Sunday, 19 February 2012

Yesterday was a lazy type of day for me for the most part it was just me and Leo as papa left for work at 1pm and he didn't get out of bed till like 9.30am and of course both me and Leo where in bed asleep by the time he got home from work last night and he is still in bed now and both me and Leo have been up since 7am.

Jessica has gone to visit a friend in Cassino the town not the place to visit a friend  she left Friday evening on the 6.30pm train and will return Monday evening at 6.30pm she took the night train up and is getting the day train home so I don't have to go and get her at Yes it's a 9hr train ride.

I did manage to do a couple of loads of washing yesterday but when I was out getting the washing off the line in the afternoon Leo got hold of Tim's tape measure and broke it and I bet Tim will be annoyed when he gets up he pulled it all the way out so the tape measure and the holder ended up in two bits............

Last night while he was in the bath he was making a lot of noise and I went to see what was wrong and nothing was wrong he was just having fun, I asked him to not make so much noise but of course that didn't stop him so I go in a second time to see him and when I try to talk to him he just ignores me so I got annoyed and snapped at him and he started to cry..............he said he wanted his mum and asked me to ring her which I did and he asked her over and over to come home he said nanny would go and get her and bring her home.

This upset Jessica and made her want to come home and hold him but that wasn't an option and of course he was upset too but after he hung up the phone he went in and watched Scooby Doo and was ok.

So what do I have planned for today well I want/need a bath didn't get one last night with Leo and I have to wash the towels and put away yesterdays laundry and of course and I think I will read some blogs and well I have no idea what else I will do maybe papa has plans we will see.

Although right at the moment I have no desire to go out maybe I will go over and see my parents but only maybe, right now I will finish this and then go see to the laundry..............


  1. Its nice to spend time with the grandchildren but sometimes you do feel tired/cranky when you haven't haven't had enough time to yourself so maybe thats why you snapped. Still at least everything was ok afterwards.

  2. I think you're very patient so getting upset once certainly won't harm Leo, especially if he can be distracted by Scooby Doo.


  3. LOL - you've made me tired just reading all you've done!
    hope you've had a good weekend!

  4. Well the first thing that pops into my semi-demented mind is that Jo-Anne named her blog right because she does ramble but then again ramblin' ain't all that bad in fact it is kinda' nice for a change now I think I too will go watch some Scooby Doo and try to get in the mood for some serious sack time well enough for now dear friend see ya tomorrow and don't let the bed bugs bite.

  5. Bubbles...........I only snapped because he wouldn't look at me and listen to what I was saying but I get over things pretty quick.

    Janie.....Yeah it didn't really bother Leo that I snapped at him and I was over it moments after I snapped

    Teresa......Today turned out to be a busier day then I thought it would be papa decided it would be good to take Leo to the park followed by Macca's for lunch then over to Aunty Tasha's he will stay there tonight........

    Clint......Yes I do ramble at times thanks for dropping by hope you come back again......took Leo to the park to day and now he is at his aunts for the night, he does love Scooby Doo it is one of his favourite shows.....



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