Monday, 27 February 2012

Monday's Tim's Day

I remember when I was around 18 my nan asking me what type of man I would like as a boyfriend at the time I just shrugged and said I  had no idea, because I thought my answer would sound silly......................

I wanted a man just like my dad and guess what I got one yes Tim is very much like my dad and the older Tim gets the more like dad he gets..................

That said Tim isn't as talented as dad he can't fix anything and everything like my dad can and he isn't as generous as dad is all the time but Tim has his moments were he can be generous just not on a dad to day basis............Like dad Tim has always worked hard to support his family.

Tim doesn't remind me in any way of his father which is just good with Tim as he doesn't want to be anything like his own father.............Yes Tim does look a bit like his father but that is as far as any likeness That said Tim does have hazel eyes just like my dad..........

So I guess wanting to marry a man just like my dad wasn't so silly after all.


  1. Your dad and Tim sound like good fellows.

  2. To each his own Jo-Anne. Whatever makes you happy!

  3. I'm glad he turned out to be almost what you wanted :)...

  4. Shelly......Yes they are great guys and I consider myself to be lucky to have them in my life.

    Barb......Yes I am happy

    Bubbles.....Yes for the most part I am happy with Tim and I am still in love with him



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