Wednesday, 28 March 2012

My Wednesday.........................

Today I got into trouble how you ask well Jessica and I took Leo over to Kaleidoscope for an appointment with a speech therapist to find out whether he needs speech therapy anyway while we where there I decided to use my digital recorded to recorded everything that happened so I can play it for hubby as he will want to know what was said and everything. Well silly me I didn't think to ask permission first before turning the recorder on and it wasn't till then end of the session that the therapist asked me what the device was and I told her and she went and spoke to her supervisor and came back and said it was ok but I should have asked first...........oh well my bad.......................

After leaving we where heading over to the day care to drop Leo off and Jessica asks me to drop her off here so she could get her car she didn't want to be the one to drop Leo off at the day care. I have also just got a phone call from Natasha asking me to pick Blain up from school as she has someone going to her place to talk about getting help paying her electricityy bill...........grrrrrr.......yes I will go and get him that is whatnannas do..............

Also while I have been sitting her we had a woman from the Dept. of Housing turn up for our yearly inspection which we have every few years.......both Tim and I thought it was tomorrow she was coming but all go she was only here a few minutes looked around said the back yard is overgrown and needs mowing I felt like saying no shit Sherlock but didn't just said yeah I know it will get done on the weekend.

Leo of course will be here tonight and then again on Friday night since this is the last week of the month. When I dropped Leo off at day care I got to see Sydney last week Kathy cut her hair and yes I know she needed to have her hair trimmed up but I am not sure what I think of it, it's not bad but it's not great either.


  1. Sounds like a very busy day indeed! Nanna's taxi! :-) How about playing a round of One Question Wednesday with us? Drop by my blog and leave a question!

  2. Hi Josie.......Just went over and asked you a question.......yeah somedays I do feel like nanna's taxi

  3. Hi Jo-anne, I often feel like I run a taxi service as well. It must be a pain to have your home inspected like that.

  4. Dang you ran around a lot.
    I don't think you should have needed permission for recording something like that, seems as it should be within your rights to do so.

  5. Yes, do add taxi service to the long list of nouns that define us!!

  6. wow and i though i was busy you exhausted me just reading this

    hugs now go rest

  7. You are one busy lady! I have the pick up the grandkids from daycare covered as I am no longer allowed to drive haha. I'm sure they will find some other use for me though. Thankfully I have a bit before I have to worry about it.

  8. My goodness! The grass just got cut! Not to mention, you should be able to record, IMHO =) Your day just exhausted me LOL

  9. Jennifer......We are in public housing and suppose to have an inspection once a year but we don't yes it is annoying but it comes with renting

    Green Girl.....No I didn't think I needed to ask permission but now I know. I think most mothers do a lot of running around

    Queen Bee.....Being a taxi is a job that comes with being a mother

    Becca......Yeah I do have exhausting days but I also have days when I don't do as much, I guess it is life and part of being in a loving and caring family

    Melynda.....I do not know how you deal with not being able to drive but I guess you adjust I think you are amazing......

    L..........Well Tim only cut part of the grass not all of it which is what I expected......I hope next time when I ask if I can record the session they say it's ok otherwise I will think about doing it in secret........

  10. boy you had a busy day. I guess Nannas do feel like taxis at times. I know we do.

    I don't know about there but here there are privacy issues about everything. I guess that is why they want you to ask.

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  12. Dearest Jo-Anne, 
    Oh, you always are SO busy for your lovely family♡♡♡ Tell the truth, I don't have a driver's license, haha. Sometimes I regret not having one, but I know IIm careless for it!!!
    I understand about the private policy they need, we have it here.

    PS> Thank you very much for the sweet comment for me. I AM tackling with it, haha.

    Love you always, xoxo Miyako*

  13. Hi JoAnne! Here's your question for One Question Wednesday (or Thursday if it's too late for you toanswer it today! :-) One of the things you say you enjoy doing is reading, how has has your reading taste changed over the years and what's your favorite kind of book to curl up with?

  14. Garnetrose.........I understand about privacy issues but I was just so surprised when something was said I thought she would have said something when I started recording instead of waiting till the end.....

    Miyako.......I do not know how I would cope if I didn't have a drivers licence I relie on it so

    Josie.....I was wondering what I would post about today and now I will start off with answering your question....


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