Saturday, 3 March 2012

Just another Saturday

Well today has been a great day, I have spent it doing nothing much then watching telly hubby has gone to work he won't be home till around midnight by which time I will be sound asleep. At the moment I am watching "Lewis" this is the spinoff of "Morse".

Out the front of my place a few minutes ago my next door neighbour "Bear" got into an argument with another neighbour well actually the neighbours man friend who is a prick sorry about the language but he is. Now Bear is in his 60's and the prick is in his 40's but of course that didn't stop him from shoving and head butting Bear, it didn't go on long and there was more yelling and swearing then anything but still a little excitement for the afternoon. A couple of other neighbours came out and watched what was going on I think if Bear was in danger of being hurt they would have stepped in.

We haven’t had a good set to around here in ages and I know it is strange but something I think it is interesting to see a fight between the neighbours……………


  1. So pleased to hear you have enjoyed a chilled day. Hope your backache is much better and the nasty headache you had on the day of your colonoscopy is now a thing of the past, too. Fighting neighbours? My goodness! I've never experienced anything like that. I don't like seeing fights.

  2. Fighting neighbours are something I can do without. I like a nice quiet neighbourhood, which we have until the kids come home from school.

  3. Our neighbor is a prick too. We try to avoid eye contact when we can. :) Good luck with all that!

  4. nice that you enjoyed your saturday

  5. interesting neighbourhood you live in. Ours all get along thankfully.
    We had enough drama living in our old house with not good neighbours

  6. Don't get me started on neighbors. Hey---maybe I'll do a blog post on them, since none of 'em even know I am a blogger. I never saw such neurotic anal behavior in my life. It is entertaining, however, just to watch them act out their neuroses. Ha.

  7. Where I live in usually quiet but if something like a fight happens its entertainment but also shocking and all will stand and watch.

  8. You're funny. I like the way you wrote about your day and fighting neighbors. My neighborhood is wonderfully quiet.


  9. Oh my, I do love the tranquilty of peacefulness....I lived a life so full of hatred, fighting, and meanness until I run from the very presence of it now.....I'm like Desiree, I do not enjoy the craziness and the evilness of fighting people exploding their evilness for others to see..

    I'm sure when hubby arrives home, he'll scoot you over and crawl in and thank you for the warm bed covers...wink wink

  10. I think your Saturday was probably a lot nicer and more relaxing than your Thursday was. Still, it's never good seeing a middle aged man threatening, and worse, coming to blows with a man 20 years older than him. Glad nothing really came of it in the end.

  11. oh dear...I avoid fights at all possible costs!! i don't know if I have eve seen a neighborhood fight!
    i hope you have a restful, uneventful weekend!
    i am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  12. Desiree.....Yes I am feeling much better now thankfully, fighthing neighbours are not a new thing around this complex.....

    Diane.....When we have neighbours fighting I like to stay inside away from it but I do like to watch what's going on but that is human nature

    Crystal.........Yes I try to avoid the prick as well as you don't know what will set him off......

    Yevisha.....Yes I did enjoy it just me and DC (dog)

    Mynx.......The neighbourhood is fine it is just the neighbours.....
    we live at the end of a long drive in a townhouse so have many neighbours close around us......

    Clint.......None of my neighbours know I blog thankfully although most of them wouldn't know how to use the internet not because they are old but because they are old and Neurotic anal behavior reminds me of the days when one neighbour was on drugs some interesting nights back then

    Bubbles........Yes watching a fight is human nature and it is entertaining

    Janie......Me funny you must be joking I am the lest funny person, but thank you for saying so.....Around here is pretty quiet to now days

    Rhonda.......I do not like fights either and when one is going on around here I will stay safely inside but yes I will watch as long as I can't be seen watching..
    I don't even remember hubby getting into bed last night but he is a bed hog so yes he would have shoved me

    JOutlaw......Oh yeah it was so much better then Thursday not a day I want to repeat in a hurry....

    momto8.....Consider yourself followed already been over and had a look at your blog, will go back and have a good read and comment after I finish up here......I also don't like fights but they are not uncommon around here..........

  13. interesting... i can do without the fighting neighbors. i like peace and quiet in my neighborhood.

    glad that you had a nice day.

  14. Ah the excitement of And if the guy is a prick he's a prick.. Can't help calling them as you see 'em



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