Friday, 30 March 2012

Friday at last and I am now exhausted been a long day.............and tomorrow will be the same.............

Friday has rolled around again sometimes the week seems to fly by but at other times the seem to drag on this week has been a mixture of both the first few days seem really long and the last few have gone in a blink...................

Since today is Friday that means my shopping day so I have been out and about for most of the day and because I saw a photo of fried chicken on a blog I ended up having KFC for a late lunch and now I have gone and picked up Leo yes he is here again tonight I hope he settles down quick again tonight the last couple of nights he has gone to sleep pretty quick yes he has been here since Wednesday night although last night Jessica was here as well.

While I was out shopping today I scored this............... for free yes free why because it's diabetes week and the chemist was giving them away, not my chemist but a different one but hell it was free and they didn't know I didn't shop Would it matter I don't think so but I didn't mention it is going to be good not having to use a lot of blood to get a reading.

I am such a softie as a nanna why because I let Leo have a rainbow ice block for breakfast this morning and this afternoon I have let him have 2 more of I just gave him chocolate milk and also told his mother she doesn't have to pick him up till around 11am tomorrow I guess I just think I will be up at 7am and I will let him watch cartoons and I will blog..................
see I know how I will be spending tomorrow

On Sunday it is Dawson's 13th birthday and I asked mum this morning if she was doing anything and she said no but they are going out tomorrow night for tea at a local all you can eat place and asked me if I would like to go and of course I said I will don't know if Tim will come last night he said he wasn't working tomorrow but they could change I will find out more when he gets home from work. I will only give him $10 in a card Dawson not

Today for some reason I nearly shut the car door on my foot twice, and twice I came close to running the shopping over my toes and when I dropped Leo of at day care he didn't want to get of my shoulders and hurt my head and had to be pried off.............yes I carry him on my shoulders on the way into the day care and from the day care to the car in the afternoon...........


  1. Jo-Anne, I had no idea you were a diabetic. My hubby is too; Type 1. I hate seeing him test his levels all the time. (I'm sorry if you told me you were a diabetic...a foggy memory is in play right now as I have a Migraine, please forgive)

    Enjoy your weekend and your free testing kit!! But more so the birthday party =)

  2. Hi L........I would have mentioned I was diabetic way back when before you even heard of me so no worries there......hope you are feeling a bit better and if not getting plenty of rest to help with your migraine...
    I have type 2 and it doesn't bother me it is just part of life somethng to deal with

  3. Where do you get your energy from and can I have some? LOL!
    Blessings, Joanne

  4. Hi Joanne............Sometimes I wonder where my engergy comes from


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