Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Playing in the toilet leads to this.....................

Since yesterday was Natasha's birthday and I did a birthday post for her I still have Natasha on my mind so I will share with you a little something else about my darling daughter................
This happpened when she was in primary school I can't remember what year she was in at the moment but I do remember her doing this........................
Ok I get a letter sent home from the school one day telling me that we had to pay $300 to have a toilet replaced, because it had been broked my my daughter Natasha. I was like what the hell when did this happen, how come no one had told me that she had broken a toliet so I go to the school early in the afternoon to speak to the principal about it. He tells me that a week or so earlier she was playing in the toilets and fell/jumped from the top of a stall and broke a toilet and that we had to pay to have it fixed. I said NO we would not be paying for it, he tells me that she has been playing in the toilets for a while now and had been told not to do so on a number of occassions and now something has been broken and we have to pay....................
I still said NO if she had been getting into trouble for playing in the toilets and it was a problem then I should had been told about it ages ago before something was broken, I felt that I was unable to address the problem as I had not been told about it.
When asked if she was the only child to be playing in the toilet at the time I am told that she has been hanging out with Samantha E****S and when I asked if Samanthas parents had recieved a bill he had spoken to her mother. However as it turned out they had not issue a bill to Samantha's mother, Samantha is my niece so it was easy for me to find out. Natasha was consided the ring leader and the one who had to be held resposable
The principal gave me the bill and said we had to pay for it and I remember grapping it and saying we will see............. I came home and contacted the Education Dept and also rang my sister who knew nothing about the problem. That afternoon I get a phone call from the school telling me that we no longer had to pay the bill.
The Education Dept said we should had been contacted earlier if there was a problem


  1. Who plays in toilets? Is that a photo of the actual toilet that she supposedly broke? This is so wild and crazy. I'm happy they didn't make you pay for it. All too often, school personnel don't inform parents about the trouble their children are in, so it comes as quite a shock to the parents when the trouble becomes serious. But what about now? Does she still play in toilets? tee hee


  2. UGH KIDS!!!! The trouble that they get into is incredible. They should have definitely called you earlier. and wow I am shocked that she didn't get hurt!
    Blessings, Joanne

  3. As the former Director of a preschool I know that this is ridiculous. You cannot charge a parent for damage like that, especially without well documented proof that you have contacted the parents about ongoing issues with their child playing in said bathroom. How ridiculous. Besides you'd have to do some SERIOUS damage over an extended period of time to an already cracked and weakened toilet to get it to do that! glad she wasn't hurt.

  4. I bet they were just hanging around in there because either it was cold outside, it was a way to pass time because they were so bored or something else... still it makes you wonder why no one was surpervising the toliets or why no one contacted you first saying there was a problem. I see it in schools all the time where one child gets labelled and whether or not they were involved they never get asked, they just get accused. Still I'm glad you didn't have to pay.

  5. Great story. Reminds us how kids can certainly provide parents with blogging material years later!! Lol.

  6. Amazing the sheer amout of people we "put in charge" that will screw us over given half a chance. Just read on another blog a child forced to eat the school lunch (and pay for it) when the "lunch patrol decided that a turkey sandwich, juice, an apple, a cookie and some chips were "not healthy enough". Tell me that wasn't just a way to "fill the quota" at the expense of a child. Sounds like the same case here.

  7. Janie............The photo is one I found on line it wasn't that bad it was the top that was broken and the bowl was cracked........She was luck she wasn't hurt and does she still play in toilets....not that I know

    Joanne......The photo is one I found on line it wasn't that bad it was the top that was broken and the bowl was cracked and she was lucky, the school didn't even ring me after it happened they just sent a bill......

    Jewels.......The photo is one I found on line it wasn't that bad it was the top that was broken and the bowl was cracked. Yes the principal was in the wrong and I wish I knew what the Education Dept said to him. If we had know she was doing such things we would have tried to deal with it and stop the behaviour.

    Bubbles.......When I asked why they were plaing in the toilets she said because she was just something to
    They would climb on top of the stall walls and sit and talk to each other and when the bell rang or a teacher was coming they jumped down and one day the top of the toilet broke and made a lot of noise..........We were glad we didn't have to pay too........

    Green Girl........The photo is one I found on line it wasn't that bad it was the top that was broken and the bowl was cracked

    Barb......Yes I this incident just popped into my head yesterday so thought I would share.....

    CW.........Oh how stict some schools are now about what children eat is bloody annoying we have some schools here that have food police checking out each childs lunch box

  8. I still need to read everyone else's comments, but wanted to quickly add my own immediate response on reading this:
    That toilet looked pretty smashed up. Assuming she had fallen on to it and broken it that badly, she would most certainly have been badly bruised and possibly even bleeding in some places, which you would most certainly (presumably) have noticed as soon as she got home from school.

  9. OK, I've now read the other comments and see from yours that the toilet wasn't that badly damaged :)
    When I was at school, we had teachers on 'playground duty'. They had to monitor places like toilets to ensure no one hung around there to get up to anything.


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