Tuesday, 1 May 2012

1 Question and Me Having A Rant..............

First up tomorrow is Wednesday so if anyone has a question they would like to aske me for 1 Question Wednesday feel free to ask away..................

Secondly last night I was feeling like shit nothing serious just very very tired and needed an early night which I had, I was in bed at 6.15pm yes you read that right 6.15pm and I was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

I would love to say I had a great nights sleep but that isn't so, I had a terrible nights sleep I was up and down all night running to the toilet and ended getting up at 7am. Today I am feeling great and I hope that tonight I sleep better.

Anyway when I got up this morning what do I see the kitchen is a mess and that made me think how bloody hard is it to put dishes in the dishwasher and put the toasted sandwich maker away along with the chip fryer away.

While reading blogs this morning the amazing Simple Dude http://thesimpledude.com wrote a blog about dirty dishes and dirty clothes. See great minds think alike, stop laughing maybe my mind isn't as great as The Simple Dudes but it is pretty great..........if I do say so myself........................

Which brings me to dirty clothes why is it that some people do not know how to put their dirty clothes in the dirty clothes basket, it took me a long time to get hubby to start using it on a regular basis but only by having more then one basket. There is one in the bathroom and one in the bedroom but that doesn't help when he takes his shoes and socks off in his office, as he will just leave them laying on the ground in front of the telly...........

While I am having a bitch I will continue on with why is it so bloody hard for Tim to return the small table that we have in the lounge room that is next to my arm chair to it's spot after he has used it. This really pisses me off and when I say something to him he will just look at me or make some stupid ass comment which just pisses me off more.................................

Talking about stupid annoying comments Tim has a habit of making stupid comments while we are watching the news at night, comments about our Prime Minister annoy me not because I like her as I don't but because Tim has a habit of wasting his vote. He will write something stupid on his ballot or fills it out wrong just to be a smart ass and that is a wasted vote as it isn't counted. I feel if you don't bother to have your say when voting by voting the right way they you don't have the right to make stupid ass comments about our polititions. He will also make stupid comments about the Royal Family and I happen to like the Royal Family and would rather him just keep his mouth shut and say nothing.........................

He also complains that I am always saying I am not feeling 100% which yes some weeks I do say it a bit but I don't think I complain as much as he thinks I do....................sometimes I think it is just better to say nothing that way he will not make some silly comment that will piss me off.............


  1. Sorry you had such a bad night Jo-Anne.
    Everything seems so much worse when we're tired..... I know all too well.....
    Hope you sleep better tonight.

  2. I have a question for you. I love Australia and want to visit there someday. What is something you can tell someone like me about your wonderful country?

  3. You make me glad I live with a cat! She may not listen to me, either, but she also doesn't make messes or smart aleck comments while I watch TV. ;)

  4. sorry he's snarky sometimes, mayhaps you should talk about it when you're no annoyed just as a general discussion. i know from personal experience the "little" stuff bothers me much more athan the big stuff! hope you got a glorious nights sleep and have a great week.............as for a Q, did you watch the return to eden mini-series and series. i saw the original movie as a wee lad and LOVED it, only found out they made a series today when i was checking on dvds i'd like to have. alas tis not available in my region!

  5. Your blog is fun. I love how you jump from sibject to subject and ramble. You write the way I think. :)

    I hope you get more sleep too. Lack of sleep makes me so grumpy!!

  6. Like Crystal, I love it how you just jump from one subject to another, so your blog title is very apt! Hee Hee!! Sorry to hear you were feeling so tired. Hope you'll feel brighter again very soon. Isn't it just awful though, when you go down to the kitchen if you haven't been feeling too good, and someone leaves a mess! I think my hubby thinks that we have fairies in our house to always clear up after him. I really do think it's the little things that get to us more than the big things. Onwards and upwards my friend!!

  7. I hear ya! It is so depressing to go into the kitchen and there are things on the table that the kids took out from the fridge that they didn't put back. UGH! hang in there! hope you get a better nights sleep tonight.
    Blessings, Joanne

  8. Some days just need to start with prayer....I find if I start a day w/out first seeking the Prince of Peace....I have NO PEACE...wink wink.....Have a good one

  9. Sorry you feel like shit I would too if I went to bed at 6:15 and didn't sleep and had the trots and on top of that my spouse was a slob there I said it please don't delete me as a friend because I love you.

  10. Oh dear... Have you ever had a nice, quiet talk... About the things which he does, which bother you? And visa-versa?

    It might not *work,* the first time. But could you try it, another time?

    'Cause these *little* irritations really get-under-our-skin....

    "Among the changing months,
    May stands confest
    The sweetest,
    and in fairest colors dressed"

    ~James Thomson

  11. Hi Jo-Anne! I'll be back later today to comment on your rant, but I bet you're feeling much better now, venting helps! :-)

    My question for you... If you were given a million dollars that you were to use to do something that would have a long-lasting effect on your community, what would you do with it?

  12. I'm glad you're feeling better.

    I'm so glad the kids are still in the house, I'm not sure what will happen once they leave because they are in charge of cleaning up after dinner....it will have to go over to Devin after that.

    As for the voting - I'm right there with you! Don't waste your vote!! And, if you don't vote, don't complain!!!

  13. Have you ever noticed that when you aren't feeling great, stuff bugs you a whole lot more, and everyone seems to be behaving their worst? And if you find one mess left for you to clean up, by the time you get to the second issue or third, you're steaming! I had to laugh because I find myself getting easily worked up if people are being inconsiderate too. It is not uncommon for women in the family to be mistaken for maid service. Set 'em straight! :-)) And I so agree with you about using your voting ballot wisely. If you want to make a statement, do it in a way that counts!!

  14. sorry to hear you had a rough night and I agree how hard is it to put dishes in a dishwasher and dirty clothes in a hamper seriously not that difficult.hugs feel better

  15. I once put my daughter's dirty socks in her lunchbox with a note that read "they don't belong here either!" That got her to stop leaving them all over the house (for a little while anyway!) I think the hubby is a lost cause!

  16. What a wonderful funny idea, Lolamouse! That made me laugh, and it made the point too!!

  17. Madeleines........Last night I slept much better then I did the night before

    Shelly.......Thanks for the question I will answer it in todays post

    Rita....Yes sometimes I think it is better when we just live with pets.....lol

    Tim.....I have tried to talk to Tim about his comments but he just doesn't get how annoying they are but I still love him anyway.....lol

    Crystal....Thanks, most of the time I don't have any trouble sleeping

    Diane.....Yes I remember when my girls were little they thought the house fairy came and cleaned up while mum watched telly......lol

    Joanne.....Thankfully I don't have trouble sleeping most nights.I always clean my kitchen before I go to bed which is why I get annoyed when I get up and it's a mess.

    Rhonda.....Yes saying a little prayer first thing of a morning sounds like a good idea.

    Clint.......When you say it like that it is no wonder I have shit days.......lol

    "Auntie" sezzzzzz..Yes I have tried talking to him but it didn't work but I love him anyway.....

    Josie.......You are right when I have had a bad night which thankfully isn't very often I am not in the best mood and little things can piss me off.

    Elsie.......I have always been the one to clean up the house but I doubt that comes as any surprise

    Becca.......On the rare and I mean rare occassion hubby will put his dirty dishes in the dishwasher and it comes a a bit of shock to me ......lol

  18. Lolamouse.....I wish I had thought to do that when my girls were little that is just so funny amd really makes a point..........

  19. Ah, I live with a guy who doesn't understand how to load a dishwasher or how to toss dirty laundry into a hamper. Or turn off lights.


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