Wednesday, 29 February 2012

What Do you think about sex education

Do you think schools should teach sex education or an abstinence only program? 

I saw this question of Sara’s blog she can be found here…………
If you don’t already follow her go on over and have a look around I think she is an amazing blogger and oh so funny……..

Anyway this got me thinking back when I was at school we had sex education sometimes the girls and boys would be separated and other times we weren’t. Of course it was called sex education it was called physical development but we learnt about sex in the class, I do not remember any notes being sent home for permission for us to take part in the class but that may have happened. 

Now I have heard/seen on many American TV shows this topic and it is like it is a big deal and shouldn’t be taught and that children should be taught abstinence which makes me think what the hell. Yeah we all know it is better to wait till you are in love and with someone special and have a serious long term relationship but bloody hell we are talking about teenagers who fall “in love” at the drop of a hat………………………we don’t want our children having sex at a young age but we can’t physically stop them. 

I think schools should teach both abstinence and how to have safe sex if you are going to have sex why because we live in the real world were teenagers will and do have sex………………………

Yes I know many people would say that it should be up to the parents to teach their children about sex but again in the real world many parents won’t or don’t and many children do not want to hear their parents talk about sex and if the parent brings up the subject they will just tune out or say “I don’t want to hear this” and walk away………….at school they may laugh and carry on but will also listen and hopefully learn something which is what all loving and caring parents want.

The kitten in the above picture is how teenagers are when we try and talk to them about sex................


  1. I learned about sex education at school but I don't know what the subject was called as we learned about drugs etc... too. We were mixed but that didn't bother any of us. I think it needs to be taught as most of us were Pakistani children whose parents didn't talk about body changes, drugs and especially not sex so we had to learn it from somewhere.

    The only problem I do have is that they want to in the UK start teaching about it from the age of 5... really do we need to introduce the subject at such a young age?

  2. Depends on the depth of the subject that they go....

  3. Americans are rather prudish when it comes to sex.

  4. I don't really remember where I learned about sex. We had nuns teach us about sex (a nun teaching anyone about sex is like a beaver teaching you how to build a rocket ship). My father never taught me. It was years before I realized that those WEREN'T funny smelling balloons in individual wrappers in his nightstand. I seem to remember talking about it with my friends-it was a great mystery to us. I do remember being absolutely appalled at one thought: "You mean they actually touch pee-pees?" Of course, this was embarassing at Navy boot camp. All I can say is thank goodness for Hugh Hefner and Francesca Miranova from Wooster Middle School.
    Oh, wait a minute,where are my manners? I agree with you completely.

  5. Bubbles.......Yes I think 5 is far to young it is something that should be taught in high school in my opinion that is from the age of 12 or 13.......

    Rhonda.......I agree young children do not need to be told to much

    Queen Bee....It seems that way

    Al.......You are so funny and I am glad you agree with me really I am

  6. Abstinence should certainly be emphasized as a great option, but not teaching kids about birth control and how women get pregnant is unrealistic.


  7. I agree with you. In a perfect world, parents would talk to their kids. In a perfect world, kids would wait til they were out of high school when they are, hopefully, a little wiser.
    I got the talk from my mom. I also got it in school- first just the girls, than later in high school in child development and than in health class. We also had speakers that were teenage parents come and talk.
    It is stupid to believe that if you hide your head in the sand, that it isn't gonna happen.

  8. We went to a family evening at the school once were the parents were part of the sex ed process. I thought it was a great idea.
    I believe kids should be taught in school. Parents aren't always wonderful at communicating with teenagers.
    Better the kids know the mechanics and the consequences than go into a relationship thinking that the stork brings babies

  9. Hi Jo-Anne- I gave you a mention in my last post- thanks!

  10. You present a good argument, Jo-Anne and I love your kitten! Very clever.

  11. Hi Jo-anne, I am absolutely in favour of sex education in schools. Teenagers have sex whether we want them to or not, so we need to be realistic, and teach them safe practices and about birth control. My son refused to hear my sex education talk. He claimed that it was embarrassing to discuss sex with your Mom. I am glad that he had the chance to learn about sex in school.

  12. The problem we have in the States is that we lost the happy medium we used to have. When I was in school (once a long, long time ago) they had an entire semester of health. They separated the boys and girls for "here's what your body is going to do during puberty" and then brought us back together for the rest. Yes, we giggled and laughed and poked fun at it all but we listened and learned.

    Now, my daughter has the opt out permission slip. Not to be taught at all!! It's health for goodness sakes, part of the natural process of life! Just teach both sides.

    My son, who went to school in another state was taught the bare minimum. And they wonder why the pregnancy rate in teens is so high?

    Now, in NY they want to begin teaching kids about sex in kindergarden...ummm, not so much. It's to young. Middle school is fine, let the kids be kids until then.

    Sorry Jo-Anne - rant over =)

  13. Schools should not be "teaching" sex education. Kids should learn about sex from their parents and each other "out behind the barn" as in the old days. :)

    I see also that schools are now policing what kids eat for lunch if they brought their lunch from home. Food police. Is this a great Kauntry, or what?

  14. Hi Janie.....Abstinence is something we all would love to think our children would do but they don't so they need to know the facts.......

    Hi Ruth.....I think having teenage parents talk to students would be a great idea, as some children think being a parent is like a walk in the park........

    Hi Mynx.....Yeah Ithink going to a parent/student information night is a good idea......

    Hi Shelly.......Ok I will go and have a look

    Hi Desiree.....Thank you I just said what I think

    Hi Jennifer......Yes so many children will not listen when it comes to talking about sex with their parents, so being taught in school is a good idea

    Hi L......Yes both sides should be taught but as I said and you agree teaching it in kindergarten is just to early it is not needed, children need to be children for as long as possible

    Hi Clint......Don't get me started on the food police that really pisses me off as if parents don't know what to feed their

  15. taught with good information and respect ye kids need to know rather then experment for them selves.

    ps did you get my email if not please email me your address so i can get your prize to you. thanks

  16. Hi Becca......No didn't get the email, I see no harm in teaching the facts along with abstinence



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