Sunday, 26 February 2012

Oh my poor back and something about Leo

Do you know what sucks "back pain" and I have had it since yesterday morning with no let is lower back pain and it hurts to sit and to stand and to walk and yes I have taken pain relief tablets but they really don't help a lot. Yes they do ease the pain so they are doing something at least.

I have no idea what I have done to cause the pain I just woke up yesterday morning with the pain.
This morning since getting up I have been coughing a lot and have a runny nose and a slight headache, so I am thankful that I don't have to go out today.

Moving on lets talk a little about Little Leo, I think I have mentioned that he was going to music group on Monday mornings well on Friday afternoon I got a phone call from the person running the music group, telling me that she things it would be better if Leo didn't go as he is not getting anything from it and is a bit too destructive. So instead they want us to go into the centre for some one on one something or rather to allow him to play and to talk about ways to deal with his behaviour.

Now this is what I wanted, Jessica didn't want to stick with the music group because of how much of a hand full Leo is while we are there but I wanted to stick it out so that other people could see how he is. I hope they can give us some useful suggestions to help deal with him as it is very stressful for both Jessica and me.

On Thursday even while I was taking care of Leo he walked out the front which was fine with me but when I called him to come inside he decided to take off up the driveway and both papa and Ihad to chase him Timwent one way and I went the other way to corner him but he managed to slip past me and headed in the opposite direction we did manage to get him and brought him inside and sent him to his room with no tv. After about 10 minutes he comes out of his room and apologised to me and papa for running off...............


  1. Perhaps you strained your back when you were chasing little Leo. Sometimes those things have a delayed reaction time. At any rate, I do hope it gets better soon. Back pain is no fun at all-

  2. Welcome to my world Jo-Anne. Back pain, knee pain, any pain just sucks. Hope you feel better soon. Leo does sound like a handful and I hope some good suggestions can be found to help him focus and behave in groups.

  3. Shelly.......I may have strained my back as it is possible all I know is that I am in a lot of pain with it...

    Barb.......I have no idea how people like you and my mum deal being in pain all the say Leo is a handful is an understatement.....

  4. I feel your pain.....
    My back hurts, my knees sound like castanets when I stand up, I need Pepsi to burp, you can tie up hostages with the hair growing out of my nose, I've given the fungus on my toes nicknames, my testicles get trapped in my sneakers if I'm not careful, "Hair Color" on my driver's license: based on the color 'brown', I need glasses to find my bifocals or (truth be told) Little Al...
    As you can tell, I'm a real hottie.

  5. Boys huh? lol Sorry about your back pain. Maybe you should go to the chiropractor.

  6. Back pain definitely sucks. I hope everything goes well with Leo. Al, you sound like quite a winner.


  7. Dearest Jo-Anne,
    Oh, I am so sorry for your back pain. Do you think you need to visit doctor to check it? They might know find the realll cause,though.
    My cousin's eldest son used to have the same kind of trouble with Leo, he is 13 years old now and grown wonderful teenager now. Hope you and your daughter can have a help from somewhere!!!
    Love you always, xoxo Miyako*

  8. I hope you feel better soon Joanne. Perhaps you might need a massage or something to loosen it up?

  9. Oh I hope the backache and cold ease up, I know about both and its not great.

    As for leo I actually think its disgusting that they refuse to let him stay even with an adult there as they can always provide someone to keep an eye on him too. Its like they just want to pass the buck on to someone else. Its worrying as when he's older they'll just try and expel him from school in order not to deal with the real issue.

  10. Yeah, Al pretty well covered me too. I find myself leaning against the wall to stretch out my lower back a lot- especially when standing or sitting in one place a long time.

  11. Al............I'm sure you are painting a worse picture then you really are.

    Melynda.....If I could afford to see a chiropractor I would

    Janie......Still in pain today I may have to go and see the doctor as this is terrible.....

    Miyako......Leo is a lovely boy so caring and loving but can be so distructive at times, we will see how it goes today.

    Mynx........I wish one of my daughters would give me a massage but no not going to happen

    Bubbles.......I still have the back pain, as for Leo I am hoping that we get some postive help and suggestions today.

    CW.......I do not know how people deal with this type of pain day in and day out



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