Tuesday, 7 February 2012

About Jo-Anne Tuesday.......................

I pride myself on being non-judgemental, I think too many people are too quick to judge others and if people could accept that everyone is different and we do not all have to agree with each other then there would be less fighting in the world. 

Now just because I do not judge others doesn’t mean I agree with everything someone says to me or how different people in my life act or live their lives but it is their life and everyone is allowed to live their own life however they see fit.

Tim has a bad habit of expecting our daughters to see things our way but they are adults and don’t and he will go on about how they should be doing certain things and not doing other things. He things Natasha should kick Adrian to the curb because he has no income and is living off her and she has no money is in drowning in debt but when I try and tell him that he is allowed his own opinion but can’t tell a 25yr old woman what to do he gets annoyed with me and thinks I am against him.
He seems to think that they should do things his way because his way it the right way and will judge those who do things different or have a different way of life.

I believe there is only one true judge and that is our Lord, yes there are other judges those whose job it is to pass judgement on people who break the law but I am not one of those people so I do not judge…………


  1. So true. I need to think this way more often ;)

  2. I do like your viewpoints. But, it is hard as a parent when we see someone taking advantage of our kids, even though they are adults. Maybe that's what your husband is feeling with that-

  3. i agree in theory unless he's helping her finacially then he has a right to his input. there's a fine line between being nonjudgemental/supportive and being an enabler. plus families are always a cumlative thing and not just the issue at hand.

  4. I made a special effort to raise my children to be independent. That means I have to accept the decisions they make. Occasionally I make a suggestion to them and even less often I question them about what they're doing. It doesn't mean I'm totally non-judgmental, but it does mean I try to keep my mouth shut.


  5. Shelly's and Timothy have expressed my feelings perfectly, Jo-Anne.

  6. Good post! I agree there is but one JUST JUDGE ...he sees all of our heart and sentences us to Mercy and Grace....within the boundaries of His Love Light and Life....

  7. Very good post Jo-Anne. We cannot make our kids think our way and do things the way we do it. They have to learn, albeit, the hard way. My guess is that Tim didn't listen to his parents when he was 25. It's hard though because we just want what's best for our kids.

  8. I agree with you about the one true judge. It's hard to live in this world sometimes, isn't it? People can be so harsh.

  9. Hi Elisabeth......I agree 100%

    Hi Shelly......Yes it is hard I know that it has taken me a long time to get to the point where I can keep my mouth shut.......

    Hi Tim.......Yes I know he has a right for his imput when he is offering to help her get out of debt but he has often will say something that makes it worse..........

    Hi Janie......Yes we have to learn when to keep our mouths shut because if we say something it will only make matters worse or drive a wedge between parent and child and Natasha is a head strong girl........

    Hi Desiree.....Yes they have made good points...

    Hi Rhonda........Happy you liked the post and it took me a while to get it worded right and I still think I have not got it right.....

    Hi Barb.......NO Tim didn't listen to his parents at 25 or in fact not much since he left home at 18. I know he just wants whats best for his girls but sometimes he just can't get that you can't make them do things your way.......

    Hi Crystal.......Yes some people are too harsh I think at times



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