Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Anger Can Be Painful Just Ask My Precious First Born Daughter Pain Like A Needle In Your Hand........................

How is everyone today? Me I overslept this morning I woke up to Natasha saying "mum". She was here to pick me and Leo up to take him to day care, as hubby took the car to work and he had arranged with her to come and get us. As a room Leo will have me awake at 7am at the latest but not this

Anyway I will share with you today a little antidote about Kathy-Lee.......
When Kathy was a child she had a temper and I mean a terrible temper this happened before she went on medication for her depression. Now her depression didn’t show it’s self by her being sad or crying but by her getting angry and having really bad flare ups over the littlest of things.

This incident took place one morning before school I had been mending something and I had stuck the needle into the arm rest on my armchair. Anyway Kathy got pissed off with her sister Jessica because Jessica wanted to change the channel on the telly. Kathy & Jessica would fight like cats and dogs and Kathy had a lot of anger towards Jessica so on this morning Kathy is having a rant about not wanting to change the channel and she slams her hand down one the arm rest and the needle went into her hand. 

She had to pull it out but did it teach her anything nope…………………she still had a temper and things didn’t get any better around here till she went onto medication.


  1. That must have hurt! Glad she has found some meds to help her out~

  2. sometimes anger will totally override pain, it's the adrenaline. glad she's doin better, have a bright blessed week darlin!

  3. Ouch! My friend's Mom sat on a needle and had to go to the ER to get it removed!
    Blessings, Joanne

  4. Anger can be so toxic. And sometimes it feels better to be angry than to feel hurt of vulnerable.

    I'm glad she got some help. Hopefully she feels more peace now. Sometimes we need drugs to help us for a bit.

  5. Ouch that I know hurt ....anger is just as painful ....will say a little prayer for your girl...

  6. There is usually an answer for our children's behavior, glad you & daughter found her answer to her temper. That needle must have hurt.

  7. glad she was able to work things out and get help hugs

  8. Ouch!
    But yes, anger can be such an overwhelming force. I had issues for YEARS. Oh, the things I broke!

  9. We all have something we need to deal with and pray about.....
    Thanks for sharing your experiences.
    Hope you have a great day!

  10. Yikes! I read that and cringed. I'm so glad she was diagnosed and able to get on medication. =)

  11. People who are clinically depressed cannot fix it on their own. It's very difficult for the people around them, too. Once they get help life can change for the better, but it's a process. I'm so glad they helped her. :)

  12. Shelly........Yes it hurt but she is fine now that she is one medication and also because she has a good man in her life

    Tim........Yeah at them time she was so mad she didn't notice the pain

    Joanne....Not that sounds painful sitting on a needle...

    Crystal....Yes it is and it was very self distroying for her but thankfully she is doing great now

    Rhonda.......Kathy's teenage years where painful and stressful for all of us but she is doing great now

    Whiteangel.....She was in counselling for months before she went on medication

    Becca.......Yes after a lot oc counselling and mdecation she now in a good place now

    Green Girl....Kathy was starting to hurt herself which is why I pushed for medication I was very worried about her

    Madeleines......I think there are many people who do not like to say that they or someone they love have a problem with depression but not the case in this family we are open about our problems

    Elsie.....At the time she was so mad she didn't notice and pain from the needle, she is in a good place now and happy with her life.

    Rita....I think it is sad that too many people are embarressed to say they need help.

  13. Greetings.

    God bless you and your family.

  14. Victor....Thank you for dropping in feel free to come back soon.......

  15. Dearest Jo-Anne,
    I can guess how much you concern about her. Hoping that doctor will find the proper medication for her situation!!!

    Love you always, xoxo Miyako*



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