Thursday, 3 May 2012

One Thing I Never Thought I Would Do or Maybe it's Two Things....................

Today it's raining and I have been up since 7am when Little Leo woke me by laying on my chest and taking my face in his hands and saying nanny time to wake up....................

Is there anything that you once thought you would never do but now find that you do just that the thing you never thought you would for me it is wearing my glasses around my neck.  I use to think why do people wear their glasses around their neck either wear them on your face or carry them in your bag or pocket.

Hubby carrys his glasses in his pocket but me I wear them on a string around my neck why..........well because while I was out shopping sometime last year while out shopping I got fed up putting my glasses on and off I needed them a lot in order to read the labels of stuff I was buying. So now I always wear them around my neck it is one of the first things I do of a morning put my glasssed on and they stay on till I go to bed at night.

Still on the subject of glasses for a few years now hubby would wear his glasses while eating and that was something I also didn't get, I just couldn't understand why he needed his glasses in order to eat............but guess what I now also wear my glasses when I am eating............damn I feel old at

While we are talking about something I didn't think I would do, I am growing my hair don't everyone faint but yes I am and yes I know I don't like long hair but it is getting colder and I thought I would give it a go for a while and see how I manage. Long hair has a habit of giving me headaches so I don't know how I will cope but I want to give it a whirl and see if I like it........

I am trying to think good things about myself not letting self doubt and negative thoughts about my weight creep into my head. It isn't always easy but it is worth doing so I am doing it...........


  1. I hear you on the glasses. I wear reading glasses, but I really need to get them upgraded to prescription ones. Like you, I never thought I'd be wearing them.

    Don't get down on yourself about your weight. You're taking the right approach~

  2. I was delighted to see a picture of you!! :-) Isn't it funny that as we age a bit we begin to get more practical and do things we would have laughed at years before. The glasses are handy for you like this, so why not?! And hair is fun to change up. You might decide you like it. I love long hair (the hippie thing), but have cut mine short a few times. I always end up regretting it and growing it back out again. No more, now it stays long 'cuz Papa Bear likes it that way! For work, I tie it back or braid it down my back. Fancy? no, but neat and very me! Keeps it out of my face on hot summer days and when the wind blows (which it does more days than not here). I don't love the extra weight I carry either, but that does not mean I am not beautiful, and worthy and loved. Just ask Leo... I KNOW you are beautiful and precious to him, and children tell it like it is! :-) We used to tease my grandma about her "bun dough arms" and yet we thought she was lovely and her eyes sparkled with humor, and she and always smelled wonderful. I miss her more than words can say! This was a great post. We have to love ourselves if we want others to love us too!

  3. Oh I'm tired of these rainy cold days so can understand you want to grew your hair a little and I think it will really suit you.

  4. I loved this post:) I have started wearing reading glasses, and, dare I say it? I NEED task lighting....sigh. It makes a gal feel old. And the hair - I say go for it! I spent a lifetime of listening to my mother tell me I couldn't wear long hair because I didn't look good in it, it took well into my twenties before I grew it out, and I like it long, I even think it's easier to take care of, because if I don't feel like doing anything with it I can just it back into a bun....even unbrushed....did I just admit that? I hope that your rain stops soon.

    xo~ michele

  5. Well, hanging them around your neck is really convenient. After all, it takes a few seconds than taking them out from your bag or pocket, right? My grandmother always do that to her eyeglasses whenever she goes out shopping.

  6. Shelly.........Yes so many of us find we end up having to wear glasses

    Josie......Yep doing what is practical makes sense, yes I know Leo loves me just the way I am, so does Blain even though he does have a habit of calling me his fat

    Bubbles........I will post a photo of me with long hair when I can get a chance.......

    Michele.....I also need task lighting in order to be able to see what I am doing, no more candle light dinners I need to see what I am

    Sam.......Yes I wear mine around my neck all day it is just so much easier and that way I don't misplace them.......



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