Friday, 24 February 2012

It's mine don't touch it, yes I am know I have to share but I don't want to....................

Ok today while I was out shopping I thought of a few different things I wanted to blog about and now I am home and can do just that I can't remember what they were how bloody annoying. I am hoping if I sit and write said topics will pop back into my head...........

Ok some weeks I get a small amount of pension I am on a disabiility support pension but how much I get depends on how much Tim earns, each fortnight I have to log in and report his earnings and sometimes I get a bit of money other times I get nothing.............anyway what annoys me a little not a lot just a little is that if Tim sees that I have a few dollars left in the bank he will give me less money in my weekly money.

I know he thinks that I since I have some of my pension left over he doesn't have to give me as much, however, as I only get a very small amount of money like between $80 and $120 per fortnight I feel like I shouldn't have to use it for normal household expenses although I do. I was hoping to be able to get myself a new pair of 3/4 pants today but since Tim gave me less money I no longer have the money to get myself the pants and if I ask Tim he will say he doesn't know if he has the money even though we are only talking about $20.00.

Since I do not smoke or drink much and Tim does both I feel if I want to spend some of my pension on shoes or clothes or whatever I should be able to do so without him expecting me to use the money for food...................

I do not like haveing  to ask Tim for money all the time is that wrong of me.........................


  1. You should be able to spend your pension on clothes. especially as he spends extra on beer and cigs. He should give you the same amount each week for housekeeping regardless of your pension.Tell him that you won't need to ask him for money for clothes if he lets you save up your pension.

  2. Put your foot down JO and demand a regular amount, know matter how much you get as a pension

  3. Tell him Clint said to stop smoking and start giving you a set amount of money each week.

  4. i'm in agreement... tell him that you expect to be able to spend what you need on household and yourself and you need a set amount each pay period. good luck.

  5. I agree with Clint you deserve a set amount weekly for house hold items your pension should be yours to do with what you want

  6. Hi Diane..........You are so right and if only I could get him to see it that way.

    Hi Dad.......I do try dad but yes I am to soft but when I try to say anything to him he just doesn't want to see my point of view

    Hi Clint......He use to complain about my spending $15 a week on lotto/lottery tickets and I would say I don't smoke or drink and when you give them up I will stop playing lotto......he stopped complaining about

    Hi Teresa......I have tried saying something to him but he just doesn't get frustrating at times

    Hi Becca.....It is good to see that others agree with me makes me feel better about having a bitch about him

  7. You shouldn't have to ask Tim for money. You should just HAVE money that is automatically yours and is for you to spend however you please. Listen up, Tim! Time for a change.


  8. Hi Janie......Maybe if I was getting paid a few hundred dollars I would feel different but since I get very little money I feel it should be mine to spend and not have to use it on household expenses

  9. Tim appears to be a controlling, abusive jerk.

  10. Anonymous............I do not like people calling the love of my life a jerk................



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