Thursday, 24 May 2012

Dad's Health and More

Ok somehow I forgot to do a post yesterday no idea why that was but oh well I am back again today  and you know what it is a bloody cold day here, this morning I went with mum to see nan yeah we didn’t go yesterday as mum and dad spent most of the day at the hospital. Dad had to have a scan done and also had to go to emergency to have blood tests done…………in fact this week has been a shit week for my parents they have been at one hospital or another for the last 3 days. It started on Tuesday when dad got a phone call from the cancer doctor telling him he had to go to the nearest emergency department and get put on intravenous antibiotics as he had an infection in the blood. Now dad wasn’t running a fever and didn’t feel unwell in any way and had an appointment for scan to be done yesterday, so mum asked if they could go to emergency on Wednesday instead of going straight over on Tuesday but the doctor said NO it was very serious and he had to go straight away. So they go over to the John Hunter Hospital and dad ended up being there for 9hours and all they did was run another blood test tell him it wasn’t that serious and sent him home at 10pm, they didn’t think he needed the intravenous antibiotics.  So yesterday while they were over at the Mater having his scan mum went to speak to the cancer doctor who said that dad had to go to the emergency department at the Mater and have another blood test so he did this and they ended up saying that he was fine and didn’t need intravenous antibiotics.  Now this afternoon he has to go back to the Mater again this time to see the lung doctor and he is hoping that this time he is not dismissed and made to feel like he is wasting the doctors time, which is what happened last time they went to see him . The doctor said that he didn’t know why dad went to see him as he sees the cancer doctor and the chemo doctor every two months so why was he going to see him the lung doctor too…………………dad told him because I was told to by the other doctors………………………..

The Mater is the Hunter region's major centre for oncology services, which include haematology, breast cancer screening, diagnosis and treatment and melanoma prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

Now onto a different topic this morning when I got up I noticed that Tim had driven the car to work, can’t say I blame him as it would be bitterly cold of a morning when he is going to work riding the motorbike. Anyway since he had the car I sent Jessica a text telling her she would have to come and get Leo’s day care food and take it to the day care for him, she rings me when she gets home and says she didn’t get the text till she got home and didn’t want to come back can’t say I blame her but still bloody annoying. I then ring Kathy but she had to go to work and couldn’t help, so then I rang Natasha but she didn’t answer the phone. So then I rang my mum and she said she would take me before we went to the nursing home to see nan, speaking of nan she was still in bed when we got there this morning and all she wanted to do was sleep so we only stayed half an hour but we feel better if we at least go and see how she is doing even if we don’t stay long. In fact most weeks we only stay between 30-45minuts as you can no longer have a conversation with nan, when we go mum applies a bit of make-up to nans face and rubs some moisturiser through nans hair.

When we go to see nan we take Temika with us and Sandra said this morning she was wondering around saying I go see Jo & nanna, it makes me feel good that I get to see Temika twice a week. I wish I could see Liarna more often. Mum and dad watch Liarna on Monday’s but sometimes I wish she could watch her on Friday’s instead of Monday’s that way mum and dad could take her to Friday breakfast and I would get to see her……….


  1. Hello JO-Anne,
    My goodness, hope all gets sorted out regarding your father. Dr.'s have your parents running around in circles it seems which doesn't achieve anything.

  2. Dearest Jo-Anne,
    It is natural we worry our health, isn't it☆☆☆ Whenever I get a call from old-people's home, I worry something might happen to him again...
    Take Care of yourself, my busy Aussie friend!
    Love you always, xoxo Miyako*

  3. It's maddening how dr's contradict each other sometimes. And as for making your dad feel he's wasting their time- there's no excuse for that at all.

  4. Pray all goes well with your dad, and lovely pics of beautiful babies....truly our blessings

  5. Doctors are a pain in the backside as they pass you on to someone else but they have no idea why... would help sometimes though if they read the paperwork.

  6. Doctors are a pain in the backside as they pass you on to someone else but they have no idea why... would help sometimes though if they read the paperwork.

  7. Oh, Jo-Anne, I hope all goes okay with your Dad. I will hold him in my thoughts and prayers.

    It is still so strange to hear you talk about it being cold when here it is getting warmer...the kids are such cutie pies!

  8. oh honey i hope goes well with Dad and things get sorted out..hugs

  9. Whiteangel......Dad is feeling fine most of the appointments were just check ups although he has been put on Prednisone again which makes him moody so mum isn't looking forward to the next couple of

    Miyako.....Yeah I know what you mean it is worring when the nursing home rings as they don't worry just for no reason.

    Shelly.....Yep it was frustrating on Tuesday and Wednesday when the doctors can't seem to agree on how to treat the moment he has been put on Prednisone again which makes him moody.

    Rhonda.......Thank you the pictures of are of my nieces and Little Leo of course, dad is fine although he has been put on Prednisone again which makes him moody

    Strawberries........Yes they can be bloody annoying at times but dad is doing good at them moment.

    Elsie....Yes dad is fine the appointments were just check ups, thank you my nieces are gorgous

    Becca.....Saw dad this morning and he looked and sounded fine he has been put on Prednisone again which makes him moody so not going to be fun to be

  10. Saying a prayer for you and your dad during this time.

  11. Goodness! They are really giving your dad the run around! At least it's good that they don't think there's a crisis after all. But what a waste of time and energy!

    The little ones look so sweet! Have a good day. And I hope they let up on your dad!


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