Tuesday, 6 March 2012

About Jo-Anne Tuesday...............I'm boring

I think I am boring I don’t know what other people think of me but I think I am a boring person to be around. It is not like I don’t have interests because I do I love to read and to blog and of course I like to watch TV and yes I know I may watch more television then some people would say is a good thing but it is my main source of entertainment and I do not see anything wrong with that. 

I also spend a lot of time sitting in front of the computer, reading blogs and checking me emails and of course writing letters and such. I love pen paling and have 20 odd penpals from around the country and around the world. I have been pen paling since I was in my teens and think it is a wonderful hobby.

I think life is better if you have some kind of hobby/pastime and I have a few of them thankfully, but still I think people think I am boring………………….ok I think members of my family think I am boring I don’t know why I have such a thought in my head and part of me knows it is properly not true but still the thought is there. 


  1. You're not boring at all. Anyone who reads as much as you and interacts with people as much as you is definitely not boring.

  2. You are so busy all the time I don't think you have time to be boring!! I love reading all about you and your family.

  3. A person who loves to read cannot possibly be boring. Besides, if you were boring, then why would we read your blog? You are NOT boring.


  4. Reading is never boring! Doing so makes you well rounded. Take pride in that.

  5. My hobby is writing. And that thing I do with lawn flamingoes.
    But, writing is much more appropriate to bring up at dinner parties.

  6. Shelly....Thank you I know somewhere inside that I am not boring,through reading I have learnt many useless bit of information.....lol

    Barb.....Yes I am often very busy even when I feel like shit I still run around after my darling daughters and grandchildren

    Janie....Thank you that means a lot

    Queen Bee.....Reading also allows us to learn lots of useless information and takes as off to different places if only in our head........

    Al........Lawn flamingoes do I really want to know.......lol maybe not

  7. you have so much going on all the time. how can you ever say that is boring? you need the energy of two people!

    love that you have so many penpals. i used to have one in hong kong when i was a teenager but have long since lost touch. i do still have a fan that she sent me when i was about 16. amazing that i still have it.

  8. Not boring at ALL! I wish I had pen pals that would be awesome.
    Blessings, Joanne

  9. You couldn't possibly be boring to have around. I find you so entertaining. You have a delightful way of looking at things and you say what you feel. You have opinions on so many things and your sense of humour is lovely. I think you'd be fun to have around!

  10. You are not boring Jo-Anne. Not sure what gave you that idea!

  11. People who find you boring just don't share the same interests as you. With as much as you say you read, I'd bet you are a fascinating person with much knowledge!

  12. Oh dear sorry to read you are feeling low self esteem today, cheer up, you have lots going for you.

  13. Teresa......I don't know what makes me think I am boring but it is good to hear that others don't think the same thing.

    Joanne.....I do love having pen pals it always makes me feel great when I get letters instead of bills.....

    Desiree......Yeah I have some opinions and at times I love to share them and I know I am not boring I was just having a moment

    Whiteangel.....No idea what got that thought into my head but it is gone now......

    Workingdan.......Good point, I don't know if I would go as far as saying I am fascinating but I agree I am not boring, I was just having a moment yesterday

    LindyLouMac.....Yeah wasn't the best yesterday but I am doing better today

  14. I have a friend, an email penpal, who always insists her life is boring and never tells me what she's doing. But the thing is, it may be boring to her but not to me. That surely goes for you too.


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