Monday, 20 February 2012

Monday is Tim's Day

So Monday has rolled around again and that means time to talk about my wonderful loving husband Tim...............

Tim is only 5'2" tall and thinks that is a bad thing he often thinks people think less of him because he is short and has often said he wishes he was taller. He seems to think he will have a better life if he was taller.

I have told him that isn't the case for one thing he wouldn't have me if he was taller as I have no desire to be with a man who is a lot taller than me. Now I know there has been times certain people he words with have made stupid ass comments about him being short such as this: "do you have training wheels for that" this comment was made when the guy saw Tim's motorbike and this bothered Tim for a long time when he told me about the comment all I said was what an asshole................

I was hoping that as he aged he would become less sensitive about him height but no that hasn't happen. I know some people do not think there is such a thing as small man syndrome but I do think there is and I feel that Tim has it, of course he doesn't think he has such a thing.............

Maybe the reason I am not bothered by his height is because I am also short and I come from a family of short


  1. I'm 5'6" and am shorter than everyone in my family (including the two kids and Mrs. Penwasser). It really doesn't bother me. I just have fun with it. Just because Tim is shorter than average doesn't mean he's less of a man.
    And coming from a family of short asses is better than coming from a family of smart asses! ;-)

  2. I never would have guessed he was short from his photos but its like most things, peoples negatives comments put people down. Like if you buy a dress you absolutely love, it takes one negative comment and you end up seeing things that aren't there so in the end you don't wear it. Its such a shame Tim feels like that :(.

    You got the stickers on my blog, I have your address so hopefully I'll post them sometime during the week (when everyone gets in touch with addresses).

  3. Hi Al......I do not think being short makes anyone less of a man and somewhere inside Tim knows the same thing but still has this problem with thinking people are looking down on him...........

    Hi Bubbles........The only one in my family who has a problem with Tim being short is use though he is just adverage height as we are all around the same height...Looking forward to getting the stickers....

  4. Ya know sometimes some issues remain they just are hidden deep within the crevices of our hearts until a hard enough rain comes and washes them out ....I'm short also ...

  5. I'm of average height -- 5'5". At this stage in the game, I think we need to get used to our bodies. We're not going to play in the NBA; we're going to shrink as we get older and older and older.


  6. You're funny Jo-Anne. Your husband is very lucky to have you. You are good and kind to him and obviously uplift his spirits.

    People say really stupid things sometimes. I hate that some idiot said soemthing that has affected him for so long. It is hard to push away insecurities.

  7. It's got to be so much tougher for men to be short. They put so much value on size.

  8. Hi Janie......You would tower over and I think one day I may get called little nanna....I had a little nanna she was my dad's grandmother and she was so tiny only coming up to my chest...........

    Hi Crystal........Me funny???? really I do try to make him feel better about himself and I think I am making so headway.......

    HiGreen Girl.......Yeah I think it is harder for men to deal with being short, I think shorter men need to rememeber that they are still men and if they are caring and loving then that goes a long way some of the taller men I have meet have been real jackassess.....



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