Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happyy Birthday Natasha............

This week there is no “About Jo-Anne Tuesday” why is that you wonder well I will tell you it's because today is the 25th birthday of my darling daughter Natasha..........

Yes my baby girl is a ¼ of a century old today.......................

This time 25yrs ago I was chilling at home looking after my precious daughter Kathy-Lee wondering if Natasha would ever be born she was 14 days over due and I was so over being pregnant. Then at around 7pm my water broke, we rang my mum and told her we would be dropping Kathy-Lee off and heading for the hospital which was like a 20 minute drive. I was having contractions but they were not that bad at the time but thankfully the labour didn't drag on she was born at 11pm that night, weighing 7lb 13oz she was the biggest of all my babies but is the shortest of all my daughters............lol

Natasha was my wild child the rebel in the family she was the daughter who caused me to have sleepless nights worrying about her but she has grown into such an amazing woman and is a wonderful mother and I am very proud of the women she has grown into. Yes I still worry about her she is struggling to cope money wise and suffers from stress and in my opinion depression but she will not talk to anyone about her depression and stress and I can't make her all I can do is be here for her.........................
 Remember Natasha that both mummy and daddy love you more then words can express............


  1. How cool? Tell her a perfect stranger wished her a Happy Birthday!
    Hmm, now that I read that, it seems kinda creepy. So, you may not want to tell her.
    Your call.

  2. Happy birthday to Natasha! You have every right to be one proud mama.

  3. Hi Al.............She is standing behind me I have just told her that a complete stranger told he happy birthday and she said to tell you thank you..........

    Hi Shelly......Told her that you wish he happy birthday and she said to tell you thank you............

  4. Happy Birthday Natasha! what a sweet post JO-Anne!
    Blessings, Joanne

  5. Happy birthday to your sweet girl. :) You have a wonderful family.

  6. Natasha is lovely. Happy Birthday, Natasha!


  7. Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter

  8. Happy Birthday Natasha. That's a nice post you wrote about her.

  9. Hi Joanne, Barb, Janie, Crystal, Mynx
    I passed on you birthday wishes to my daughter and she was quite pleased that she got birthday wishes from people she has never meet.......

  10. My best birthday wishes, as well.

  11. Happy Belated Birthday, Natasha! You are a beautiful young woman and now is the time to enjoy your life as an adult. Yes, it comes with many responsibilities that can overwhelm us at times, but we also enjoy so many more freedoms and can mostly determine our own destiny. So, turning 25 is a quite a milestone on ones journey through life. Your Mum and Dad clearly adore you and sound so supportive and loving. You really are lucky to have this stability in your life. So many young adults do not enjoy a close and loving family life. I wish you good health, happiness and many rich blessings in the year ahead. May you claim the fullness of who you are in this year of your life. Allow it to be an extraordinary year for you!

  12. Desiree.......I have copied you comment and posted it on her facebook page so I know she will get to read it. I want to thank you for such a lovely comment



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