Tuesday, 21 February 2012

About Jo-Anne Tuesday..............Being Short

Ok so since yesterday I told you all about hubby being short I will share today that he is taller then me yes I am only 4'11" or 150 cm tall I think 150cm is 4'11" but when I just went to check the conversion chart on site said that I was only 4'9" what the hell I have always thought I was 4'11" so I went to another site and it said I was 4'11" so I am happy now.............so in fact most people are taller then me and you know what this doesn't bother me at all and it never has............see I told you I was a short ass.................lol

I am taller than my sister Jeannie who is only 4'7" I think she is that tall right at this moment I can't remember if she is as tall as Natasha or shorter then her.................I know Natasha is 4'7" or 140cm tall..........

My dad is only 5'2" and mum is I think 5'4" she is a little taller then dad and a couple of years older............the tallest member of my family is my brother David who is about 5'10" or around  178cm tall.  The adverage height in my family is around 5' I do think Dawson will be fairly talk he is only 12 and nearly as tall as his dad but his mum is tall also so no shock there............

Even though I am only short I have never thought of myself as being small this is me it is who I am and I am happy with me people can take me or leave me and I don't let taller people push in front of  me. There was a time a few years ago I was out at a club and went up to the bar I am waiting to be served and this really tall guy walks up behind me and speaks over me to the barman and I pipe up and say "being taller then me doesn't mean you can serve him first" " I was here before him I'm short not invisiable".....................lol
See this it is raining here today hasn't stopped since I got up in fact I do not think it has stopped since around 6pm yesterday and of curse I have to go out this afternoon, it is the type of day where I would rather just stay home curled up watching telly or reading a book.......................or sleeping is always good too..............


  1. I am fairly tall (5'9") and there are times I wish to be short. I think we all just make the best of what we are since we certainly can't change it much.

  2. i'm 6 ft, but my grandma was 4' 11" too. actually most of the women in my family are short and the men are tall........go figure! lol
    i will say till the day she died it was "yes maam" right or wrong if i'd been a smart alec i'd had to bend down and she'd had to tippy toe to smack me in the head! lmao i miss that woman!!!!

  3. Good for you for not letting tall people take over the world. You would probably laugh at my son. He's 6'4". I've always said I wish he had grown one more inch so he'd be exactly one foot taller than I am.


  4. Hi Shelly.......God made some of us tall and some of us short if we can accept that we are the way we are ment to be the we will be happy

    Hi Timothy......That brings a smile to my face I can just imagne your grandma making you bend for a smack.....

    Hi Janie......I have no problem with a person being really tall unles that person is like my brother in-law he is really tall like 6'6" and he likes to try and intimate people who are shorter then himself......never worked me me or really anyone in this family

  5. Hi Jo-Anne! I've been visiting regularly and enjoying all of your posts, especially learning more about you and Tim. I was having problems with leaving comments on several sites, yours included, but it seems to have cleared up now, thankfully :)

    I am on the tall side at 5' 7 3/4" (1.71 m) and while in junior high school, I was the tallest in my class (boys and girls), but the boys all overtook me height-wise by the time we reached the final two years of schooling. All of my girlfriends have always been shorter than I and that actually gave me a bit of a complex. I always felt so gangly and awkward standing beside them. I'm well over that now. These days I actually seem shorter in crowds and both of my children are taller than I am, my son, considerably so. A very dear and long standing friend of mine is just on 5' and her hubby, about an inch taller. Their son is taller than both of them, but their daughter is tiny. She actually fitted into a shoebox for a couple of months after birth.

  6. Dearest Jo-Ann,
    Oh, you are way taller than me, haha.
    I am only 140cm tall. And always have had complex. I always use stool to take things in the high places. I wrote about it in my post before. I sometimes got invisible behind the tall people, lol

    Love you always, xoxo Miyako*

  7. Hey lady. I am 5.4 and my daughter and sister are only 5.3. My mom always says good things come in small packages. I tend to agree. :) Have a great day lady.

  8. Desiree........Sorry to hear you have had some trouble commenting that would piss me off........I think it would suck being taller then most when in school as kids can be so cruel and school is the place you want to just blend in..........

    Orchid......I'm taller then someone wow yes it is easy to feel invisible when standing behind someone who is taller then us......what bothers me is when taller people try to push in it is as if they think because they are taller then me they can be served first........now I am not saying all tall people are like that most are not.......

    Craziness abounds........Yes I agree great things come in small packages but I also say that explosive things come in small packages...........lol because I have a short fuse......lol

  9. My parents and siblings are all short. I somehow managed to reach the average height for women, which I believe is 5'4". I must confess I don't give much thought to my height. I worry much more about my weight!



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