Saturday, 26 May 2012

Friday Roundup On A Saturday or I Love Pic Monkey

Ok didn’t post yesterday it was a long busy day but I did make recordings of things I wanted to write about stuff like how I just discovered how great pic monkey   is I retouched a heap of photos and yes I will be going back and doing a heap more these are just a couple of the before and after photos I have done…………………………..

Also yesterday for the first time in many years I had to get up and drive Tim to work thankfully it wasn’t really early 6.30am, he didn’t want to ride the bike as it has been bitterly cold of a morning and when he rides the bike by the time he gets to work he feels frozen…………………..I didn’t have to go and get him in the afternoon he caught the bus home.

A few months ago when we started to have trouble with Leo at day care I commented that I thought part of the problem was the new director Hanna, now Hanna is a lovely woman but to me it seemed that the problems started after she started their so I wondered if Leo was clashing with her. Well yesterday Jessica rings me after she dropped him off and told me she thought I might have been right as Leo was is a great mood until he saw Hanna and then his mood changed in snap so now she agrees a bit more that it may be a bit of  personality clash between Leo and Hanna.

I forgot to mention last Friday that I wore my boots for the first time in 18-24 months when I put on the weight my feet got fat and I could no longer get them on well now they are fitting just fine again although by the time I got home my feet hurt like hell…………………lol Does hell hurt or is it just hot…….lol

 I also wore my hearing aids yesterday morning and bloody hell it was noisy at the square I took them out after I parted ways with my parents and it did feel good to have the noise level drop…………….lol

It has been bloody cold here the last few days and nights but Tim doesn’t think it is cold enough to dig out the heater and have it on at night but I do…………….anyway I have been wearing two pairs of socks, in fact I have two pairs on now and I have my warm dressing gown over me while watching TV at night.

Also thought I would include a couple of photos of me with my hair up……………………neither of which are


  1. glad you're havin fun with the photos. i forget in other parts of the world it's getting cold as were getting hot! lol and i like the photos untouched too! have a great week and stay warm! lol

  2. Tim.......Yes I am having fun with pic monkey and as for staying warm I will

  3. I have no clue how to retouch or change photos in any way...or edit videos, either. Kudos to you!

    That's a dead giveaway that Leo doesn't get along with Hanna! Bummer! :(

    My grandma used to turn her hearing aids down a lot--LOL! My hearing is on the poor side, but I don't have hearing aides yet. I just have to turn the TV up a little louder and ask people to repeat themselves sometimes...but it runs in the family...along with being nearsighted. ;)

    Stay warm!! :)

  4. Editing pics is a really fun pastime, and can be addicting!

    As for Leo, there really might be something to what you say. Have you all had a talk with her yet?

  5. Thanks for the tip of that photo shop web site. I have been using ipiccy, but I think yours is better. By the way I really like your dress! really cool!
    Blessings, Joanne

  6. Daeerst Jo-Anne,
    Oh, I am willing to try the Pic Monkey when I find time. Must be interesting, thank you very much for the information (^_^)彡☆
    I'm having a big trouble for my hearing ability now as well. My right ear has no hearing capacity and left year is getting worse these last year, doctor said is is due to aging...well I am still late 50's (haha, I am having trouble with my shy, low voice students)

    Love you always, xoxo Miyako*

  7. I have noticed in schools that some staff continuely accuse children of doing things and never get to the bottom of who actually did what. Usually its one of their favourites thats at the bottom of it. I think some people just take an instant dislike to a child and continue making a bee line for them which is why Hanna and Leo clash. She probably watches him all the time and when he makes even the tinniest mistake she jumps on it yet there will be other children who are doing exactly the same or worse.

    Saying that I went to pick my niece up on Thursday, she looked like something out of a scary movie as her hair was all over. I asked her why she didn't have her hair tied up and she told me a child pulled her bobble out, said child grind and laughed at me. What really got to me though is why none of the staff tied it back up or even asked her why her hair was like that. Its something I tell the girls at work to sort out if they have it tied up and then take their bobble out because in many cases the mums have done that to stop them getting headlice. My niece then went home and told her mum the same child had pushed her really hard and she'd banged her head on the table. They have 1 adult to 6 children so there are at least 8-10 people there at one time.

  8. As for the weather we have a heatwave at the moment and its so nice. I don't even want to think about the cold weather again but I know it will come soon enough.

  9. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a lovely comment.

    Since you are 'cold', you must be in the Southern Hemisphere. Always interesting to think that... When we are 'hot', others are 'cold'. :-)

    Gentle hugs,

  10. LOL I giggled at you when stating you put hearing aid in and then pulled them dad did the same thing...he went so long w/out hearing aid and when he tried to wear them he could not tolerate the "noise" of even his own breathing....he was so funny

  11. Rita.....One of the first things I wanted to figure out was how to undo anything I had done to a photo just in case I didn't like what I did.....
    You can really notice the difference to my sister

    Hearing aids are great but I do not wear mine all the time, and I do not like wearing them while out shopping

    Shelly......Oh yeah it is addictive I didn't realise how much until I started doing it......

    I have tried talking to Hanna but it didn't help she doesn't think she is the cause of the problem

    Joanne......Thanks I was wearing brown slacks and a brownish top....
    I heard of Pic Monkey from another blogger and it is an easy site to use............

    Miyako.....Hubby has trouble with his earing as well but he can't afford to get hearing aids unlike me since I am on a pension I didn't have to pay for my hearing aids........

    Buttercup.......Yes it is just a fact of life that sometimes a child and adult will just clash, I remember clashing with a couple of teachers when I was at school.

    You would think with so many carers there someone would have noticed that your niece didn't look right and done something....
    you know it is hard to buy bubbles here now days I remember when my sisters where little have thier hair up in one......

    Yes it is bloody cold here now I am not a big fan of the really cold days or the really hot days...

    Auntie......Yes we are in the Southern Hemisphere and yes it is bloody cold here again this morning

    Rhonda.....Yes I do find the noise while out shopping to a bit to loud for me when I have my heaing aids in, and since I am not talking to anyone don't think I need them in. My dad use to hate wearing his also but now days he needs them all the time or he can't hear much although he just had them adjusted again and now thinks they are too loud so is going back to have the adjusted again.......

  12. You sound like me! When it starts getting even the slightest bit cold out, I'm putting layers upon layers on and then adding a blanket. We have the air conditioner running because it's been so hot and I had to break out the blanket because it made me cold LOL

  13. Elsie.....My dad will have the a/c on and mum will be rugged up with blanket over her legs because it is so bloody


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