Thursday, 2 February 2012

Worst childhood moment

When you look back on your childhood is there any particular moment that you think of as the worst moment of your childhood………………………………….

When I look back on mine I am pretty lucky in that I can’t remember any bad moments unless you count my school years……………….lol I have some really good moments which I will talk about in later posts.

I did not enjoy school at all it was a place I had to go and for the most part I would often just lose myself in a book during recess or lunch time, yes I had some friends who I would hang around with if I had a choice I would rather be in the library.

Yes I was teased and picked on a lot at school and did not think of myself as being pretty and often would think I was dumb even though I was near the top of the class but then I was in the second glass from the bottom, we had grades that went A, B, C & D and I was in a C glass with some really thick kids…………………


  1. My worst childhood memories were being bullied. It went on for years and stopped completely only when I changed schools .
    Blessings, Joanne

  2. I was also really blessed in that I had a wonderful childhood. My cousins and I often talk about the fact that we were pretty poor (everyone in our town was), but we never knew it. We built forts, cut trails in the woods, played down by the creek, jumped on trampolines, held our own olympics, etc. We had a ball every day.

    Sometimes I worry that I was a bully in junior high, because I definitely recall some of my friends being mean to a few of the nerdy kids, but I didn't specifically act hateful to any of them, so hopefully they didn't lump me in with the rest.

  3. My worst childhood moments would be the deaths of some of my pets. Growing up on a farm, I had many of them and some dies by getting run over, or even a wild animal killing them.

  4. A good book makes a huge difference when you need to escape.

  5. my worst childhood memory was when i was told i had renal failure and wouldn't see 18 glad i proved them wrong

  6. I always felt alone in school. I had one or two friends but mostly I felt like no one heard me or that I was invisible.

  7. I have some childhood memories of the entire class laughing at me because I made a mistake of everyone yelling at me because I wasn't good at sports. It sucks being a kid.


  8. Hi Joanne.......Yes being bullied is not nice it was a big reason why I was timid at school but I never let on to my parents how much I hated school I just went day in and day out........

    Hi Bea.....Yeah I enjoyed wondering the streets when I was little I would walk to the shops on my own like nearly every day now days parents are to scared to let their children wonder down to the shops.

    You sound like some of the girls I went to school with they didn't really pick on me but hang around with some of the girls who did.

    Hi Shelly.....Damn I never thought of the time my dog "Lady" died she was hit by a car out the front of my house the day we where moving I was 17 at the time and now I remember how upset I was...........

    Hi Green Girl.......Yes reading was a great escape and still is I love to read......

    Hi Becca....I can't imaagie how a person deals when they get told something like that, I will tell you that I for one am happy you are still around......

    Hi Barb......Oh I can so relate to that I have grown so much in the years after leaving school.....

  9. Hi Janie.....I also sucked at sport and when I was in primary I would get teased a lot when I was made to play sport which is why I think I ended up hating sport so much.....

  10. Not being given a chance to just play without it being a huge competition ruins sports for a lot of people. Then we don't ever want to play sports again. And it's a shame because being on a team allows one to meet new people and stay physically fit.


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