Saturday, 4 February 2012

Best Childhood Memory

Ok I have shared with everyone my worst moment as a child so now I tell you a bit about my best moment as a child well ok it is more like my best moments as there are more than one moment.
One of the earliest memories I have as a child is going for a drive with my dad on Blacksmiths beach and we got bogged I don’t remember how we got the car out I just remember being with dad and getting stuck in the sand………….and of course that was back before mobile phones……………lol

Another great memory I have is of Christmas Days spent at my grandparents’ house we would go to their house around 10am Christmas morning and stay until around 2pm nan would make a great baked lunch with all the trimmings I really miss those  lunches…………

These are just two memories I have there are many as I had an awesome childhood………………

So who else has great memories of their childhood?


  1. I used to love Christmas at my grandparents too. And the Driving holidays we would take to great places

  2. Mine are always in the summer, being outside with the sun shinning on my face and feeling comfortable.

  3. Nice to see those old photos today. My favourite memories are of summer to, and being outside and playing in the sunshine. Summers seemed to go on forever in those days!!

  4. I kinda bet dear ol' dad thought that first incident was a "day at the beach", eh?

  5. I remember the Christmas when I got the doll I really wanted plus a carriage for her. And the summers we would spend a few days in my aunt's cottage at a lake. When the weather was nice, swimming in the lake was glorious. We built sand castles on the beach.


  6. We took great car trips. Visiting the grandparents or mini getaways to historic places. My love of travel came from my parents taking us to exciting places. Great post.

  7. Hi Mynx.........We had some great holidays too, and I often think about Christmas at nan & pops......

    Hi Bubbles.......Yes I remember playing outside during the summer months when I would leave the house first thing in the morning and not come home till late afternoon.......

    Hi Thisisme.....Yes the old photos are cool, and I agree summer seems to go by faster now days.....

    Hi CW.......Yes dad has great memories of those days too we would often go for a drive along the beach just me and dad.........

    Hi Janie......My daughter Kathy remembers the Christmas when she didn't get the doll she wanted....

    Hi Barb......When I was a child we always went on holiday ever year after Chrismas

  8. Dearest Jo-Ann,
    Lovely pictures when you were young♡♡♡
    My father played outside the door often and took us sea during summer. I DO respect him as a father loved us a lot. Lots of sweet memories with him.
    Love you always, xoxo Miyako

  9. Hi Miyako........Our dads are so special to us girls there is a special bond between a father and daughter well I think so anyway.....



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