Sunday, 18 March 2012

My Sunday..........It's been great how has yours been?

Goodmorning all, how is your Sunday or in some places Saturday going mine well I got up and thought what to do today first up laundry even though it is suppose to rain again this afternoon I am hoping that it will dry. I have already done one load and got it on the line, I will do the second load after I get home............................

Yes I am going out with daughter number 1 just to Westfield to get my layby out and she wants to get some new clothes for Sydney-May................Should I take my phone since when I went out with Kathy on Thursday Jessica rang wanting me to watch Leo and Kathy got pissed off so maybe I should leave my phone at home...........................who am I kidding if I go out without my mobile I feel odd, just not right so I will be taking it with me but if Jessica rings maybe I won't answer it which would be good but unless I have my glasses on I can't see who is ringing and thus I don't know until who it is till I have answered the phone.

Moving on I bet I will not get this written and posted before Kathy gets here to pick me up.....
Ok I am back I started writting this at 10am and it is now 12.37pm see Iknew I would not get it written and posted before Kathy came to pick me up.

While I was out I managed to buy myself a new black skirt and a new pair of cargo pants now I have to make sure Tim gives me the money back for them. He said he would, I just have to make sure I remember to ask him.

Oh and no one rang me how cool was that so Kathy didn't annoyed with me, it was in fact a great morning our shopping I had a good time..................


  1. had a great Saturday with my family.

    Somedays I hate to even answer the phone!Sometimes its one person after another all wanting something from me! UGH! have a great day!
    Blessings, Joanne

  2. Your shopping trip sounds great. So far, our Sat. has been very productive- got a lot done. Looking forward to Sunday.

  3. glad you had a good day. i had one as well shopping with my daughter. the weather here is nice so it was good to get out.

  4. I had a pretty great Saturday. Nice post.

  5. Sounds like a good day. I need a shopping trip I think

  6. That sounds like a lovely day out and the fact you could for once spend quality time with your eldest is great. Its also nice you were able to get yourself something too.

  7. That sounds like a lovely day out and the fact you could for once spend quality time with your eldest is great. Its also nice you were able to get yourself something too.

  8. Glad you had such a nice Sunday and your shopping sounds good. New clothes always go down well! It's Sunday over here in England as I type this, and it's Mothering Sunday. Take care.

  9. I feel so lost without my cell phone. To think, my kids don't know a life without them...crazy!

  10. You worry so much, glad you had some me time shopping.

  11. My Sunday has been sweet...after church I came home through a load of towels in the machine, ate a quick lunch, painted my closet, visit with some friends that came over to dig up some mint I have growing by the wall of my house....and just taking it easy....I have a peach pie baking right smells delish....

  12. Joanne.......Yeah I know what you mean about people ringing wanting one thing after another but if we don't answer we may end up wondering what they wanted and that is also annoying

    Shelly......Yes the shopping trip was good, and the afternoon was even productive,we moved part of the lounge into Tim's study so now we have more room in the lounge room

    Teresa........Yes it is nice when we can go out shopping with our daughers and have a good time

    Gina......Well hello and welcome to my blog, pleased you like the post, feel free to come back anytime

    Mynx.....We all need a shopping trip from time to time and when it is relaxing and not stressful then it is great

    Bubbles.....Yes it was a lovely day and I really did enjoy spending time with Kathy

    Diane.....What is Mothering Sunday? I have heard of it but really do not know what it is.....

    L.....Yeah our children have no idea what it was like in the days when we could not ring someone at anytime and expect them to answer. What would we do without our phones though I for one am very relient on it.......

    LindyLou.....Yes I am a worrier and it did feel good not to have to think about things for a short while......

    Momto8......I do feel lucky at times

    Rhonda......I have never had a peach pie...........your Sunday sounds like a great day you managed to get a few things done......

  13. Sounds like a lovely Sunday Jo Ann. Always nice to have new clothes and I love cargo pants - so comfy.

    I think I am the only person left who doesn't have a cellphone. I don't really need one, so I don't miss it. Now the kids - they never forget theirs. And I like that my husband has his work cell phone that he can use for personal use. It is comforting that he is only a phone call away. :)

    Hope you week is as great as your weekend.

  14. SkippyMom......Children have no idea what it is like to not have a phone........Yes I had a good weekend


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