........also we really can't afford to take him tonight as it is $26 per head for me and Tim and yes it is not that much for Blain but still I want a nice night not having to worry about children.............................

I tried to have a nap at 2.30 but Blain didn't like me laying down and at 3pm I got up and pegged the clothes on the line and decided to write this post and watching something on telly while Blain was outside playing but that didn't last long as he has come in and asked me to put cartoons on

I have just looked through all my draws for a birthday card for Dawson and you know what I can't find one and I was sure I  had some but where I  have put them is beyond me, so looks like he isn't getting a card well I did find 1 card but it was to childish for a 13 yr old...........I just found the cards so I guess he will be getting a card after I just have to borrow $10 from one of my

Since it is Pink Saturday I am adding some lovely pink flowers for everyone I do like pink flowers.


  1. Hope you have a lovely night out.
    The pink flowers are gorgeous

  2. Beautiful pinky pictures today :)
    Have a lovely pink Saturday!
    Hope you'r daughter will get better soon and enjoy the birthday party.


  3. I love pink flowers! I hope your daughter is well again now.

  4. I also love pink flowers and yours look very pretty on your post today. I agree with you about the meal. Much as I adore my grandchildren, it is nice to go out for a meal without them. I hope you have a super evening, and I hope your daughter will soon feel better very soon.

  5. Oh I love the pink flowers along the white fence...just gorgeous ....uhmmm reckon'I can get that for my yard ... lol Happy Weekend

  6. Sounds like you need an evening out, enjoy :)

  7. Holy cow! You've had a rough go. I hope the party is a good one, you earned it!

  8. Hi All

    Yes I had a great night out the food was good and both me and Tim had eaten a lot we wanted to get our moneys

    Natasha said she was feeling better last night

  9. Congrats lovely lady, you are a winner. Will you drop me an email with your address please so I can post you a little something :)

  10. I hope you got your night out...and caught up a little on your sleep. wishing you a peaceful and uneventful week!!!


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