Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Road Rage Or The Idiots Who Piss Me Off

I was reading Sara's blog you can find her here:
About people who are clueless when it comes to driving and this really made me think about how other drivers on the road have a habit of pissing me off. Mostly I hate people who can't do the spend limit and not just those who are going to slow but those who speed in school zones, here in Australia we have school zones during the hours of 8 -9.30am and 2.30-4pm during these times the speed is 40 kph or for those who are in mph it's 25mph so pretty slow. A number of years ago my daughter Jessica as me why they have a school zone around high schools since kids in high school should be old enough to know about school safety and what did I tell her......yes high school kids may be older enough to know about school safety but they are too self-absorbed to care about anything going on around them.............

Moving back onto rotten drivers if your car is too big for you to be able to park it in one spot then get a smaller car, the car parking spots a big enough for all cars if you park it straight then you should have no problem............another thing that gets on my bloody nerves are people who forget to turn their blinkers off and old men wearing hats because we know that old men in hats drive slowly all over the bloody road and are afraid of roundabout and wait till there are no cars in sight before attempting to enter it...................I have nothing against older people having a drivers license but some old people really shouldn't be driving anymore...........

Lastly let’s talk about tailgaters do they bother me, no they don't if someone wants to follow on my bum let them I don't care if I stop suddenly and they run up my ass it's not my fault, now hubby he is different if someone is following to close behind him he will slow down just to piss them off. Me I can't see the point I just drive a long minding my own business and don't worry much about what is going on behind me, I am more concerned about what is going on in front of me.............................


  1. My biggest road rage would be drivers talking on cellphones while weaving all over the lane, speeding up and slowing down, and generally paying no attention to the other traffic on the road. I want to roll down my window and scream "PUT THE DAMN CELL PHONE DOWN AND DRIVE!" But of course I refrain, and just give grumpy looks. I need to make a flash card to push up against the window, but with my luck some angry driver will sideswipe my car or pull a gun on me!

  2. I think my driving would make you mad.

  3. Dearest Jo-Anne,
    As you might know by now from my former post, I don't have a driver's licencee. While I am in the passenger's seat in my hubby's car, he sometimes notices the slow reaction of elder peoples driving. In our aging society, it is becoming serious problem. I remember when we had to ask my father to give up driving. It was kind of a sad memory.
    Take Care while driving♪
    Love you always, xoxo Miyako*

  4. Oh, I am so with you on all the points that you raised today. I've just read out the bit about old men in hats to my hubby, and we did laugh about that. Old farts we call them!!! I also hate people who pull out in front of me from a side road as if they haven't got a second to spare, and then proceed to crawl along at 20 mph! We also have those school zones here in England and they are there for a reason! Suckers!! Loved the Queen Elizabeth photo! Great post my friend.

  5. I agree with you on every point. I do wish all drivers would be more mindful of each other on the road~

  6. I think the driving age should be raised. In my opinion no 16 year old should be in control on a car...very scary.
    Blessings, Joanne

  7. Oh I HATE HATE HATE tailgaters.
    Once I saw a bumper sticker that said, "Forget world peace, let's all use our directional signals." That cracked me up.

  8. Good post! I think we all can relate to drivers who piss us off. My poor late hubby needed to get off the road due to his meds but convincing him was another story. I finally had his son talk to him and tell him because he thought I was just being a nag. It was safer when he got off the road! As a person with little patience as it is, I'm guilty of using the word "Asshole" an awful lot when I drive!!

  9. This is hilarious! I have terrible road rage - terrible. I hung a photo of my son on my rear view mirror to calm me down when dealing with arseholes on the road. People who pull out in front of me and then don't speed up drive me insane!! and it seems to happen all the time since we moved here to NC. I think because the roads are so hilly and curvy and it's hard to see people coming but still, get out of my way!!! LOL! I have calmed down a lot and am learning to just deal with it but if I had to get to work, I'd be going insane. My husband spends a lot of his days driving from job to job when he's at work and he says people drive him nuts. I pray every day that he doesn't get in an accident. People are often such mindless idiots on the roads.

  10. I am just like your husband. If someone is tailgating me, I will slow down just to make them mad...it's not my best quality as a driver...

  11. i don't drive so i can't make anyone mad love grandma with a gun

  12. Josie........Oh yeah I know where you are coming from people on phones are just careless, I won't say I never ever use my phone while driving but I do try really hard to pull over before answering the phone

    Annmarie.....Have some bad habits do we.......lol

    Miyako.....I also have some sad memories when I think drive into town my mind goes to the days when I would be driving into town with my nan...........

    Diane.....Yes old men in hats are also old farts......lol School zones are important and I really hate people who don't slow down

    Shelly....I think if people learnt to slow down there wouldn't be as much road rage........

    Joanne......I agree 16 is too young, here in Australia the age a person can get their Learners Permit is 17 and that is to young for most people.

    Green Girl......I think many people hate tailgaters I just not one of them.......lol

    Barb.....Yes I think it is sad that many people who need to hand in their licence just can't see it, they think there is nothing wrong with their driving. My nan didn't understand why she couldn't drive any more

    Jenn.....My road rage has always been worst when I am in the car alone, when my girls were little I was fine and if I have one of my grandkids with me I am also fine. I think having our children with us we remember why we have to be safe

    Elsie....I know many people have the same thought when it comes to tailgaters

    Becca......I don't know how I would deal if I couldn't drive.......

  13. I have bad road rage as well, to the point where i've gotten into fist fights. Not proud of that but people have no consideration for others and dont pay attention to their surroundings. I know it isn't right trying to prove a point through rage and violence but some people need a little wake up call. People think they are invincible in their vehicles and I'm the asshole that needs to point it out to those idiots! Driving slow when someones behind them, then speeding up when they get on the side of them. Not using their blinkers and yapping on the phone. Freaking out over little things and slaming on the breaks. No smooth consistant traffic flow. I dont think im all tough im just a fed up mad man who will hopefully chill out someday before I get shot by one of those idiots who I want to smack around just a little bit;)

  14. Oh and some of you people talking about tailgators, you are part of the problem if you're so worried about them and not where you're going!


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