Saturday, 24 March 2012

Saturday Rambings..................

Yesterday I was so busy I wasn't on line in fact I only managed to sit at the computer for a few minutes to post a status on Facebook about something Blain said yesterday afternoon and now I will share it with all of you............

We were driving Leo back to his mums house after day care and Blain was with me as he stayed here last night, anyway the boys were talking in the back seat and Blain tells Leo that when he grows up and gets a girlfriend and becomes a father he will name his baby “Lee” after “Leo” it sounded so cute.

When we got to Jessica's place Blain stayed there while I popped around the corner to Coles for Jessica she wanted chocolate and when I returned Leo got really upset because Blain wasn't staying for the night. Jessica said Blain could stay but Blain wanted to spend the night with his nanny & papa.

He was good boy and had a great time playing with papa even though he hit his head on the wall because they got a bit rough. This morning when I opened my eyes Blain was laying there looking at me kind of creepy to think he was just laying there watching me sleep.

Moving on this morning after we took Blain home to his mother Tim and I went and bought a new vacuum cleaner, we haven't had one in years and yes it was nice to vacuum out instead of sweeping but I think I will still sweep a fair bit as I do like sweeping out.

I walked down the hallway to go to the toilet and on the spur of the moment decided to clean out the linen cupboard that took me an hour and now I am back to finish this posting why because it has to be finished and not because I am stuffed and need a

Ok back to Blain again when I picked him up from school earlier in the week I had a chat to his teacher who told me that he hasn't settled into the new school at all and still says all the time that he wants to go back to his old school and he has no friends and such.................she told me that he plays up in class a lot will run around and hit other students.

Tomorrow Jessica wants me to go to her place in the morning and help her set of cockroach bombs then bring her and Leo back her for a while and maybe take them back in the afternoon. Mum is having a baked lunch so I am going to try and get her to come to lunch, I know mum and dad would like to see Leo they haven't seen him in ages.

No I am going to post this then I am going to have something to eat then I will come back and read some blogs and leave some comments.


  1. The pink peony photo is so lovely! I love that color pink! :)

  2. Coakroach bombs, never heard of those! Enjoy your weekend.

  3. On the go constantly are you not? I tire quickly when I read your blog postings...saying this "chicka" moves eva'day! LOL
    Happy happy day to you Jo-anne

  4. I notice I also find myself doing things on a spur-of-the-moment your being on the way to the toilet and ending up straightening up linens. In my case it is old age, I reckon. Ha.

  5. I too get easily side tracked when I'm cleaning. It's a gift/curse at the same time..haha. You are a busy grandma! Hugs.

  6. Crystal.........Yes it is lovely I pinched it from another bloggers blog.....

    LindyLou......Cockaroach bombs are things you set off to kill the cockroachs

    Shelly......Somedays are busier then others

    Rhonda......Some days I feel like I do not stop

    Clint......I often feel it is better to do a job when I think of it that way it gets done and I don't forget

    Barb.....Yes it is a gift/curse some times I wonder why did I decide to do this


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