Sunday, 12 February 2012

Good Idea............

Sometimes hubby has good ideas even if at the time the he has said idea I am not all that keen on it.

One such idea was to have our clothes dryer outside............yes it is outside under cover but still outside and now I do like that it is outside................

Why you ask do I like having to go outside to place my clothes in the dryer, well I will tell you it's because on days like yesterday when I get up and it is raining and I do the washing sometimes by the time I have to go and place the clothes in the dryer it has stopped raining but it is still overcast. If the dryer was in the laundry I would just take the clothes and shove them in the dryer but by having to go outside to use the dryer I will go out and change my mind and peg the clothes on the line anyway..................I do prefer to peg my clothes on the line to dry.

Another good idea he had was many years ago he bought a fax machine this was back before email was so common and when he did I thought when will we use a fax machine but as it turned out we used it a lot a real lot........................


  1. I LOVE line dried clothes- the way they smell is wonderful. Line dried sheets are the best. Your hubby is a smart man-

  2. Hi Shelly...........I also love the smell of freshly line dryed sheets...

  3. i don't have a dryer so always hang them out. except if it's very wet they go on a rack in the spare room. they don't take long to dry in there.

  4. Nothing like the smell of freshly dried laundry on the line. Can't ever get that from a dryer.

  5. Clothes dried outside in the sunshine. Nothing better than that. Unless you live in Newark, New Jersey.
    Thumbs up to hubby!

  6. I'm glad Tim has pleased you. I have a FAX machine now and never use it. If I'd had it during my divorce, it would have been very helpful. I can also scan on it. I had to send tons of documents to my lawyer so he had to receive them by snail mail or I had to pay a small fortune to have them faxed. I don't have a clothes line, so I'm glad my dryer is where it belongs -- in the laundry room. I can just imagine putting up a clothes line and seeing the dogs jump up and pull down the clean laundry. They would think it great fun.


  7. Hi Yevisha......Even though I have always had a dryer I have never been one to use it a lot and would often peg clothes on a clothes rack in the dinning room over night when my girls were little......

    Hi Barb........I agree clothes dryed in the dryer do not smell as good....

    Hi Becca.....Yes he does......often

    Hi Al.........Yep I think hubby has a number of good ideas

    Hi Janie.......Tim often pleases me and yes I know I will often winge and bitch about him here but he does have good ideas and I love him so I am allowed to complain about

  8. Line dried cottons are the best......glad hubbies get it right some times.


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