Sunday, 11 March 2012

I hope tomorrow my yard doesn't look like this anymore

Today after Jessica asking her dad repeatedly to go and cut the grass at her place he has finally gone to do it she said the grass is not only high nearly as high as Leo is tall it is thick. I am also hoping he will do our back yard today which is just as bad as Jessica's in places, why only in places well Tim has a terrible annoying habit of only doing bits of the lawn at a time. He goes out to do it but after 10 minutes says he is buggered and needs a rest and then he doesn't go back he will sit down in front of the telly and just can't get motivated to go and do more..............I just want the yard to look good again and for it all to be done at the same time. I think today if he only does part of it again I am going to suggest again that he pays someone to do it, he doesn't like paying someone to do something that he can do himself which is all fine and good but he doesn't do it well not all in one go.

I have posted a few photos of what my backyard looks like this morning and tomorrow I will post some photos of what it looks like then and we will see how much of the yard gets done this

Tim asked me if I would do a baked lunch for him today and of course I said I would and when he asked I said I wasn't going to tell the girls it would be just the two of us but what did I do when I saw Jessica yesterday I tell her we are having a baked lunch then I had to invite the other two girls so looks like I will have at least two of my girls here for lunch. Thankfully they do not hang around for hours after lunch mostly they eat and which is not a bad thing........................


  1. Bruce mows the lawn here in sections but does manage to finish it in a day. When he moves it will be either done by a kid or I have to find a self-propelled mower really cheap!

  2. what is a baked lunch?

    luckily for us, the landlord does all the yard work here and he has a riding mower.

  3. Barb.........It is now 1pm and he hasn't even started the lawn to busy watching telly.......

    Teresa......Yeah our landlord does the front lawn but we have to do the back. A baked lunch is when we have either a roast or BBQ chicken with baked potato, carrot, pumpkin, sweet potato and onions meaning they are cut up and cooked in oil till soft and golden we also have peas & corn and gravy it is a lot of work but worth it......
    That said today we ended up just having a bbq chicken with chips as by the time Tim got home from Jessica's I just couldn't be bothered

  4. i actually like workin in the yard. i have a degree in horticulture so mine was mostly flowerbeds with a grass "path" between. i miss that here. good luck with the lawn! lol

  5. Dearest Jo-Anne,
    As my husband has handicap with his legs,
    I have to the weeding job (not like these heavy work). And unfortunately, we have to ask gardener to do the pruning to our small garden, whew...
    Oh, I wish I could try true western style BBQ♪
    Love you always, xoxo Miyako*

  6. I have no idea what it is like to have grass in the yard. In Tucson it's all dirt and cactus. My kids WISH there was grass around here. We've tried to grow some but it always ends up yellow and dead. It's just too hot here an dnot enough water. Good luck with all that grass! :)

  7. Jo-Anne,
    Lovely green grass for summer.
    Love baked lunch/dinner cooked in the oven.

  8. Our yard is 3 acres, but thankfully my hisband loves to drive his big lawn tractor around and mow it. As another poster said, your grass is beautiful and green, so I'm glad you get to enjoy that!

  9. Oh how glad I am not to have grass to worry about any more!

  10. I love your comment that you couldn't be bothered to do the baked lunch anymore! Love it!! We have a large lawn, but I always do it all in one go, although it does take quite a while. I just think that it's good exercise for me! Do hope that your lawn gets finished today. It will be good to see it looking nice again.

  11. I say get hire someone to do it. Life is too short!
    Blessings, Joanne

  12. My husband just tackled our lawn yesterday - bless his heart! He's out cold on the couch now - we spent hours in the garden yesterday - before he started I thought this would be a great garden for Easter egg hunts! They'd never find them!

  13. Tim.....Tim doesn't mind spending time in his vegie garden but getting him to mow the lawn grrrrrr..........

    Miyako.....Yeah if Tim wasn't able to do the lawn he might agree to pay someone but as he sees it he is able so why pay someone but in some ways he isn't able as it takes a lot our of him.............

    Crystal.....When the girls were little Tim would do the lawn every week he liked it nice and short for the girls to be able to play out there.

    Whiteangel....Yes it does grow a lovely green but I would rather have it short and green instead of so long.

    Shelly....I think it would be great to have a large yard if you have a ride on to mow it with, I know hubby would love to do something like that.....

    Sheila....I have often felt like it would be cool to not have a lawn to worry about now days but it just isn't the case and isn't going to be so have to deal with what we have

    Diane......Tim managed to do most of the lawn but not all which is of no suprise to me

    Joanne.......I would love to get someone in to do the lawn if only Tim would agree

    Kathy......Not only would we not find the eggs we wouldn't find Leo and

  14. Wish I lived nearby, I would mow your yard. I still do all my yard work and thoroughly enjoy it. Your grass or weeds nice and green.


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